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June 1 - 14, 2010


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Contributors Say

(Quotes from Ed in Red)

Ed Says

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Ed,

I don't know if it is you personally that reads this mail. But if, I just want to take the time to say I really admire your work, and the way it appear you are thinking about the market. I am currently studying and spending my nights trying to build different trend following system. Whether or not they work is a different story but I find great pleasure in analyzing the numbers. So its a win win situation:-)

But that is not why I am sending this E- mail. I was wondering where you can get a hold of your book The Trading Tribe. And also, are you planning on publishing anything new in the near future

I have staff help in preparing the left side of the column; I write the right side.


You can order my book per the link at the top of this page.


I plan to have my next book to the printer by September 23.

Monday, June 14, 2010



Dear Ed,


A very interesting clip:

Are you Happy?

Thank you for the clip.


Some strive to be happy; others learn to accept all feelings along with their positive intentions.

Monday, June 14, 2010




Dear Ed,


Thought you would like this:






Thank you for the link.


You might consider working out your models on an Excel spreadsheet before you tackle the intricacies of Runga-Kutta and stiff matrices.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wants the Two-Week Rule System

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Thank you very much for your answer
but at



I only find back-testing. for Richard Donchian
6 MONTH-Rule System

I would like to see the back-testing. for Richard Donchian 2 week-Rule System

Do you have it? and if not can you advise, please a way to make back testing?

Thank you very much for your help!

You might consider studying the Trading System Project (TSP) files - and then running the tests yourself.


If you want me to do it for you, please see my terms for private consulting at the bottom of the Ground Rules page.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Price

Dear Chief Seykota,

First of all congratulations for your website. You are a living legend to me and I find it fantastic that you do take time to help other people in their search for an healthier life.

I would like to buy your book but I live in [Country] and I was wondering if the price indicated (125 USD) does include delivery to Continent.

If not, please simply tell me which price should I pay, and I'll transfer via PayPal the right amount.

PS: Should you come around [City] do not hesitate to get in touch, I will be glad to meet you and show you around.

Thank you for your invitation to visit.


The price of the book is the same everywhere and includes postage.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Relating to Children


Thank you for your interest on my relationship to my children and wife and for your ideas. The day after our talk I visit my children. My son (12 years old) asks me each time that he sees me “How are you doing?”. I can really feel his interest: he is sincerely asking HOW I FEEL. He has an argument with his younger brother and shouts at him. The little boy is scared and cries. I tell my son that I would like to talk to him. He wants to make a phone call. I wait. As he finishes I talk with him:

- “Maybe you recall that I used to shout at you, and that you were afraid of me”.

- “Yes, I do”.

- “When you shout at people, you scare them. It is ok, if that is what you want. But maybe you have a different goal. I think that it is important that you know that”.

- “Dad, how should I react when my little brother harasses me?”

- “Well, maybe you can tell him that he is irritating you and ask him about his intentions”.

- “Well, thank you for your advice. I will consider it”.

Shortly after that I meet my wife. I ask her:

- “How are you doing?”

- “Hnnng.”

- “I wonder what you mean, hnnng.”

- “I don't know how I am doing.”

- “I see. Yesterday I had a long talk with Ed. Do you remember him?”

- “Yes, he is the guy who is guilty for everything”.

- “I see. Well, I have to buy some groceries. Bye”.

Some people walk the road from control to intimacy. Some others stumble over scapegoats.

As always, I appreciate your comments and pointing to inconsistencies from my side.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting your wife to behave according to your model> to Tribe.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Attracting Women


1. After a very promising start, a lovely girl does not answer my calls. I sleep badly for several days. I think a lot about her. The feeling is “I don't know what she wants to do/I don't know what is happening”, and it is very nasty. I take it to the hotseat; after that, the same feeling is loads of fun. After I accept the feeling, I expect a resolution of the conflict: maybe she calls me, or I understand what she is doing, or whatsoever. Fred decides differently: the very next day a very attractive woman contacts me and makes very clear that she wants to have sex with me. We start an affair. The issue with the first girl turns completely irrelevant. I plainly do not care anymore about her.

2. Some days later I manage a process. The person on the hot seat, a woman, is a new member of my Tribe. I find her very attractive, and before the meeting she sends some signals which I interpret as interest on me. During the process I cannot concentrate; I start thinking about a relationship with her. I tell it to her and she answers cordially that she finds me a very nice person, but she does not want to have a relationship with me. I feel horribly. The next day we talk: we both feel that the process activates some mutual feelings that we are trying to avoid. To me, it is “I am ugly, I am too short, and women do not feel attracted by me”. We decide to host a second meeting the same day. She works on her issue, and I on mine. I do not recall digging so deep and putting so much effort to “knack” a feeling before. It seems to be a really core issue. With her support I do it. After that, the notion of “I am ugly and too short, and women do not feel attracted by me” makes me laugh very loud.

FOUR HOURS LATER I meet a really very attractive woman who shows a lot of interest on me; we agree to spend a holiday together in a few weeks.

TTP is plainly magic.

Chief, I recall telling this to you before, but I repeat it: I really appreciate your guidance and your work on me. I am very thankful for your friendship. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights about attracting women.


You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting what you cannot have> to Tribe.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Sticking to the System

Dear Support Team,

At the April Workshop, I commit to making my investment management business a success. To me, this entails becoming a world class trader and fund manager, as measured by performance. Rather than simply updating my previous status report, I plan to share with you developments toward my commitment and my thoughts and feelings along the way.

At the Workshop, you may recall my taking the Hot Seat. It’s a cathartic experience, leaving me feeling more present and comfortable in my own skin. Since that time I notice other changes. I am more confident than ever. I really believe that I can accomplish anything I want, which is invigorating. Some of my relationships change, mostly for the better. However, in the case of one family member who attempts to pull me into dramas, we drift apart. I love her dearly and this makes me sad.

Ironically, “sticking to my trading system”, the issue I take the Hot Seat over at the workshop, does not improve initially. Despite my efforts, I find myself breaking my rules on several occasions. I feel hopeless and ashamed by this and decide that I am simply not going to break my rules anymore. I begin a journal where I record my feelings, thoughts and actions when I get an urge to jump the system. This turns into a mini Hot Seat session at my desk with lots of squinting, lip pursing, fiddling of my fingers and bobbing my head. The feelings I have in the moment of these urges are very strong; I think I am experiencing them through this process. I am now following my system. Further, I hope this journaling exercise helps me identify issues to work through at Trading Tribe.

I know that I stick to the system and develop a stellar track record , and I’m enjoying the challenge.

Thanks for your support,



clip: www.marketwatch.com/trading-strategies

Thank you for sharing your process and your method for sticking to your system.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Displaced Moving Average

Hi Ed,

I would like to purchase some of your specialized knowledge and your Technical Indicator products, in particular the displaced moving average (dma).

What I would like to know is that I am currently displaying a dma length of 20 bars & a displacement of 10 bars back on the chart & price is on close of the bars.

Can the length of the 20 bar dma be projected 10 bars to the current bar, in real-time, in its displaced form because when its offset 10 bars back, it is useless for me to make any real time trading decisions on the current trading bar, that is right on the hard right hand edge of the trading screen ??

Please feel free to call me or email me in Melbourne, Australia if you can help me with this problem so I can find a solution.


If your not able to assist me can you recommend any other person who specializes in this area of mathematical projections of this type of technical indicator.

E.G. a mathematician or statistician or close friend like [Name] ??

I do not purvey technical indicators.


You might consider back-testing the putative DMA.


You might like to tell me how in the world you go about fetching the moving average for five days in the future and bringing it back into the now to use as an indicator.


If you can do that, you might consider bringing back the price itself.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Report on Austin Tribe Session #2:

From Control to Intimacy

Dear Ed,

In session #1 of the Austin Tribe I learned about the value of the Intimacy-Centric model. In session #2 I learned some powerful resources for the practical application of the Intimacy-Centric model in my life. The three hot seats of the session turned out to be about dramas caused by the Control-Centric model: the first was about a dysfunctional relationship with a mother-in-law, the second was about physical abuse by a bullying older brother, and the third was about an abusive father. I will not go into the personal and painful details of the specific dramas. Nonetheless, with the help of some powerful role-playing exercises it very revealing to see the Control-Centric model as the common cause and the Intimacy-Centric model as the common solution.

The transformation caused by the application of the Intimacy-Centric model was almost incredible especially because at the start of each of these hot seats I could not see the applicability of the Intimacy-Centric model to these specific situations. Yet, as a result of the willingness of each of the respective tribe members on the hot seat to change and to apply the new model, significant progress could be noted by the end of each of these hot seats.

The key to living the Intimacy-Centric model is to focus on feelings rather than on logic. There are two facets to the focus on feelings: ask the person you desire to be intimate with if he/she would like to share their feelings with you, and ask the person you desire to be intimate with if you can share your feelings with him/her. During this process of sharing feelings, I have to be careful not to become judgmental or to apply logic. Instead, I should be open and receptive, thank the person for sharing his/her feelings, give him/her an opportunity to share more and deeper feelings and thank the person for listening to my feelings.

That’s it. This TTP technology is opening up a whole new and better world for me in ways that just a few weeks ago I could never have imagined.

Thank you very much Ed and thanks also to my fellow tribe members.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time Wasters & Commitments

Dear Ed,

Since our first Tribe meeting, I progress nicely towards completing my project. This makes me happy. However, I feel upset and uneasy with myself because I pass up many opportunities to work on my project during the two weeks. Instead of working on it I waste time with things that do not bring about completion and do not need to be done. The activities I do instead are truly time wasters. This is a recurring event in my life from projects at work to chores at home and everything in between.

I am thinking about this when the meeting begins and feel a mixture of happiness that I am reporting some good progress but a disappointment that I didn’t do more when I know I could have. Ed explains this may be a carry on effect from public school. It may have something to do with getting a feeling of satisfaction that I completed the task on time.

As the meeting goes on I let those feelings pass. I focus on the now and commit to support my fellow Tribe members by being in the now. One member expresses he has a problem with his mother-in-law and wants help. However, it seems clear in a short period of time that the issue has more to do with his wife and mother. I participate as a role player. It is fun and exciting. I enjoy helping my Tribesman.

He is given several new resources to use. Some he is comfortable with others not so much. We experiment and try to discover those resources that falter and those that will work. We try one or two that move us back towards logic or even ask the other person to tell us “why we can’t have something.” Ed says you can’t out-logic a woman. I realize that the arguments we have are not normally about logic and reason rather they are about filling the intimacy void that is left by the control centric model.

Whether it is a fight between husband and wife about spending, big brothers bullying little brothers, or dads beating sons while moms and sisters accommodate, they are all centered around a lack of intimacy and the desire that each player in the drama has to feel… to feel loved, to feel respected, to feel needed, to feel cared for, to feel like the protector they want to feel like.

During dinner I commit to myself that I would volunteer for the hotseat tonight. Ed asks if someone has something they want to work on. I raise my hand at the same time as another member. Ed asks the other Tribe member what he wanted to work on and then asked what I wanted to work on. I want to work on my problem of wasting time rather than moving forward. Ed jokes and says he is supporting my “all powerful” intention by helping me put this off. I laugh and feel that is okay. My fellow Tribesmen has an issue that seems to better fit the tone of the evening.

After the meeting I start to realize that my goal I set at dinner was met. My goal was to volunteer for the hotseat. Which I did. I never set a goal to actually go through with it. I am happy because, I did what I committed to do. I stepped out despite being nervous and volunteered for the hot seat. Perhaps I need to take the feeling of being nervous about stepping out to the hot seat instead of procrastination. I wonder if they are tied together. Maybe they are tied together in the same knot and are really just two sides of the same coin.

I learn that a goal and a commitment are very powerful. I want to be sure to define my commitments better so I get what I really want rather than just the first step. This also makes wonder about the power of setting a goal and committing to it. I feel awe.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights about completions.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trading Systems Project

Hi Ed

Thank you for giving us the TSP exercises to enrich our knowledge.

Approx 9 months ago I replicate the EA crossover system in Excel.

I am pleased with myself.

At my place of employment, the investment department produces a similar system using SMA. Their optimal results are similar. This is a further confirmation for me of the EA system results and of long term trend following.

I begin replicating the SR system in Excel straight after completing the EA exercise.

I don’t get very far, I get stuck, I can’t seem to make progress.

I find the SR system much more difficult than the EA system.

The SR system is intuitively simple, but when I attempt to replicating the results in excel I get confused between all the decisions which have to be made, and the order that they have to be made in.

I can’t seem to write the formulas. They don’t seem to work.

I start to feel that perhaps it may be beyond me.

I doubt myself, perhaps I am not smart enough.

I get distracted by other problems in my life. I’m always too busy and can’t seem to find the time, I always seem to tired or have some kind of excuse.

The SR system is always in the back of my mind. I know that I can’t trade anyway as I have no equity stake. I need to build up a significant amount of capital until I can begin trading with a system of my own.

After a long break I decide to try the SR system again. I think about it.

I have a breakthrough. I come up with a plan to draw a decision tree for each problem I face. I structure the tree so that I ask a simple question for each of the required decisions. The yes / no answers lead down a branch of the tree to further decisions with further Yes/No answers until I reach the outcomes I seek.

I use these decision trees to create IF statements and find it almost effortless.

I use this method to complete the required logic for the system.

I complete the system.

I match Ed’s results for the 140/20 system and the 120/45

I feel really pleased and proud of myself.

I complete the exercise by running a simulation using the same optimization grid as Ed’s.

I graph the Bliss.

I notice some problems.

I end up with errors in my formulas and I trace this to the LN of negative numbers.

I notice this is where I end up with negative equity. I realize this is impossible, I correct this by only allowing the equity to drop to zero.

I notice a further problem. It makes me uneasy. I notice that not all my results are the same as Ed’s when I compare my grid against Ed’s. I’m not sure how these differences arise.

My optimimal bliss solution appear as the 20/15. I worry that if I didn’t have Ed’s results to compare with I may base my decisions on incorrect results.

I see that this set of parameters are surrounded by low bliss, so this parameter set’s results seems a bit dubious.

Ed please could you post the results of the 20/15 to enable me to find my errors.

I submit my rendition of the SR system and the results for your comments.

I think about the system.

I wonder what would be the warning signs that the results from a particular set of parameters are not valid?

I wonder if it is better to pick the highest bliss solution for live trading or would it perhaps be better to use a more robust set of parameters such as those surrounded by similar bliss results, even if these were slightly sub-optimal in the back test results?

In the SR exercise the highest bliss solution appears to be on the edge of a bliss cliff and brings up a fear of falling, of doubt and of failing.

Thank you for sharing your process and your method for dealing with the math.


I have several posts from independent testers confirming my solutions so they are likely correct.


I have a backlog of projects to complete before extending TSP or generating a solution for 20/15.


Robust solutions tend to associate with longer time constants. 


Sticking to some system is generally more profitable than tinkering with your system and risking missing opportunities.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Has the Theory Down

My first Tribe meeting in Austin starts with a procedural event, that promotes connection with all in the group. It builds on a platform of trust. Several members then share personal stories. What becomes evident is how we all share common backgrounds and each persons experience is a catalyst to a similar memory and situation in my life. As several people share about family issues, the same memories appear for me, and I am left to confront the same personal actions and the subsequent impact on my behavior.

We proceed to identify and work-thru problems and recast our reactions to past events thru exercises. It becomes clear that when I work on my behavior, I can reprogram my actions/reactions and that allows for everything around me to change. Our intentions have a direct impact on results. We become the most effective when we are the most vulnerable. I intend to visit with my wife about some issues, be committed to being vulnerable and to change my attitude towards past problematic circumstances. I am optimistic that I can move forward and experience a different response to the same triggers.

Thank you for your report.


You might consider sharing some of your own personal feelings about issues that are currently up for you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Call to Action

Dr. Scott, chief of surgery at [Name] Hospital, was on his way to deliver a lecture when he witnessed a horrible crash involving 20 vehicles.


The doctor shifted into trauma mode, worked his way through the mess of metal, and called out, “Who needs help?”


After 90 minutes of assisting, and the victims were taken to area hospitals, Dr. Scott commented, “A person with my skills simply can’t drive by someone who is injured. I refuse to live my life that way.”

Ed, thank you for calling out and sharing your life's skill set with those of us in the Austin Tribe last night. Thank you for allowing me to participate,

Thank you for your acknowledgment.


You might consider extending your comments to include your own feelings about helping others.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dealing with Losses



It's Friday at 20:18 and you'd think there would be something better for me to be doing than sitting here typing about trading.

My disappointment this week is extreme and made worse by the fact that I had done well and brought the account back a long way.

This really goes to show that if you're going to make money in a sloppy, high risk way, the gains are nothing more than on loan until you give them all back again.

I've become stuck in exactly the same sort of trade that's wiped me out before where I fall in love with a particular direction as the charts look so obvious that is the next step.

The market then moves against me and instead of using this knowledge of 'the sells not selling' as a great reason to get long with a low risk entry and a long stop I miss the chance and out of spite dig my heels in and watch the losses mount. do I enjoy losing money or having reason to mope around feeling sorry for myself?

At least this time I am in options so there is a maximum downside and a time limit.

I can't see a way forward from here, not really for the positions. they might work out ok if the market takes a drop again, but for my trading.

I have no real plan and no real system. I flit from idea to idea not really making any of them work and stopping with one after one loss.

This week I'd also question if at times my behavior has even been compulsive and if I am at times 'addicted'.

I need to bear in mind the fact that the only thing that matters is making money. and not being right. in this context losses are fine and the smaller and quicker they are taken the better.

I need to reframe them. 'it's just a small controlled loss on the way to the next win'. 'it's only one trade out of maybe a few thousand I'll take this year'. 'don't sweat it, do the right thing and move on'.

as I write I am getting more and more angry about a £1 per point dow futures bet that isn't working out. the market is in a typical yoyo Friday. i have my stop in above the market and my plan to move it to even if the cash reaches a certain level. none of these has happened so i don't know why I'm so worked up. it will either get stopped or hit my target some time next week, what's the problem? i keep asking myself, what would a good trader do? the answer is trade the plan. the position has a stop in place and if it get's hit so be it.

tricking myself in to being relaxed isn't really working. I'm too emotionally involved now and need a break. I just hate bad Fridays, they leave you the whole weekend to stew.

I take a bold step and immediately feel relieved. I turn the account off. I can't see what's going on, I am not tuned in to the tick by tick moves and I now trust my plan and my stops.

Even if this was making money it wouldn't be worth the stress and strain on relationships around you.

Am I trading badly because I hate myself?

Thank you for sharing your process and for your openness in detailing your situation.


You might consider taking your feelings about <losing trades> to Tribe. Perhaps you can come to see their positive intentions.




The Feelings of the Drama of Losing


may be useful


as a cover-up for deeper feelings

about right livelihood.









Clip: mareenmathis.com/id2.html


Friday, June 11, 2010

Progress Report

Dear Ed,

I honor my commitment of reporting to FAQ (see FAQ May 14th Acceptance & Commitment).

-I spend a great time with my family and with my grandma in particular. I am more open and spontaneous. I focus more on intimacy and less on control. I am ready to go to [country] with my father for a quick holiday. I am happy and determined.


I feel I'm moving on the right path.
-I go out with a dear friend. She complains about her boyfriend and expresses her feelings. I refrain from judging and from offering advice. I simply listen. At the end of the night she thanks me for the nice evening and she says she's relieved now.

-I get back in touch with an ex schoolmate, after learning that she almost died due to health issues. This makes me feel a real urge to contact her, as I realize that after so many years I still care for her, and a lot. She's happy to hear me and we plan to meet in a couple of weeks in [City] (she now lives in [City 2] and I live in [Country] the world is small after all!). I learn that she recently resigned from a job she didn't like and is now planning to organize an exhibition in [City] to promote an emerging ... artist and to sell some of his works. I happen to know of a specialized fund that invests in art and I contact them to inform them: this may help her. I reflect on the role of chance in life.

Personal development:
-Even if I'm already fit, I continue to exercise regularly and with even more effort. I really find that it helps me on a mental level as well.
-I take time to reflect, I reduce the amount of distraction.
-I order some books from Amazon, including the annotated edition of "Reminiscences of A Stock Operator" (a book I only have in PDF), "Speculation as a Fine Art" and "The Battle for Investment Survival". Speculation being as old as the hills, I find that old books are the best, since they keep things simple and cut through to the point. I plan to read them during the summer. Amazon informs me that "The Trading Tribe Book" cannot be shipped to my address. I will order it directly from your site.

-Fund is up 10% YTD. I gave back some earlier gains and took some whipsaws during the recent turmoil. I am now mostly in cash (I include gold and silver in this definition), waiting for new opportunities to set up. I am patient and I fell that this year could really offer me some tremendous profit opportunities. However I do not try to anticipate them. I've been stopped out of my short equities trade just to see the market move lower without me. I feel disappointment for a bit, but then I feel happy: stops are here to protect me, volatility and risk were too high, cash is a better option for now. I feel proud, I'm honoring my commitment to protect my investors' capital in these perilous times. My drama with my colleague is not getting better, I acknowledge my intention of creating this drama. When typing this last sentence "not" becomes "now" due to a typo: I correct it, but can't help but think that Fred could be working in the right direction!

I would also like to share some feelings and insights.

I feel great responsibility and sometimes also anxiety. I am afraid, things are getting very bad. I think that a third world war is not such a remote possibility...it could very well happen. What could I do to protect my family? I'm thinking of buying a home in a remote place like rural Argentina or moving to Switzerland, where a law dictates that every home has to have a nuclear shelter. I feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by the events. I would like to feel protected.

I notice that when I'm losing I'm energetic and dynamic, hard working and open to new ideas and changes, when I'm winning I feel tired and depressed. I wonder if the positive intentions of these feelings are to keep me emotionally balanced, offsetting the opposite feelings normally arising from winning and losing, and to help me overcome difficult periods, whilst keeping me cool and with my feet on the ground when winning, so as to avoid taking excessive risks.

Thank you for sharing your process and for following through on your commitment to implement.


You might consider taking your feelings about <anxiety>, <war>, <depression> and <high energy> to Tribe.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why so High


I've heard good things about u & TT.

Why is the book so expensive at $125?

FAQ does not attempt to feed "why" questions or other critters from the Zoo of Causality other than to reply in kind with, "why not."



He Might Be Asking Himself Why


he likes to ask why.


Clip: http://www.banklawyersblog.com


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Donchian Back-Test

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Do you have a back-testing. for Richard Donchian
2 week-Rule System, something like...




If not, how can I do the back-testing?

The page you cite contains the rules for the system and the back-test.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I am one of the thousands of lurkers who has enjoyed your site for years.

I am currently in one of the deepest depressions of my life.

I am overwhelmed by the bad economic news bombarding me from the media and friends.

I pride myself of spotting trends, and all the trends I see indicate that things will be getting far worse.

How do I get myself out of this funk.

By the way, you have just moved to my favorite city. Is the entire world moving to Austin?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <depression> to Tribe. 




Depression may involve a sense of inadequacy, lack of activity, and feelings of gloom.  Some consider it a dysfunction requiring clinical intervention and psychoactive drugs; some see it as an adaptive defense mechanism; some view it as an opportunity to discover its positive intention and use it to move toward intimacy and right livelihood.


Clip: http://perkisabeast.com/blog/?p=2023

Monday, June 7, 2010

Intraday Method

Hi, Ed, & greetings from [Country]

I ask my Tribe to support me in sticking to my intraday method. I undertake to report at the end of each week as to how many trades I fail to take, how many trades I do take but then fail to manage correctly & the cost (missed profit) of those errors. The first 2 weeks to last Friday, my method generates 18 trades, 2 of which I fail to take. I make a panic exit of another trade just above breakeven when price starts gyrating - it becomes the best move of the entire sequence. The three errors cost me €1500, 39% of total profit.

I take the Hot Seat to address my avoidance of fear whilst trading. I experience intense forms whilst being fully supported by my Tribe. As I write, I cannot clearly remember the sequence of events, but I see that I want to be in control at all times and I REALLY, REALLY do NOT want to relinquish this control, which seems overwhelmingly terrifying.


My receiver simply asks if I want to experience this terror now and I say I do but that I also feel a knot of resistance. My receiver asks if I am willing to experience this resistance and I say Yes and my tribe yells its support as I contort and scream a guttural "Nooooooooooo". After experiencing great resistance and fear I arrive at an achingly vulnerable point of "No Control" which seems completely natural and is simply a huge relief. Such an unburdening not to be trying to hold onto control. I see how I try to control so much of my life & relationship and what a huge cost in energy this is.

The following day as I commence my trading morning - a 90 minute window only for trade entry - I start to experience fear as usual, a tingling feeling in my guts & chest, but I allow it completely and experience it as an ally to combine with the support I receive from my tribe (knowing my commitment to report my errors greatly helps to keep me on the "straight & narrow").

At that Tribe meeting, I tell my Tribe of my strong intention To Live an Impeccable Life, great challenge though it appears to be. The following day one tribe member who has attended a more recent workshop, describes the Big Wave framework to me to help achieve this. In starting to define "Impeccable", I look up its origin in my Oxford Etymological Dictionary and discover its original meaning of "without sin". This immediately strikes a chord as there is a non-Biblical definition of sin that I hear many years ago from the late, great Nisargadatta Maharaj. When asked "What is sin ?", he replies "Anything that binds you".


As I think more about what inspires & attracts me to this stated intention, I realize that the image I hold of Impeccability somehow includes insulation from uncomfortable feelings, so I question myself as to whether what I am really saying is "I want to live a life in control and without bad feelings". I realize that I have a created a most noble intention to camouflage my mind's determination to stay in control and "be very comfortable indeed, thank-you" !

I feel exhilaration at seeing this so clearly and laugh at myself from deep within.

My journey to true Impeccability - its understanding and realization - continues.

Thanks, Ed, to you and my Tribe.

Thank you for sharing your process.  I wonder who gets to determine what are "good" and "bad" feelings.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Ed Seykota,

Pleasant greetings!

I am writing from [Country] I had read about your amazing investment return in Market Wizards! May I know what software you use to back-test your trading methodology?

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS - I have yet to read through the Trading Tribe website. This I is will do soon.

I use my own Software and also cross-check with other commercial products.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wants to Attend a Workshop

Hi there Ed,

I am a 25 y.o. [Nationality] who recently joined the [City] Trading Tribe. I have gained many insights and have improved many aspects of my life both inside and outside of financial markets since discovering TTP.


I have also seen other people take situations similar to ones I have been in, to the hot seat and move beyond them in weeks, where I previously floundered. TTP is abstract in description but practical in nature which is why it works, well done and thank you for sharing it with me.


My intention is to attend a workshop of yours and take TTP back to [Country] with me and start a Tribe. If you have any workshops coming up and are accepting attendees, I would love to attend!

Thank you for sharing your process.  I schedule Workshops when I perceive a demand.  I am considering presenting one in Austin, TX.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Austin Tribe Report:

In Touch with Feelings

I attend the first of 10 Tribe meetings in Austin. We each work on our intentions for our project during our participation in this series. We then do a series of exercises to bring up feelings. One exercise I believe designed to bring up feeling of domination and being dominated. I am surprised at how little I feel in this exercise since I grew up with a very dominating and controlling father. I credit the work I have done in many previous Tribe sessions with this.


For one Tribe member this brought up feelings of his mother verbally and physically attacking him in the car after football practice when he was a teenager. He just got off football practice and sat in the car with his mother when he began scratching an itch in his groin area. His mother ask him what he is doing and he replied his balls itch. His mother went off on him hitting and screaming at him to never talk to her like that again.


We role play this. I am the mother. I ask what he is doing and he says my balls itch and I play his mother hitting and yelling at him. We stop and ask if that is an accurate role play and he responds that she was much more explosive. I have concerns about hitting him too hard on his nose and injuring him but we try again. This time I let go more and seem to get it more accurate with him covering up trying to protect himself. We come up with different resources on how he could handle the situation and then try them out with more role plays so he can try them on and see if they work for him. I am amazed at the change in me as he tries on his new resources. Where it is easy at first to attack him, with the new resources he uses I find my will and determination to forcefully get my point across as his mother rapidly diminishing as if all the energy just got sucked out of the space. When he ask me what I am doing, am I trying to hurt him and don't you want me to feel good about myself, I stop the attack and actually start to look at myself to see just what I am doing and why.


Amazing how this works. Later Ed works with another member about issues he has with his dad. We check out and I go home.

Interesting thing happened Friday night. I did not feel well and went to bed early with a stomach ache. I get up Saturday and do not feel well all day. I thought I had a stomach or intestinal flue. Saturday night I finally heed my wife's pleadings and go to the hospital where they diagnose me with bad appendicitis. Sunday the surgeon removed the inflamed appendix and I am feeling better now. I find this quite odd as I am usually healthy and do not have stomach problems.

Thank you for sharing your process and for listening to your body and to your wife's suggestions.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Feelings and Rebels

Hello All,

Thank you for being on my support team.

A lot of whipsaw this month for me. On two days back to back I recall not following my system. I get careless with some stops and refuse to accept a loss. Then the next day my unbalanced attitude carries over and I do it again. I notice feelings of <messing up> when recalling this and enjoy them.

About a week prior to this I have my biggest day and week ever. I recall a statement by a friend with many, many years of experience in the market, “It takes a few weeks to recover from a big win.” I think this captures my experience. I notice I become very attached to doing well and I fight accepting a loss. During this period I notice I “rebel” against my feelings. I become attached to “feeling good” and I don’t want to hear otherwise. I clearly recall noticing feelings coming up that offer me warning but I rebel against them because that interfere with me “feeling good.” I notice a judgment here about feelings, the ones that make me “feel good” and otherwise. I am happy that I’m aware of my feelings to notice I rebel against them. And during this period of whipsaw I’m happy I’m sticking with my commitment to deliberate practice. I’m not medicating with food. I’m remaining productive. After one particularly bad day I’m able to let that day go and attend my daughters recital that night, relaxed and grateful to see her perform.

I notice a perspective shift about being around people that are rather emotional in the market. I recall in the past my reaction to such emotionalism was irritation and anger because it could throw me out of balance. I think that is me resisting my own feelings that come up triggered by their emotionalism. Such as <I could miss out>, <what if they’re right>. I now notice these feelings and the emotional people I work with become a part of my System.

Overall I feel I’m doing a good job on noticing my feelings, seeing them on my instrument control panel. I notice resistance and push into it.

My draw down is 7%. A question comes to mind about my reaction to this experience, do I resist where I am or do I resist the feeling of where I am. It’s the feelings. Plain and simple. I commit to feeling these feelings fully and adding them to my instrument panel.

I note that in my commitment I am to report within 3 days of the new month and I note this is the 6th. This is okay with me. I have been out of town on vacation.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Long and Short of It

Hi Ed,

I have often heard you deride short term trading as a way of not facing your emotions. My feeling is that, in some ways, short term trading makes you feel your feelings quicker than long term trading.

I put this to you - How do you counter the argument that actually long term trend following allows you to avoid your feelings? Since there is such a large gap between actions (ie taking losses and profits, riding a position etc), there is more time to stay within your comfort zone and not have to face the hard realities of taking losses etc.

I would be interested in your thoughts.

Best Regards

Short term trading can indeed excite many feelings - that can serve to mask and distract you from deeper feelings about right livelihood.


You might consider taking your feelings about <argument> to Tribe.





can be a contest

to measure control.



Clip: http://theosophical.files.wordpress.com/


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book in Process

Ed Sensei,

Could you please give us an update on how your book is progressing?


I expect completion by September 23, 2010 - at which point it goes to the printer.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Austin Tribe Report:

From Control to Intimacy


Dear Ed,

My main take away from my session #1 in the Austin Tribe last week was about the value of the Intimacy-Centric model. This is extremely valuable not only for trading but for all aspects of a person’s life and relationships.


Several exercises really drove home the point for me. I left the session with a conscious decision and promise to myself that I would always try to practice the Intimacy-Centric model. In one week, people close to me have seen the difference and have commented about it. I don’t know how, but it has somehow placed me on the path to becoming a better trader.

I learned a lot more from session #1, but I want to keep this entry short to emphasize what is for me the single most important learning point.

TTP is very useful and powerful. Thank you very much Ed and thanks also to my fellow Tribe members.

Thank you for your report.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Have To Do It

Hello Mr. Ed

I thought you might find views in this article interesting.

... A peaceful life is essentially a simple one and hence effortless. The sheer simplicity of peaceful life is a magnet that attracts, for deep within we identify with it. To be simple is not something external; we have to become simple and natural from within, be open to our own ‘internal self’, and perform actions knowing where they are leading to. One has to consciously bring about this change, as [Name] says, “To change externally is just a cosmetic change, it is feeding the intellect, the real change is internal.”

Thank you for the passage.  I wonder who is in charge of dictating what "we have to" do and what "one has to" do.



Mr. Richard Potato


really likes to tell people

what they "should" do.


When he's not around they call him


Dick 'Tater



Clip: http://www.complete80s.com/media/


Friday, May 21, 2010

More Tales of the Purple Whisk

See: Teacher Saturday May 15th.

Dear Ed,

Thank you for posting my work on your FAQ.


Here's Part 2:

One day, the Master returned to see the Apprentice. He asked, "How did you go with your trading? Were you able to save yourself from The Crash?"

The Apprentice said, "I lost all my money in The Crash, I feel so worthless."

Master asked him, "What was my first advice given to you?"

The Apprentice answered, "...Do nothing, See nothing, Feel nothing?"

Master asked, "Then, what did you do?"

Apprentice said, "I over-traded when I shouldn't."

Master, "And then?"

Apprentice, "I traded market noises and false moves."

Master, "What was your feeling when you were making those mistakes?"

Apprentice, "I was greedy and I was fearful."

Master, "Very well. You already have all the answers."

Inexperienced traders tend to over-trade. The same thing happen to those who called themselves 'Investors' - taking too many investment opportunities too often. Over-trading will not guarantee profits, on the other hand, exposing more risks to the trader/investor. Excellent opportunity to profit is a scarce resource. Unless you have a PROVEN high frequency trading strategy (one like Goldman Sachs'), making more trades than you normally need to, is a PROVEN way to become bankrupt.

Inexperienced traders/investors usually focus on market noises and listen to too much useless tips and rumors. They see everything as an opportunity to make them RICH INSTANTLY. Again, this is what makes him over-trade.

Inexperienced traders/investors usually become too emotional with their positions, or their MONEY. They could not control their emotions when they need to, they became greedy at market tops and fearful at market lows. They are conquered by negative emotions that are ineffective for making CONSISTENT profits from the market.

Once again, the Apprentice asked his Master, "How do I become the best trader on earth?"

The Master said, "Trade no markets. BECOME THE MARKET."

After that, the Master left the Apprentice and never go back to see him again.

Many years after, the Apprentice is not an apprentice anymore. He became a Master of Trading himself.

Thank you for the allegory.


I wonder who gets to say who is "the best" trader on earth.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Austin Tribe Update: More Peaceful

Hello Ed,

I want to tell you what an honor and privilege it is to be a part of the Austin Trading Tribe. It means a lot to me. I was quite nervous when I went to the first meeting because I didn't know what to expect. However, the Tribe meetings are already having a positive effect on my life. I realize that I am a much calmer person now. For example, I usually become irritated if someone cuts me off in traffic on the freeway. Now I notice that I am hardly agitated.


I am beginning to express my appreciation to those around me and who I deal with on a regular basis. For instance, I express my gratitude to my friends even more and to the nice people I do business with such as at the gas station, the grocery store and the bookstore. I have also noticed a general increase in my focus on matters. I am now able to get more done, especially on getting my trading system up and running. I am also able to eliminate more distractions.

I realize that I have just started the Trading Tribe journey and still have issues and k-nots to work on. Nevertheless, it is great to know that I have my friends in the Tribe who will help me with my process and that I will gladly support them as well. I would like to thank you for your guidance, Ed. I also want to express my gratitude to my fellow Tribe members and to those who shared their process.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the next tribe meeting .

Thank you for sharing your process.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Austin Tribe Report: Keeping Agreements

Dear Ed,

Here is my report for the Tribe meeting.

I am late to the Austin Tribe meeting and Ed tells me that I need to acknowledge my intent to be late. I notice lots of feelings come up and I feel them. I say, “I acknowledge my intention to be late.”


During the meeting we go through exercises and I notice more feelings that come up, I am aware that the feelings are strong and I don’t like them. I realize I have judgments about the feelings and I have K-nots.


One of the Tribe members takes the hot seat and goes through a process where he and his mother are in a control-centric process. His mother is in control and then he becomes in control. Ed points out that they are both remaining in a control-centric process. We continue the process and the tribe member on the hot seat finds new resources and applies them and enters into an intimacy-based relationship with his mother. This is a big AHA for me as I realize that my process with my father and mother is still control-centric and is not intimacy-centric. The difference is that I’m now the one in control. All the while I think I am moving toward having a more intimacy-based relationship with my parents when actually I’m just continuing the control-based relationship, and I’m now the one in control.

During the preliminary set of exercises at the meeting, I experience strong feelings of guilt when controlling another, and anger at being controlled.

As I drive home from the meeting. I think about the Tribe member that sees me pulling up in my car to Ed’s house and graciously tells me where to park. He is helpful. He is courteous. He is nice. He explains to me in detail the parking situation and offers a suggestion of where I can park. I thank him, and I park in the place where he suggests.

I continue driving home and think, “Oh, great. I make someone else also late to the meeting. He would be at the meeting on time if he had not stopped to provide me with a warm greeting and helpful information.” I feel guilty. And I acknowledge that I must be getting everything I want. I get to be in control and feel guilty. And I think this sucks, and I am thankful for the Tribe for helping me become more aware of my actions, of my intentions, and of my feelings.

Now I am more aware. I return home and tell my wife about the experience.

During Tribe, when talking with Ed I notice that I am not clear on what I want to accomplish. I am confused, and I am passing on my confusion. I realize that I have to get clear on what I want. I think about this and am becoming clearer and clearer. Ed says that it has to be fun and I have to get something out of it.

At home, I begin rewriting what it is I want to accomplish, and I begin by stating clearly how I benefit from completing this project. I continue to write, rewrite, and think about what I really want. I notice that what I want to accomplish becomes increasingly clearer, with much less verbiage. I notice that when I am confused about what it is I want to accomplish, I cannot express what I want to accomplish clearly and concisely.

I am aware now that I have a lot of K-nots, and that I am repeating patterns using control-centric relationships.

Today I have an agreement with my family to leave the house at 11:30 a.m. to go on a short trip. It is 11:32 a.m. and I am not in the van. I stop and say, “I acknowledge my intention to be late.” My wife hears me, and she is not in the van either, and she says, “I acknowledge my intention to be late.”

I have an agreement with my son that bath time ends at 8:45 p.m. I notice that there is wiggly room on the definition of what constitutes the bath time ending. We agree that the end of bath time means that the plug comes out from the drain and bodies come out of the tub. We also have an agreement that I read to him until 9:00 p.m. It is 8:45 and the plug comes out of the drain and bodies come out of the tub. I read to my son until 9:00, not 8:57, not 9:02. My son and I both honor our agreement. I notice how things go smoothly when we both honor our agreements.

With the Tribe’s help, I am more aware of my results and my intentions. Results equal intentions, so I look at my results and know what my intentions really are. I recognize that I have K-nots and entry points for TTP. My intention is to use TTP, go to Tribe, feel all my feelings, find the positive intentions of my feelings, turn my adversaries into allies, and change my control-centric relationships to intimacy-centric relationships. I know that my results reveal my intentions and willingness.

Thank you for sharing your process and for your insights.




Clocks are Essential


to many kinds of agreements
















Clip: http://proactivefitnessgroup.files.wordpress.com



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Melbourne Tribe

Dear Ed,


I submit my information for a new Tribe.





Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Out of Debt

Dear Ed

I thank you for your previous comments.

I discuss your comments with my wife.

I accept the authority of my budget and no more drama.

My wife is keen for us to stay in budget and get rid of our debt.

I am lucky to have her as a wife, I give her the budget figures, she takes the lead and responsibility for the daily shopping. She is fantastic at sticking to the budget and economizing. I am good at spending, I pay the bills and fixed expenses and review the tracking against budget.

I support her and she supports me.

Week 1

I waste only $10, a big improvement on the past.

We unexpectedly receive a car repair bill for a $880, saving $20 seems pointless in the face of such adversity, none the less, we persist with the budget.

Somehow we cope with it and manage to absorb it without borrowing more.

Week 2

I have not overspent a cent, I stay away from the shops to avoid spending.

We are within budget.

Week 3

I have some temptations but walk away, I’m beginning to enjoy not spending.

We are within budget.

We get a call out the blue, a buyer wants to buy a very illiquid asset of ours which I should never have bought in the first place.

We get an excellent price considering what has occurred in the last 2 years.

This sale will remove a large chunk of our debt which will in turn further support us in reducing our debt.

I don’t know whether it’s co-incidence, prayer or TTP, but I accept my feelings, commit to sticking to the budget and all of a sudden it’s a lot easier.

I am working on trying to be supportive, accepting and receiving of the feelings of others.

I am working on trying to share my feelings instead of trying to command and control.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process and for having the courage to follow through and get results.




Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Treasury Indicators



Hello Sir.

It is an honor for me to even write to you.

I came across your name while looking at the Michael Covel's influences for his book the complete Turtle Trader.

I would highly appreciate if you could just have a look at my work in the field of trading and investing. you will not be disappointed.

Enclosed in this email is a copy of the US 2 Yr Treasury Chart and another chart of my proprietary indicator for the same. in the last 12 years we have only 5 times that the indicator has come to the watermark 800 level, from where we anticipate a trend. the time line on the indicator chart are replicated on the price chart, the results are phenomenal. we've been able to catch the most important trends in the US 2 Yr Treasury market and ride it. not mentioning the predictive value of this indicator on the treasury prices, interest rates, the economy and its effects on the stock markets.

We are once again at a critical level in terms of the US 2 Yr Treasury.

Your reading this email and your specific views with regards to its collaborative use, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your note.


I wonder if you can formulate your work as a system and then back-test it to determine your MAR.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 9:13 PM



Dear Ed,

We start our Tribe meeting by doing Sender / Receiver work and rotate so everyone interacts with each other.


The Sender first asks “What are you thinking?” and the Receiver replies… then, we switch roles. I notice as I receive the thoughts from the Sender that my mind tends to think along the same lines. If he is thinking about allergies then my mind thinks about my own allergies and so forth. I notice my mind thinks a multitude of thoughts all of the time not only as I receive the thoughts of the Sender but on its own.


We practice the same exercise except the question is “What are you feeling?”…I notice it is harder for me to feel than to think. I wonder if the thinking is just medicating the feelings. We do some other exercises. I get on the floor on my hands / knees and my partner pushes down firmly on my shoulders as I resist. He is to say “I own you!” and I am to reply “Get off my back!” I notice a lot of feelings about my controlling parents…in particular my mother. We switch and I push down on my partner’s shoulders and say “I own you” and he replies “Get off my back”.


I notice the feeling of being “controlling” myself. I have feelings that take me to when I was younger and my relationship with my ex-wife. I see that those who are “abused” or “controlled” can easily assume the role of the “abuser” or “controller”…perhaps swallowing the rock (behavioral model) predisposes or creates the innate ability to play both roles.


The next exercise my partner stands with arms folded in a stern, ominous, growling posture while I am on my knees. He is to say “NO!” and I respond “Please!” with my arms outstretched and palms up…basically begging. I notice I smile and laugh inside at first in this exercise as I say “Please!” but then something happens. I feel this is my position with my parents all of my life. Inside as I say “Please!” I notice this deep sadness as I hear “No!” over and over. I see the facial expressions of my partner and it reminds me of my father. At one point I feel the twinge of pain inside and feel tears in my eyes…it all happened like snapping your fingers. We reverse roles and I notice as I am saying “No!” that I am very capable of doing the same with my children. Again, I can easily slip into the mirror image of the role I am playing. The last exercise we stand across from each other and my partner says “I want you” and I reply “get lost”.


I notice feelings from relationships that have played out this drama repeatedly. The dominant feeling I feel is rejection…rejection in the form of control, emotional abuse and just pure domination. Ed asks if anyone has anything that surfaces and I discuss this feeling I have while saying “please” and my partner saying “no”. I feel this rejection from my parents.


Ed asks me some questions and I am not sure exactly how things developed but then I recall when I am 14-15 and my mother picks me up from football practice. I am 14-15 and I am beginning to become more self confident. I excel in athletics and football in particular. I have a girlfriend and have had several by that time. My mother warns me all the time about “girls.”


I see now she uses me to meet her emotional needs with my father absent at work all the time. I feel full of testosterone and becoming at man at that particular moment in my life. I get into the car and am sweaty and grungy after football practice. It has been exceptionally hot during these practices and I notice itching in my groin area and I scratch.


There is certainly nothing worse than a wet jock to make things itchy. I hear guys talk in the locker room about “jock itch”, etc…but really didn’t understand any of that completely. I hear guys talking about their “balls” this or that so I knew some “locker room” talk. So, I scratch myself in the car on the way home and my mother asks me “what are you doing?” and I reply…”my balls itch!” Literally, in the same moment of NOW I receive a backhand that connected in my nose/mouth area. My mother is very athletic and she is 40 at the time.


I feel like I have just been hit by a train or been in a car accident. I put my hands up and try to cover my face as she continues wailing on me. No warning…just violent retaliation. I hear her saying “don’t you ever speak to me like that” over and over. I have to give her credit…she beat the hell out of me. I don’t remember any resolution or discussion of that incident later. Her point from my perspective now is we do not talk about male anatomy…no balls, no penis…that is a dirty subject, in fact, sexuality is a dirty subject. The process takes me back to that feeling of being abused and dominated by my mother. We role play the incident several times and I get a taste of reliving that previous moment of NOW.


Several suggestions were tried that brought me into the moment with a response. I am able to respond and tell her I need her support and love and that what she is doing is hurting me. I ask her how she feels and as she connects with her feelings the anger inside begins to melt. Another strategy is to thank her for sharing how she feels even when her emotions are chaotic and also to continue to ask her to share more. I write the first part of this a day or so after and I come back to it now it is about 5 days. Strange thing happens…over the weekend I notice the inside of my groin itching and when I look it is chaffed and red.


I have had no irritation in this area in years and now it is red and itchy at the exact same place as when I am 14-15. Ed warns us something like this could happen. I definitely need “dryer balls”. Thanks Ed. I go to lunch at my mother’s house with my son over the weekend and ask her to share about her life…when she is a little girl. She is turning 70 in the next few days. I am curious about the emotional pattern from this incident and where it derives. She tells of how hard life is when she is very young and her family has little. I ask about her mother. My grandmother was one of 3 girls…the middle girl. She was always an extremely efficient and hard worker. There was always an edge of anxiety she carries…anger under the surface. She has a fiery temper.


I find out from my mother her family took advantage of her a lot from a very young age…she was responsible for everything. Her father made her plow fields and expected her basically to be the “boy” of the family. Her sisters did not get the same treatment. I sense there is a lot of bitterness and pain bound up. She describes how her mother raises her and she is subjected to much more abuse than I probably. I listen to her feelings about this. She comments at the difference in how I raise my children vs. how she raised me and my sisters. She says she just raised me how she was raised…but, now after watching her grandchildren she thinks she would do things differently.


I notice tears in her eyes and her voice quivers. She has a hard time making amends, saying she is wrong but as I practice the intimacy-centric model I receive this from her without so many words. She calls me the next morning and very refreshingly says how much she thoroughly enjoyed us just talking.

Thank you for sharing your process and for having the courage to follow through and get results.



You Can Actually Turn It Around


by receiving your mom.




Clip: http://images.craveonline.com/



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Receiving His Wife


Saturdays my ex-wife brings the children to me. I expect her at noon. She does not arrive. I call my daughter several times and ask what happens. My wife is still not at home. At the end she appears at 3 PM. I am very angry. I drive with the children to a party and have a great time with them.

On Tuesday I call my wife and tell her that she does not keep our agreements, that I don't like to be kept hostage and uninformed. I tell her that I expect a clear agreement, and that we both keep it. As the talk goes, I feel more relaxed and how my anger disappears. I comment it to my ex-wife. She mentions “I know why you don't feel angry anymore”. I am intrigued. She says “I was listening to your feelings and trying to understand you”. In fact, she was receiving me. At the end we have a very friendly conversation, I ask her how she is doing and she tells me that she needs more free time. I agree to take the children to me several days in the week.

Receiving works also on the phone…

Thank you for sharing your process.



Sometimes You Can Please Your Wife


more with your ears


than with your mouth.



Clip: http://www.core.org.cn/OcwWeb/Foreign-



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stop, I say

Hi Ed,

I wonder if you could share some of your knowledge on stop loss, how to place them, and how and when to move the stop loss, to protect your profits.

Thank you very much

FAQ does not recommend specific system parameters. (See Ground Rules.)


You might consider determining which stop placement policies are best for you through back-testing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TSP and Rebate

Hello Mr. Seykota,

I am a student of Business Administration from [City] and found your site more accidentally but I am glad that I found it.

I am going to join a meeting of the Tribe in [City] and I am confident that it will have a positive impact on my whole life not only on my trading.

Thank you so far for sharing your positive experiences with us!

Is there a rebate for students or a general rebate for tribe members on the book?

Are new lectures for the TSP (Trading System Project) planned?

I plan to include more on TSP in my upcoming book.


The price of The Trading Tribe is the same for everyone, all over the world.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Shipping Magnets


Dear Ed,


I saw this and thought of you...



Clip: http://i.imgur.com/VZNFM.jpg


If you ship magnets in an envelope, they tend to hang up in the postal sorting machinery.


If you want them to get through, you might consider encasing them in a steel box.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hi Ed,


Many thanks for the $2 and trading guide gift. I will put in in front of my desk to remind myself.. Appreciate a helping hand from one of the market wizard. I will send u my daily comment and hope u can guide me along.


Many thanks

You are welcome.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Austin Tribe Report - Noticing Similarities

I attend the tribe meeting in Austin.

During an exercise to identify authority issues, no issues surface for me. During an exercise to identify rejection issues, I recall issues with my ex, but the feeling is mild, a gentle reminder.

In reviewing one tribe member's family issues, I see the situation is very similar to my relative's, and the family he married into. The issues are quite similar to ones existing around his wife and mother-in-law.

As we review another member's relationship to his father, I see my behavior has been similar to his father's in resisting intimacy.


Back to the Future