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July 11 - 20, 2009


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Note: The appearance of a chart on FAQ does not imply any kind of indication or recommendation to buy, sell, hold or stay out of any positions.



Contributors Say

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Ed Says

Monday, July 20, 2009



Dear Ed,

After all tribe members drum and check-in, I take the hot seat and bring up my issue.

The issue I take to tribe: I want to be my old self again; a spontaneous (spontaneous as in "losing it"), brazen, extraverted optimist. I feel that I have come a long way; from suicidal 14 years ago, to relatively happy nowadays. But I am looking for that last small extra push, where things fall into place. However, I currently experience a sudden reversal, after some strong progress recently. I feel pretty sad and desperate about this. I got so close it seems, and now I seem to be heading in the wrong direction again.

I use the metaphor of a dislocated shoulder: it only takes a small push to relocate a dislocated shoulder and make full use of the arm again. I feel the same way about myself. I just need to find that one little switch and flip it to live a full life again. But I’ve been looking for that switch for so long, and I can’t find it. Meanwhile the rest of my life is on hold. I avoid commitments (career, family, etc), because I need the freedom to change.

I feel sad about this. I have really given it all I have. I have brought large sacrifices, including my career. But I can’t find the damn switch. I burst into tears, and for the next 20-30 minutes I cry my eyes out. My tribe members encourage me to bring it on.

I whine: “What if this is it?” The tribe enthusiastically repeats: “Yes, what if this is it? What if THIS is it? SO WHAT, if this is it?”

During the crying I get some clarity. I have two options:

1) to carry on and FIND that f**ng switch, or

2) to give up.

I feel that I can only give up after walking all reasonable venues, TTP being one of only 2 options left (the other one: stimulating feelings by means of yoga, sports, meditation, singing, etc). So, pushing TTP as far as I can, brings me closer to both finding and giving up.

Another thing I notice during the crying is that even now, while in the TTP field of acknowledgement, I still feel no intensity in my emotions. Yes, I feel the tears on my cheeks, and some muscle tension, but no emotional intensity. I say this to my tribe and I suggest that I might as well take drugs as a last resort to increase the intensity of my feelings.

While saying this I feel strong annoyance about the shallowness of my feelings.

I go into an angry spasm-mode, whereby I tense all muscles in my face and body, to the point of snapping, while growling like a bear, and being encouraged by the tribe members.

The tensing definitely gives more in-tens-ity than the crying, as if the nerves in my muscles are more developed than the nerves in my heart, stomach, and intestines.

After 45 minutes on the hot seat I slow down and end it. We check out.

The tribe leader makes a puzzling comment: he notices that I am an ultra-sensitive person…

So he says exactly the opposite as to how I perceive myself.

Curious fact: just 5 hours earlier, another person said the same thing to me: that I am super-sensitive….

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider finding the positive intention of annoyance.





If You Dislike the Feeling of Annoyance


it is likely to become

quite annoying.


If you accept it

and see its positive intention


it is likely to work its magic

and then disappear.















Clip: http://blogs.technet.com/blogfiles/tarpara/




Monday, July 20, 2009


New Band and New Baby

Dear Ed,

I am very pleased to report my new original band's first gig. I receive many compliments on our performance and compositions. I am amazed how quickly it all came together, and how committed and talented the band members are.

Afterwards, I spend a few days floating at the zero point and I experience new "Aha's" regarding:

1. Goal setting: Reaching a big goal seems to increase my desire and capacity for reaching more goals.

2. Getting what I want: Being in the now is the way I fully notice, enjoy, and savor reaching a goal.

3. Trading systems: I graph a smoothed equity curve over a smoothed index performance. I see how my system moves in and out of phase with the market.

4. I notice the amazing amount of productive time freed up when I am not caught up in drama.

I also found out we are expecting a baby boy in November! I am so happy!

Thank you for your support.


Thank you for sharing your process.



New Babies


are natural musicians.














Clip: http://z.about.com/d/pediatrics/



Monday, July 20, 2009


Control Centric to Intimacy Centric Relating

Dear Ed,

I report on my Big Wave (I give my wife and children all my love and support and I give up control).

My wife and I observe that our daughter (9 years) looks frequently for physical closeness. She cuddles us, kisses us and mentions that I am the best father / she is the best mother of the world. It is very surprising, since she used to reject us and did not accept physical contact. She also mentions that she is not afraid anymore. She seems to me much more relaxed and balanced.

I [ask] my son daily (11 years) to play chess and other social games with me. Sometimes he accepts the offer, sometimes he prefers to play computer games. I take him for a run (6 km). It is a great chance to talk with him for one hour. I plan to do it regularly.

I am satisfied about the relationship with my youngest son (4 years).

On Sunday I have a long talk with my wife. I tell her that I don't want to discuss problems or look for solutions, I just want to talk with her.


Surprisingly, it is the most productive talk we have had since [City]. She does not shut down, leave the room or mention that she is too tired to carry on. We both make important observations.

She mentions that she realizes that she does not care about me, or about my feelings. She mentions that this is not constant, and that she is appalled by the discovery. I remember it being this way from the beginning, and how confused, frustrated, impotent and sad I feel about it. At the same time, I see that she reacts to the emotional needs of my children. I wonder if I need her to act that way to me. I decide to take the issue to the hot seat.

We both remember the first weeks and months of our relationship. She is intelligent (has an MD and a PhD), very attractive, has very nice manners, plays several instruments, and comes from a wealthy family. As I meet her, she is in deep emotional trouble. I commit to make her happy (in other words, to fix her). I realize that I do not accept her the way she is; rather, I fall in love with the person that she can be when she is not afraid anymore, when she is happy again, when she feels free in the intimacy, when she talks about her feelings with me. She remembers me taking care of her, being very supportive and helpful, giving her a lot of strength. I remember her being cold, unreachable, and rejecting my demonstrations of affection. We remember our differences and concede that, after some weeks, we should have realized that we do not match in many aspects. We almost do not have common interests. We mention that, if we had no children, we would go separate ways.

My wife reports that frequently she is afraid of me. I am surprised: I do not shout at her, I am not aggressive or use profane words, I do not rise my hand. However, she mentions that I am set in my ideas and have a strong personality, that she remembers feeling under pressure.

I read the article discussing delays in systems. Maybe my wife needs time to adapt to my changes.

But I am tired and sick of working on things. I don't want to keep on fixing my wife or my marriage. I want to have a working marriage, or (since it does not only depend on me) nothing.


The second option means to leave the house and to support her and the children the best I can, investing all the supplementary time and effort that it takes.


But considering that my wife is afraid of me, seems to suffer under my dominance and is uncertain about her feelings to me, maybe it is the fulfillment of my Big Wave.

I appreciate any comments.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.





Moving From Control-Centric Relating




to Intimacy-Centric Relating



may require some time

while others adjust

to your new patterns




decide they do not want

to follow you.












Clips: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/







Monday, July 20, 2009


Hole in the Bucket

Dear Ed and Nick,

Thank you for the Hole in the Bucket Model. I enjoy reading the paper and appreciate your willingness to share it. You guys rock!

I find what appear to be some typos. Suggestions are in parentheses below.

In Step 1. Identify the Behavior
3rd sentence -- I also watch the cup drain to asses (assess) if my guess is right.

In (Step) 8. Conclusions
In the penultimate sentence -- In cases where you do not know the units of measurement, you can make them up, as long as they are constant (consistent).

Thank you for your support and for your catches.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hole in the Bucket

Hi Ed,

In reading through the new Hole in the Bucket in #8 Conclusion need to change you to your in the statement

....the moment you decrease you caloric ....

I really like that you added buttons to take to the individual steps and the different colors for each section is easier on the eyes, adds interest, and helps define each section for clearer organization. Great job Nick and Ed!

The content is very readable and is clear and concise. Thank you for all your hard work at this addition. It answered some questions I experienced about delay and system designing.

Thank you for your support and for your catches.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Wave Update

Hi support team,

Here is my latest update. There is a long pause between reports. I remember feeling I have no progress so have nothing to report. I do some work on the big wave, but put in most of my available time in coaching baseball. I have some insights to share from baseball and from my daughters.

Big wave:

I work on a correlation study. The idea is to trade non-correlated markets or if they are correlated they count as one position. I am maybe ½ way to ¾ finished with this study and the picture I have now is cloudy. I have what if feel is a good piece of code to do a correlation study, but as work through it I start feel confused. I look up correlation:

1. A causal, complementary, parallel, or reciprocal relationship, especially a structural, functional, or qualitative correspondence between two comparable entities: a correlation between drug abuse and crime.

2. Statistics. The simultaneous change in value of two numerically valued random variables: the positive correlation between cigarette smoking and the incidence of lung cancer; the negative correlation between age and normal vision.
3. An act of correlating or the condition of being correlated.

Hmm, maybe what I do is valid. At this point in my study I see that at times many markets are highly correlated and then those same markets show periods of very low correlation or inverse correlation. I find only few that have long, long periods of very high correlation. So, I think I will complete the study and the few that are very highly correlated for long periods count as one trade. For the times when many markets become highly correlated, I will design my system to be on the trending side of the move J.


As stated above and in last update, baseball is a major focus now. Both of my sons are on very serious teams. I am coach for my younger son's team. The team I coach is in a major tournament in our area of the state. We are undefeated and have a championship game today. Our results already qualify us for the state tournament starting in one week.

This season I notice how dads treat their sons. For many they are never satisfied with the performance of their son. What the player does is just not good enough and if he strikes out or makes an error, look out! He hears it from dad.


I notice when the kid makes a mistake he will have a tendency to cry and beat himself up, the dad really seems to hate this crying and gets pissed at his kid. It seems like a reinforcing loop, kid makes mistake, dad gives feedback, and kid gets upset, kid makes mistake. As season progresses the kid is getting more upset when he makes mistakes. Now I wonder if I am in this loop feeding the dad or kid or both, if so, (or not so) can I balance this with my feedback? My intention is fewer mistakes and I will try this out today.


I have three daughters, all wonderful gifts. My oldest, is having what many would call issues with food. It is at the point of affecting how she functions day to day. To keep this short I wont go further than this, she says she wants to only eat certain foods. She then goes and gets the food she does not want, eats it and is sad / down for a few days while on and off her foods. Then she gets back on her foods for a while, then the drama repeats.


Yesterday I have an AHA; the way she acts with food is the way I act with trading (to a lesser degree though). What a gift she gives me. I will follow a systematic trend approach for a while, and then do some random trade idea. Then if it is a loss feel upset about it, get over it and be back on track for a while. Then the drama repeats. So, I wonder if I can look at my children, study the behaviors I see in them and notice they are the same I display and may need to work on.


In fact I wonder if we could we see the same in our parents.

Thank you for sharing your process.




If You Would Teach Your Son

something useful


teach him you love him.


(The same goes for daughters.)










Clip: http://onesportvoice.files.wordpress.




Saturday, July 18, 2009


Matching TSP

Hi Ed,

I have results for the simple exponential crossover system. My system matched the 15/150 and 85/325. I have the results for the 15/150 and also the data for the variables that maximized bliss (90/330).

I had fun learning how to program in C#, but most of all finally completing a systematic trading program! Will move on to the next system and continue to increase my knowledge in trading systems and programming.

Thanks for TSP and providing an online meeting place where people can all get together to learn and grow.

Thank you for your support.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Business Cycles

Hello Mr. Ed,

While going through the page on EcoNowMics, I noticed a topic on Business Cycles2: The K-wave Capital Cycle.

I thought the attached picture: Economic Confidence Model on 8.6 year Global Business Cycle might be of some relevance.


Thank you for the chart.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Sulfur and Brimstone


Dear Ed,

Do you remember the company we conducted "Due Diligence" on a company with a method for extracting sulfur from crude oil? As I recall, the the controller couldn't answer your question about the cost and benefit per barrel of oil?


They've relocated to [City]. Here is some dark background on what a complete scam it really is





and if you would like to peer deeper into the darkest side of Wall Street, search the word "SulphCo" on this page:




Thank you for the update.






Sulfur + Hydrogen


makes hydrogen sulfide (H2S)


that smells


like rotten eggs.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Happy First




Happy 1 year Workshop Graduates!

I wish all of you the best.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wants to Identify the Creator

Hi Ed

I am enjoying the new material. The Hole in the Bucket song is right on.

It seems our economic leaders are just as exasperating to the monetary system as the water fetcher is to "Dear Liza".

I was wondering who created the system example. I didn't see a credit to the creator. I am guessing it was Nick.

Nick is producing the material, under my supervision, in response to reader feedback, in response to concern about the economy.


As to who is the "creator," I'd say we are all in on it.


If you want to know the one and only creator, you might consider jumping into the causal model and appointing one, perhaps yourself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ears To You


See Previous

Hello Mr. Ed

This refers to your reply on 17th July with self-explanatory picture of an ear: The Ear can be mightier than the mouth.

The advantage of reading your FAQ is that many such good thoughts get pounded in & assists me in improving myself.

On this topic here are few relevant thoughts:

* “No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen.”

* "Listen a hundred times; ponder a thousand times; speak once.”

And yeah, I'm truly enjoying 'listening' again and again to your new melodious number: Every time you say how it is, that's the way it's gonna be for you.

Thanks Ed for helping in my endeavor to become better & effective person.

Thank you for your support.

Friday, July 17, 2009


The Early Bird Gets the Worm


I have been anxiously waiting for the next seminar. It is posted and has an exceptional "pre-early bird" price (in my humble opinion). I print out the form and fill it out.


Time in the now, turns "pre-early bird" to "early bird". Feelings I experience when I see this today on the website and realize I have not sent my "pre-early bird" form off.


I experience a rushing of blood to the face, burning sensation in my chest as well as a tightening in my jaw. Drats, I did it again, I didn't think the stock would move away from me so soon!

See you as a "standard" in October!


Friday, July 17, 2009


Confusion about Levels and Rates

Thank you Nick and Ed for sharing your process of building the Hole-In-the-Bucket model and your insights about delay.

I wonder if the flow rate decays asymptotically in this experiment. If it is, perhaps the model can include "flow rate" as a level.

I feel confusion when I look at the "Flow Rate at Various Levels" graph. The rate is increasing from left to right, even as in the previous diagram the level is decreasing from left to right. I wonder
if you can reverse the "level" axis so it reads from 3.5 to 0 to make time consistently flow from left to right (inasmuch as time exists at all in this model)

Thank you for your feedback; we are clarifying that section of the report.

Friday, July 17, 2009


A Choir that Sounds Like the Rain

Dear Ed,


I thought you might like this clip.


Rain.wmv (movie)

Thank you for the clip.

Friday, July 17, 2009


TTP in Politics


Maybe you remember the conflict between a professor and her PhD and me regarding a scientific publication.


Basically, we both sustain to be the senior authors of the paper. We had several very loud discussions, even in front of the Faculty, and could not [come to] an agreement.


Two days ago we meet again. This time I just enjoy them and receive them the whole time. I
enjoy her insulting me (I thank her for that), I enjoy her shouting and pointing at me with her finger. I tell her several times that I can understand her need for approval and to show that she is powerful. She only says "It is not about feelings, it is about showing that I lead the group".  I observe that she plainly does not want to share her feelings.

I enjoy the PhD student trying to manipulate me; I even congratulate her for her great ideas to exert manipulation on me.

After about one hour I see that we are not finding a solution and leave the meeting.

I keep wondering if it is, in fact, possible to convince people by listening to them.

To my outmost surprise, some hours later I receive an email informing me that the Professor and the PhD agree to place me as last author.


Yesterday I attend the first patient from the Department of Psychiatry. The pseudo-Tribe consists of three curious psychiatrists who yield no support at all and just observe without comments how an untrained generalist heals a patient in two hours from a depression lasting for 20 years...

I will keep you informed.

Thank you for sharing your process.



The Ear


can be mightier than the mouth








Clip: http://www.jonco48.com/blog/


Friday, July 17, 2009


Time for Thanks Giving


Dear Ed,

Thanks for continuing to be a wonderful teacher. I learn from you and all others who share their thoughts and emotions on the FAQ.


I also feel like mentioning "The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth" to you and all others for no particular reason.

Thank you for your support. 

Friday, July 17, 2009


Does Not Understand Lyrics

Hello Ed,

I enjoy the music Say How It Is very much.


Could the lyrics be included on the page just below the link?


I notice when I search for music under Ed Seykota on Google that there are ring tones available now for The Whipsaw Song…perhaps a downloadable ringtone can be available for tribe members on the site or permission to utilize the music on a ringtone?

Thank you for the inquiry.


You might consider what part of the lyrics you do not understand and try writing them down for yourself.






Clip: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/




Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wants an In

Dear Ed Seykota,

I am fascinated and overjoyed about speculation. Unfortunately, I don't know a single person who is doing it around my area. I'm not making finding a mentor a necessity for trading but it sure helps.

The concept of a trading tribe sounds great to me. I have a very good life, happily married, two daughters, stability but I have some personal daemons and faults to work on in order for trading to work or for that matter life in general. Could you help point me in the right direction for meeting people who understand the things you discuss in TT from whom I could learn and share?

Thanks for your consideration and time,

Thank you for your inquiry. 


You might consider looking up the Tribes in the directory available in the link above. 


You might also consider purchasing the book and attending the October workshop.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Tribe Book

Afternoon Mr. Seykota,

I have an interest in establishing a "trading tribe" in [City]. I tried contacting you last when I was visiting the US to order the book but got no reply.

Is the book still available? Is that all I would need to start a group here?

Please advise.

The book is on back-order from the printer and is likely to appear again for sale in early August.


If you wish to proceed along the TTP path, you might consider attending our October Workshop, see link above.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sticking to a System

I am writing software for a microcontroller-centric device. When I start the project, I write down its goals and non-goals, including "I don't want to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of my hardware. If I run out of memory, or out of uC speed, I move to a more powerful uC."

Today I run out of memory but find it difficult to follow the rule I set. I notice feeling that I am wasteful of resources. I feel that I have a lot invested in my hardware and notice reluctance to let go of it.


I notice that the reasons I come up with not to replace the chip aren't very convincing. I notice that these feelings are similar to what I experience in a losing trade when my stop is about to hit. I know the right thing to do according to my backtested system, but find it difficult to let go of my investment.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <spending> and <wasting> to Tribe.




Pinching Pennies too Tightly


can result in Finger Bruises.




Clip: http://www.flickr.com/photos/



Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How to Catch a Monkey and Key Lessons

Hello Mr. Ed

Greetings. I thought you might like this.

On a side note, thank you for cautioning about 'tripping hazard'. The thought: People Who Lie in Ads, are likely to lie elsewhere ... reminds of another one: A cheat is a cheat. If he cheats at golf, he will cheat at bigger things. e.g. Bernie Madoff.


The way to catch a monkey is to use a box with a small opening at the top- big enough for the monkey to slide its hand inside. Inside the box are nuts to lure the monkeys. The monkey will grab the nuts with its hand and forms a fist.


When the monkey tries to get its hand out, the opening will be too small for the fist to come out. The monkey has a choice to either let go of the nuts in order to escape or to hang on to the nuts and get captured. It is sad that the monkey will hold on to the nuts and risk being caught.

The monkey was caught because of its greed. Most of us behave like the monkey. We hold on to old things and ideas that can no longer help us to succeed.


We fear the uncertainties the future may bring and so we refuse to change. We are comfortable with where we are and what we have, so we prefer to remain there.


To move forward in life we have to let go of the past and move ahead in faith. We may even have to break traditions.





Bernie Made-Off with the Funds


The Difference

between Bernie and Ben


is that not all the monkeys get caught.





Clip: http://www.iplanretirement.com/



Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Proof for Principle of Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Dear Ed,

I enjoy your song, "Say How It Is."  (see Music link above). I have an instance of proof for the "Principle of Self-Fulfilling Prophesy":

I arrive at the airport for my flight home from [City]. I have coach seats and think, "I want to sit in first class."

When I get to the airline check-in counter I perceive anger and confusion among other travelers. As it turns out, there are many weather-related delays. My flight is expected to arrive 5 hours late and after the last connection home.

I feel sadness and anger. It's the weekend and I want to get home to spend extra time with my son. I decide to take a break, get some fresh air and consider my options (part of my new Rock resources).

I go back to the check-in counter and ask the agent about all my options to get back to <region>, even if it means a different airport. She finds a flight to <city>, and I ask for a first-class upgrade. I sense her anger and she scoffs, "We don't upgrade for weather-related delays." I say, "I'm not expecting a free upgrade, I'm willing to redeem mileage credits. And by the way, I imagine you're probably having a very tough day, with the weather delays and all the upset passengers."

She prints my tickets and describes my connections and times. She points to the "F" on my ticket, which means first class. It is a free upgrade.

On the long flight home, I am smiling and relaxed in a very comfortable first class recliner. I eat a wonderful dessert, listen to "Say How It Is" and agree.

PS: Interesting you chose that one to post first, as it's the one I think of most often (next to "Maxine")

Thank you for sharing your experience of getting an "F".

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The Whys Guys


I remain consistent responding to my son’s why questions with “why not.” I notice three different responses he gives to me saying “why not.”


First, he stops asking me and engages someone else in the room that plays his game.


Second, he alters his why questions to what questions. For example, “daddy, why are they playing baseball?” becomes “daddy, what are they playing baseball for?”


Finally, he gets really upset and my response frustrates him. He says, “STOP SAYING WHY NOT!”

Thank you for sharing your process.


Now that your son is giving up on the "Why Game" he may be more open for a deeper connection with you. 


You can invite him to share his "wonder" about the world and you can wonder about it together.



Sharing Wonder with a Child


can be Wonder-Full


Clip: http://www.tatteredcoat.com/


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Full of Energy, On Task, Feeling Great

Dear Team,

Over the last few weeks I continue to work through the Road Maps sections. I progress through nearly all of the stages and this week I determine that I want to move on to the next phase of my Big Wave.


In the next phase, I intend to learn more about trend following methods, to work on back testing / system development skills, and to explore platforms for system testing and trading.


Therefore, my current measurement techniques are obsolete in this new phase. I now measure my progress in the near term by the number of TSP exercises (available on Trading Tribe website) I complete and number of pages I read in Trend Following.

For this Wave, I look to my Support Team for comments or suggestions in two areas. The first is in regard to my Measurement of this Wave.


After completing the TSP exercises and Trend Following book, I intend to spend time testing and developing my system. Other than measuring how much time I work on it, I do not know of an effective way to measure my progress while I am in the system development phase.


Secondly, I am doing research on software that I can use for testing and executing my system. My employer has limitations on which brokers I can use and some restrictions on how I can trade. I recently discover that [Name] has a software application for system development and that they are also a broker that I can use. I wonder if you have any experience with [that software] that you would like to share or any thoughts on other software applications that I may find to be useful.

A few weeks ago, I present my second Big Wave to Tribe and work on clarifying it. At the suggestion of a Tribe member, I work on creating a Snapshot and present this at the following meeting. I spend time working on the Snapshot and am happy with the result and I get "sign-off" from the Tribe members. I am trying a few different things with this Wave to see what may work.


In addition to improving my relationships with friends and attending social events where I may meet people, I recently join a dating website.

One note on my Measurements, during Week 9 my dad visits me for the weekend and in Week 10 I go to a friend's house near the beach for the weekend. Since I usually log most of my Big Wave time on the weekends, my measurements are very low for these weeks.

So far this week I feel full of energy and very much on task. I start to exercise during the weekdays and I feel great both during and after my workouts. I feel invigorated and excited to start on the next phase of my first wave. I notice some different feelings come up when I think about systems development.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Non-Judgmental Tribe


Dear Ed,


Might be the next new tribe...



Clip: http://imgur.com/izjKG.jpg

Hmmm... I wonder if they have a formal judgment about judging people, in which self-referential case all members would preclude themselves.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Bernoulli Demonstration


Dear Ed,


Thought you would like this:


Clip: http://home.earthlink.net/


Thank you for the link.


This model is typical of the crazy math that arises from the misapplication of the Bernoulli Equitation.


If you set this model up so it's wide at both ends and pinches in the middle, you can see that the air flows "up hill" against a pressure gradient.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Losing Parents


See Previous

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your feedback to my previous post on June 22, when you say: "You might consider taking your feelings about <losing people you love> to Tribe". You're right and it's related to stay away from my family for 8 years and, 9 years ago, to lose my mother and father because of cancer.

Following FAQ is a way for me to discover a different sense of myself, particularly through the experiences reported by others. I notice that in the last year messages and sometimes your answers are longer than before; it's clear that there's a lot of work behind; often after a workshop or a meeting it seems to me that FAQ become the place to go on and receive feedback.


I really appreciate what is happening here. For those like me that have now only the opportunity to follow the development via Internet, sometimes it's difficult to grasp the meaning of all. For example, I read about "Big Wave" but don't remember any explanation related and so, reading and re-reading, I try to clarify to myself the concept.

Thanks for EcoNowMics too: it's the possibility for me to re-discover material out of sight for a long time. Looking the list on EcoNowMics page, it's not clear the entire design or project you have in mind, but I'm sure it's my limit and I hope to understand better tomorrow. I experience TT as a large breath, not a step by step path, it's discover and surprise.


Following FAQ is more demanding than years ago: my effort is to understand at my best and find a way to contribute.

Thank you for your support

Monday, July 13, 2009


From Control to Intimacy

Dear Ed,

Thank you for pointing at my inconsistence and thank you for your impatience. The weekend I read some sources. What I experienced is Kensho, maybe even Satori. All the rest (my worries, my “problems”, my marriage troubles) is just me playing silly childish games. Now I know it. In a couple of hours I forget it again. Like the wax in your molds, it seems to take some time to solidify.

When I am there, there is no “controlling others”, there is no “problems”, there is no “I don't get what I need”. Everything is perfect.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Process Report

Dear Ed,

I report on my Big Wave (“I give my wife and my children all my love and support”).

First of all, I thank you all very much for your support and your feedback. In fact, writing an email once a week is very helpful to sort out my thoughts and to see the course of my Big Wave.

I experience a breakthrough in my relationship with my son (11 years). He has an argument with his sister about the TV set. I listen to him; he tells me that the real problem is that we are favoring his sister. I receive him and feel that he, indeed, feels lonely. I mention that loneliness shows him, of course, that he needs company. I mention to him that, when he feels lonely, he can play computer games, but he also can ask me to play with him. I commit to offer him daily to play chess or ball games with him and to invite him to jog with me twice a week.

I observed a huge increase in the requirements of my daughter (9 years) for physical contact with me. I feel that our communication is greatly improved, as several conversations and shared experiences suggest. She seems to show substantially less anger than some weeks ago.

In my report last week I mention that I have several long and difficult conversations with my wife. I realize that this approach just shows that I like to work on problems and to discuss things. I observe that I generate situations resulting in conflict. But I don't like the results. I am tired of working on problems. I decide to try another approach. I mention to my wife that I am tired of working on things and discussing them, and just want to see how the relationship evolves. She mentions that she feels extremely released about it. To stop working on my relationship will be a lot of work.

After a hot seat I observe that if I have absolutely no needs, everything that I get from other people is enough. I also experience how it feels, and how it feels to be absolutely open to the other person, to accept him / her exactly the way he / she is. To me, this is the highest goal, right now. I don't know how to achieve it. I am also worried about achieving it, because it means being different from the way I have been all my life, and also means to be different from most people. I don't know if it is a process or a big bang, a learning experience or a decision. Maybe the best method is just to enjoy the now, myself and the way that I do things.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Being Happy Within Yourself


is a good way


to relate to others.




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Monday, July 13, 2009


Day-Trading Scam Artist


Dear Ed,

You may already know about this one. Just wanted to share with you.



Professional trader reveals system that has worked for 25 years

If you’ve ever entertained the idea of being a full-time trader then you’ve probably spent time looking for the holy grail of trading – the perfect system that will guarantee making big bucks on the market.

Well, professional trader [Name] has, in his own way, found it – although he doesn’t like to call it the holy grail, he does admit that it’s a system that has served him for 25 years and is just as successful trading CFDs, Forex and futures as it is for picking shares in his super account ...

Insights from super trader Ed Seykota

In the mid 80s, [name] fronted up to a trading course in the United States, and met super trader Ed Seykota, featured in the best-selling book Market Wizards. Seykota invited [name] to a meeting with a small group of traders to learn about their trading methods. “I learnt why they were successful,” says [Name]. “They weren’t caught up with technical indicators and trying to have the perfect system. They had their strategies, but their focus was on the money management and their trading skills. As I left I was told that if I changed my trading strategy into a set of simple steps and developed the confidence and skills to follow them, then I would be successful.”

Six-step trading strategy

Ed Seykota advised [Name] that he needed a set of simple steps to follow:

1: I have to identify if the market activity suits my strategy

2: I have to identify a time to buy or sell using the Pressure Trading Strategy. It looks for a probable price direction and the buying or selling pressure levels.

3: I enter the market when prices move in the direction of the pressure.

4: I place my initial risk stop loss at the pressure level

5: It is my objective to get my exit order to a breakeven price as soon as possible. Once it is at breakeven, then I can’t lose any money and the trade is very relaxing.

6: This is my profit exit rule. Most traders will tell you that getting out of a trade is the hardest thing to do. There is no right way. I take a each way bet where I exit part of my position on a target and trail the remainder.

Weekly trading schedule

[Name]’s trading can be split into two distinct sections where he trade both ends of the market:

a) Short-term intra-day trading stock indices and Forex

“I treat my intra-day trading like a job where I get paid for my effort.”

Thank you for the heads-up on this ad.





Readers:  Please be careful if you receive this ad.


I do not recall such a meeting, nor I know about a "pressure trading strategy" for finding "probable price direction."


Nor do I advocate short-term trading.


I do not authorize use of my name in this ad and I certainly do not endorse this product.




People Who Slip Lies into Ads


are likely to slip elsewhere.






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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sign of the Times


Dear Ed,

I saw something today that was very effective and I thought I would share it with you.

At the side of the road a man was standing with his back to traffic, his head bowed, hands clasped together in front of him and standing still in the bike lane wearing a tee shirt with a 30 on it.  The 3 is crossed off in red and a red 2 below it. He is in a heavy pedestrian area where the posted speed changes from 25 to 30 going downhill.

I felt immediately compelled to slow down as did the two other cars in front of me.


The message hit me on an emotional Freidan type level. He is much more effective than the flashing radar reader at the bottom of the hill.

Thank you for sharing your insights.



Effective Signage


can get to the bottom of things



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