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September 14-20, 2003



(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Sat, 20 Sep 2003


Winning and Comfort

Hi Ed,

As you suggested, I considered placing a proclamation "I'm in the business of wining, and business is good." on a sign in my office, and then I wrote up a big sign and tacked it to the wall. Each morning I said it out loud and felt it.

I felt affinity to winning and aversion to losing, but felt the most affinity to being comfortable.


More affinity to being comfortable than to winning. So I really went into feeling completely comfortable, and flashed on all the past events in life which created this affinity. I totally experienced that, and felt a resolution take place.

I continue repeating the proclamation, and feel it.

A few days later, I happened to meet a football player who was on a Super Bowl winning team. His team not only won a Super Bowl, but FOUR Super Bowls. He showed me his four rings, and said "put them on". So a week after tacking up your winning sign, I have four Super Bowl rings on my fingers. It took him a lot of winning to get those four rings.

I look forward to TT this Thursday.




Yes !






To some, the ring's the thing.





Sat, 20 Sep 2003


Historical Data, Neural Nets, Tesla Coils


I'm excited to have just found your website! I am going to read through the entire FAQ in the next few days. Also, I am in the process of moving to Nevada, so perhaps I will be able to join the Trading Tribe. It all looks very interesting.

I am curious what source you use for your historical price-data. Is there a free source of easily digestible data (in ASCII or otherwise)? I am in the very beginnings of writing a Neural Net type trend/pattern search program. In your opinion is it still possible to come up with a purely technical analysis program? I was thinking I would focus my efforts in a smaller, less popular market that is perhaps less efficient. Another idea I have been throwing around is to include some human-graded inputs, like perhaps a good news / bad news type of indicator.

Also, I just looked over your physics site. Very interesting! I just graduated with a B.S. Physics degree from Oregon State University a few months ago. I am unfortunately still unemployed, but I am confident I will have better luck in Nevada (Las Vegas).

Fluid dynamics was one of the areas that I never really got into, but your experiments made me think. Very very interesting.

I was always much more interested in the electrical/ electronics areas. I vaguely remember reading that you have an EE degree (from MIT if I remember right). I'm curious: have you have ever played around with Tesla Coils? I have been making them since high school, and that was probably the reason I decided to go into physics. I'm in the process of making a very large coil, possibly a double coil Oudin-type device ... but it will have to wait until I am less unemployed.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading through all the FAQ info, and maybe even joining the Trading Tribe. I would be very grateful if you have time to reply.


Re Data: FAQ does not recommend or endorse commercial products. See ground rules.


Yes, in my opinion it is possible to come up with programs.


Your Oudin coil, another air-core resonant RF transformer, differs from the classic Tesla coil in that the primary and secondary form one continuous winding.


The formation of a lightening streamer involves a series of small preparatory strikes and counter-strikes, from alternate poles, culminating in the ionization of the final strike path ... somewhat similar to the AHA experience.



Tesla Coil

Experiencing Electrical AHA's


Streamers from a 2.8 KW 10" Coil




Fri, 19 Sep 2003


Self Sabotage


I constantly feel as if I sabotage myself with trading and notice a remarkable number of times where I get in or out of a position - only to see it turn the other way.

Have you noticed this behavior in other traders and is it, in your opinion, fixable?

Prices tend to change directions, whether you are in a position or not. That is the nature of markets and not fixable.


You might see if you can locate the feeling you get when the prices "turn the other way."  You might "fix" the way you respond to the situation by contacting an intentional community and using the Trading Tribe Process (TTP).






From the French "Sabot"

meaning wooden shoe ...

useful for hampering machinery.



Sat, 13 Sep 2003


Please add new group to your directory


New York stands ready for a 2nd group in Manhattan (see thread below). I have access to meeting space in lower Manhattan, Broadway just below Canal Street. Please add contact info to the directory. Thanks for setting this in motion - ...a butterfly flaps it wings in Nevada and ...




Manhattan #2 !


You are now on-line

on the

Tribe Directory Page.



Thu, 18 Sep 2003

Can I ask you a question after the close?


Ed Seykota,

I recently read the send from August 10 titled Thanks Again. I can completely relate to the writer. I am where he was twelve years ago with "no career". I have felt "beaten down and frustrated" more than once. I have persevered each heart felt lesson and kept moving.

The line, "its OK and not abnormal to have great ambitions in life" is a belief I have been clinging to throughout my life despite contrary advice.


I have personally witnessed too many extraordinarily talented people accept less than they were capable of as they allow there passions to slip away. I admit I have nearly taken the same path.

I have had some success as a Floor Trader but that was too long ago. In January I started reading your FAQ and have written you several times. Your responses were like an arrow pointing the way.

Since then I have designed and tested a long term trend trading system that answers all the important questions about entry, exit, money management, optimization, and performance expectation. I would like to trade my system however I am underfinanced.

I want to be a CTA. I would like to raise capital from either a CPO, Trading Group, QEP. As you know sometimes opening a door can be quite difficult, especially if you've been out of the game for a while.


Could you give me a personal letter of recommendation?


While I realize you owe me nothing. The way I see it, I owe you. Thank you for reigniting my passions and pointing the way.
If you would like to know more about me, please contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I would like to send you a copy of my research.


FAQ does not endorse  traders or commercial products, See Ground Rules.


Thu, 18 Sep 2003



Dear Ed,

Transcript of TT meeting.

S: I put on a larger than normal position and start to feel pain as it moves against me
R: How do you feel pain
S: Like electricity through my body, a current
R: Ok I'm feeling the pain of losing
S: The position starts to move in my favor and I get out immediately
R: To stop the pain?
S: Yes, then the I feel terrible watching as the position goes exactly where I thought and I've already got out having endured 90% of the pain

I was the receiver and actually felt dizzy at this point. I'm not sure where we go from here, I was trying to focus solely on feelings but the process just ended.


For me it felt like we were getting somewhere then suddenly nothing it just finished kind of like an anti climax, I'm not sure.

It was only our second meeting so everything's very new to all, your thoughts are always appreciated.

Many Thanks

When you become the sender, take your dizzy feeling as a starting point.





Just another entry point for TTP






Thu, 18 Sep 2003

Philosophical Question

"Trading is a zero-sum game"

When trend-traders take money from the markets, who are they taking it from?

Those who are deluding themselves that prices will always come back to their break-even point?

Those who lack discipline?

Those who think that markets ought to behave rationally?

Those who gamble?

Am I right? Can you think of any more examples?


See below.

Thu, 18 Sep 2003




How can one know the difference between self-honesty and self-delusion?


You might take the feeling of wanting to analyze things into TTP.



Sometimes we think ...

as a way to avoid our feelings.


One way out ...

is to analyze the feeling

of wanting to analyze feelings


Clip: www.brainofbrian.com

Wed, 10 Sep 2003


Dear Ed,

I am arriving in Reno Wednesday, October 22, 2003 ... coming 2 days prior to the workshop because I want to make sure I am properly rested for the workshop and not Jet lagged. Could you please e-mail me the name of the Hotel so I could reserve the extra days.

I think I read somewhere that the Tribe went on hikes? Or am I just imagining this? I cannot find the link. That brought me to the question. Is this a casual dress type workshop? Business casual, khakis, sneakers, jeans etc? Will there be sessions outdoors?


I have never been to Reno but an outdoor session would be nice if the weather is nice. Also should we bring anything like notebooks or tape recorders.

Should we do anything to prepare for the workshop so that we get optimal results? Go over past trades etc. Recommended reading etc.


See Workshop Page.

Mon, 15 Sep 2003


Yes! I am not getting what I don't want to get. I don't accept success and shrug it off.


I feel guilt about being successful and I've been experiencing with these feelings since Saturday.


It feels like a kind of anguish and I feel it in the guts, linings, stomach. My teeth clench, I feel like curling myself and my stomach and linings burn. I cleanse myself from a lot of guilt about success as I recall and re-frame some childhood issues.


Now I feel peace and quiet ... I feel serenity. Thanks.

Yes !