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September 21 - 30, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Sat, 30 Sep 2006


August 2006 Breathwork Weekend

Moving Toward a Relationship

Dear Ed,

I went into Breathwork with a snapshot of being in a trusting and fulfilling relationship.

Prior to the Breathwork weekend I had no trust in women, I believe this lack of trust stems from a relationship that broke down and had left me scarred. I am attracted to women, yet I was being held back from getting into a relationship again.

Since the August 2006 Breathwork weekend, I am noticing myself change. I am interacting more frequently with women now. The interactions and circumstances vary. I don’t feel distrustful of women any more.

Now, I am actively seeking social situations that will put me in contact with women. I am using my feelings as a barometer to tell me how to respond to situations with women. Happy feelings along with feelings of excitement tell me that I am enjoying the moment. Feelings of frustration and suspicion indicate that I ought to take caution and ask questions or end all contact.

I never felt “alone” before. Because, I am currently single, and an active trader living on my own, I sometimes feel “alone” now, which is a new feeling for me. Whenever this feeling arises, I call on a friend or go out and make contact with the outside world. The feelings of “alone” seem to be driving me to react in a different manner now. The positive intention of this feeling “alone” is signaling me to get up and interact with others including women.

I feel like my interactions are flowing now.

There is an old adage “actions speak louder then words”, I am modifying it to meet my situation “feelings speak louder then words”.

Thank you very much for all that you share with the Tribe(s).

May God bless you Ed.

Yours truly,

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 30 Sep 2006


Losing interest in Pornography

See previous


Ed, I feel I am losing interest in pornography. Yet I am still home alone daydreaming about having a relationship with either of two girls I am fond of.


So, perhaps, you might update the picture and substitute it for one of a dog daydreaming of making out with or dating with either of two bitches he longs for. LOL.

The word, Pornography comes from Greek πορνογραφια = pornographia -- literally writing about or drawings of harlots.


One of the properties of pornography is the dehumanization of women, the reduction of women to their sexual aspect.


Your reference to women as bitches might also tend to dehumanize women.


You might consider taking your feelings about women to the hot seat.



You are More Likely


to attract and maintain

a healthy relationship


once you deal with your own anger.



Clip: http://www.lssofny.org/Counseling/


Sat, 30 Sep 2006


Breathwork Report

Relaxing and Following the System

Dear Ed,

Thank you very much for the Breathwork weekend. It was an extraordinary experience. Some experiences I wanted, a few I am not sure I wanted and many I am still digesting.

It was wonderful to make contact with some great people all working to resolve their own personal issues. I would like to thank them all for their support & encouragement.

Much of the time was spent doing “tough” work. This has completely changed my outlook on life. I am now much more relaxed about my Trading System – I accept its flaws & its drawdowns. I let trades run to fruition & above all else I actually follow it.


Curiously the same is reflected in my attitude to life – I accept my flaws & avoid dramas. I accept the heat of disappointments and avoid jubilation dramas.

Thank you very much for our conversations during the hike, I received many valuable AHAs during the hike.

Breathwork is a life changing experience which continues to enhance & improve my life.

Thank you Ed, I salute you for what you made possible for me.

Best Wishes,

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 30 Sep 2006



Please forward to Ed Seykota, or if this is Ed directly I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for being the most inspiring person in Michael Covel's book "Trend Following".

I have included the message and reply that I just sent Michael, so I wanted to forward it to you. Your humor absolutely delights me and has me roaring.

I laughed so hard, it was the best healing.

Keep rocking!

Thank you for the acknowledgment.

Sat, 30 Sep 2006


Breathwork Follow Up

Not Good Enough / Anger / Boundaries

Hi Ed,

I hope this finds you well, please see attached my follow up report. I am plugged into my feelings, not enjoying them all but getting the results I came to IV for. The heat sits on my face for the past two days since I started writing this report.

Your work on rocks look interesting and relevant to rewriting some of the script. Do you intend to include this in your workshops/next book?

Thanks again for showing me the path.


Breathwork Follow-up Report


I leave Incline with a commitment to feel my feelings, reduce drama in my life and feel my anger. I am aware of my feelings and I stop blocking them as before. I do not get dragged into dramatic situations or manipulative games by others and step back pretty fast when this happens. I feel aloof or distant at times but I start to enjoy it and feel good as I have more peace of mind. I slip on some occasions but notice it and step back again. I don’t need approval so much anymore and I don’t criticize myself as harshly as before.


I commit to cut out a lot of things that do not add value to my life including counterproductive dramatic relationships. My circle of friends / acquaintances shrinks as I change attitude and behavior towards them. I have realigned several relationships, the one specific case that created turmoil before is now in synch according to a way that I am comfortable with.


I come into conflict and feel my anger much more than before, I initially feel uncomfortable about this. On one occasion my face really heats up as I sit on my desk and have images of the support and encouragement from the tribe during the Breathwork.


I enjoy this and feel better about coming into conflict where necessary. I notice some kind of resentment and anger towards my mother, feelings that are there for a while but I am unwilling to externalize. She is just as unemotional and unwilling to feel and ha always taught me to practice patience and everything will be ok. I notice that too much patience maybe part of the process of tying ones anger into a knot and allowing others to knock down personal boundaries.   


The Breathwork has a cathartic effect regarding trauma in early life; I am fine with this particular issue and feel this is at rest. The Breathwork uncovers other issues I am not aware of before.


Fred and CM fight it out regularly, feeling anger, pain and sadness is not normal and is a big struggle at times; especially on weekends. I don’t enjoy these feelings and in some cases I feel disoriented and dazed while some very uncomfortable feelings and memories come up – quite a lot of DIM goes on and I am irritated easily. I may not have fully confronted my anger issues. The past two weeks are even a bigger struggle as I revert to suppressing my feelings on some occasions. I have a tough time.


My dislike for weekends intensifies more than ever when I am not keeping myself busy doing some kind of work, exercise etc. I have an issue about keeping still or doing nothing – I tie myself up! I set unrealistic targets for myself, over commit and set myself up for more drama by performing badly in my personal commitments. I am also more aware of the possibility that I may not be aligned with my snapshots and intend to explore and clarify what I am really after rather than press on stubbornly. What is my right livelihood? I want to find out!


While I work on realizing my snapshots I have feelings that I am not worthy of achieving these goals, that I am aiming a bit too high for myself. Images of a time when I was 10-yrs old and failed a maths test when my father was shouting at me come up. He tells me that I will never achieve anything in life and that I should become a manual labourer rather than do anything that requires use of my brain as I am not very good at using it. I feel frustrated and angry about this as I know the answers to additions such as 6 + 6 but write them the other way round e.g. 21 instead of 12.


 I drown in anger, unable to help myself and totally speechless as I stand and watch. A form I take when confronted as an adult. 


I notice how these same feelings turn up when I make good progress in my personal lif / career. I stop myself from growing as a result of the “you’re not worthy / you’re not good enough” label. I feel heat in my face as I write this which intensifies the more I think about this, the heat sits on my cheeks all day long. Writing this feels like being on the hot seat.


Thank you for the support and the continuous development of your work. I am interested in knowing more about rocks and willing to go through the process.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 30 Sep 2006


Report from The Significant Other

of a Tribe Member


Over the past several weeks, [Name] and I have been much happier, closer, and more sincere and caring to each other. 


He has been less resistant to my emotions and is accepting me—good and bad.  He encourages me to share my emotions with him and accepts my negative feelings (e.g., frustration, sadness) now, more readily than he had previously. 


I have been working on making myself happy, developing a clearer understanding of myself, and recognizing what I need to do for that to happen.  I feel like [Name] has been more able to commit himself to our relationship.  I don’t feel like I have to “rope him in” as much as I did previously, both because he is here already, and because I am becoming content in my own right. 


We both outlined goals that we want from the relationship and things that we want from each other, and have been meeting weekly to talk about our relationship, update goals, etc.  We have been following through with this plan every week, with the exception of one, which had an obvious effect. 


When disagreements or minor arguments have occurred, they have remained just that secondary to an acknowledgment on both of our parts on how to express ourselves more effectively and be sensitive to each other’s feelings.  I’m really proud of us for recognizing what we need to do, seeking help and taking guidance, and following through with a plan that works for us.  [Name] and I have been having lots of open conversation lately. 


I now feel like he is truly listening and that he respects me.  He also has been initiating concerns that he has with the relationship or with my actions, versus not saying anything and letting it build up to become a bigger issue that bursts when he can’t hold it in anymore, thereby leading to confusion, arguments, and feelings of dissatisfaction on both of our parts. 


Overall, our relationship has been better than ever, which is significant, because I feel like what we’ve had since the beginning is rare and that we’ve been very fortunate to have each other.  I’m grateful for the turn in our relationship and excited about future changes for us as well!

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 30 Sep 2006


Cutting Losses


When you say " ... cut losses, cut losses, cut losses and you may have a chance ...", are you referring to keeping the individual bets small or simply to use tight stops so that your capital isn't tied up in a trading range?

I am asking because I am running some basic tests on simple long term trend following systems (such as your Donchian example) and noticed that for very wide stops, the stock can slowly drift down to your stop and tie your capital for months.

My reasoning would be to get out quickly if the stock loses momentum shortly after getting in so I can catch other possibly "better" opportunities.

As always, thanks for taking time to answer.

Cutting losses refers to the general notion of protecting yourself from further damage


You can learn many things about the markets by running your tests.


In practice, sticking to the part of your system that requires cutting losses may involve more than logic.




Cutting Losses


may excite emotions.


Clip: http://www.general-anaesthesia.com/


Fri, 29 Sep 2006

Mr. Seykota,

Trend Follower Up About 25%

I would like to thank you for your insights and teachings, and your general ability to get to the heart of an issue with a simple, pithy statement.


Your contributions to Mike Covel’s Trend Following (and other sources, such as your website) have served as a tremendous inspiration to me and my trading.


I run a small hedge fund (less than one million right now) and have returned about 25% this year in trading equities and futures, with an 11% drawdown in May as my worst drawdown.


I got my start in trading working as a Market Maker on the NASDAQ and employing a vastly different strategy than I use in my fund.


My first day as a Market Maker I was told “Stocks that make new highs, continue to make new highs, while stock that make new lows, continue to make new lows.” This statement has stayed with me and is what makes me a trend follower.


I do not use a 100% mechanical approach, allowing a bit of discretion in my entries, but using entirely systematic risk management controls for stop placement and positions sizing, and systematic profit exits. I have learned a lot about the importance of psychology in trading from you, and again I wish to thank you for your inspiration, your dedication, and for what you have given back to the community of traders. I hope this note finds you well.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Stocks are Like Elevator Cars


Once they start moving

they tend to keep going

in the same direction,


even after you get out.



Clip: http://www.thisisbroken.com/b/


Fri, 29 Sep 2006


Signature Form - Jiggling Leg


A recurring drama that I have is planning, always planning to do, but not doing. A signature form that comes up is my leg going up and down like a piston. I have been unsettled lately and want to make changes and move ahead.


You might consider applying the Rocks Process. See the link above.  Your leg may be able to lead you to the source of your anxiety.




The Message may be in the Leg


Clip: http://www.keikogallery.com/


Fri, 29 Sep 2006


Back to Trading

I see some contradictions, especially from voices of authorities about the relevance of certain trading methods

an excerpt from a 1997 interview with Bill Eckhardt:

"... in our continual efforts at ETC to extract further relevant information from price series, we have a policy of avoiding summary statistics (for trade generation, not for statistical inference). My favorite example of what to avoid is a moving average of price -- it boils all price history down to a single number; any information encoded in structural relations within the series is washed away.

The breakout trader retains a little of this structure in that he or she reduces price history to two numbers. This represents a substantial improvement over moving average trading -- evidently a little structure goes a long way."

Well, I see moving averages work exceptionally fine throughout the period of 1997 'till now (in simulations). You also quietly suggest this on the TSP pages. Then again, check out Bill's performance for those years.

This confirms the idea that listening and depending on anybody's opinion, even guys such as Eckhardt or You can spawn lots of confusion. Got to admit that your FAQ doesn't exactly "clear my mind".

I'm fed up of relying on others people's judgments. All I can get is some insight and then dope out my own conclusions.

No more excuses for not building and developing my OWN resources and rather waiting for ... god knows what. Sure, I knew this before and so I've made a 360 deg loop, but this time it's more powerful.

This is not a scorn or anything, I'm just sharing my progress.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Fri, 29 Sep 2006


Trading Query for Ed - Trading Tribe

Hi Ed,

I wanted to ask you an important question if this is ok.


I have developed a system which has been trading in real-time for the past 2 years, and is doing fairly well. My hypothetical back-tests using past data over the past 20 years show a Maximum Drawdown of 30% and an average return of 30% per year.


My problem is that I do not know whether my Maximum Drawdown in live trading will be greater than 30%.


Ed, from your experience comparing back-tests with live trading, in live trading how many times greater could the maximum drawdown be compared to hypothetical trading.


Presently, I am assuming that my Maximum Drawdown in live trading could be potentially 2 times greater than as shown in my back-tests i.e. 60% Max DD. Maybe I should adjust my position size and leverage to allow for 3 times my hypothetical Max Drawdown.


Ed, how does your back-tests compare to your live trading? Are the Calmar ratios (Average Return per year / Maximum Drawdown) the same for your live trading as compared to your backtest results? How do they compare? My Calmar ratio for back-tests is 1 whereas I think over the next 20 years in live trading my Calmar ratio might be around 0.33. What should I assume here, based on your experience in live trading?

I, too, do not know how to predict your actual Maximum Drawdown.


About all you can "predict" is that trading systems are likely to continue generating drawdowns.


You might consider taking your feelings about drawdowns to your Tribe as an entry point.




Discomfort about Drawdowns


may indicate deeper fears.



Clip: http://www.news.cornell.edu/


Fri, 29 Sep 2006

Pulling the Trigger

Dear Mr. Seykota,

In the last months I develop a feeling of "not pulling the trigger" in my trading and also in inter-personal relationships.

It is a feeling of "having one foot on the brake" and not realizing my full potential.

It scares me a little bit because before I am in tune with the flow of life and all just seems to click.

What is your opinion and counsel? I would appreciate it very much.

Yours sincerely,

You might take your feelings to the hotseat to find out what you are trying to tell yourself.




Sometimes Waiting to Pull the Trigger


is the healthy move.


Clip: http://www.haloimages.com/


Thu, 28 Sep 2006



Ed Says: Yes, TTP helps develop the practices (1) of sending straight from the gut, without inhibition and (2) or receiving whatever others send, responding constructively rather than reacting defensively.

I notice the girls I usually "fall in love" with are very shy and seem to be very inhibited. Even though I notice they appreciate my compliments and initiative to start a relationship with them, they are seemingly just unable to take any initiative to do so.


Or, perhaps, this "inhibition" is just something they are "sending" such as "No, thanks" and I am unable to receive? Whatever I get stuck as they typically are also unable to send a clear message either way.






Thu, 28 Sep 2006


Sees Drama

I see a lot of drama in this ‘rocks’ process you present.

I see a lot of avoidance of feelings in this process.

I see a lot of ‘escaping’ of dramas in this process.

I see a lot of wanting to ‘change’ the drama itself’.

A drama does not have ‘some irresistible hold’ on a sender unless the sender wants it.

I see a lot of ‘tribe finding solutions’ for the sender instead of the sender having ‘aha’s’.

PS In your ‘some results’ paragraph.

Maybe the philandering man likes being a philandering man but has a judge about it. After all, if you judge it, and are unwilling to feel the feelings of the judge, nothing will help you, not all the rocks in the world.

I wonder where you are seeing all these things.


My experience working with the Rocks Process  is that it is substantially more intense than the standard hot seat process.  It is also more effective in moving senders through signature forms.


It tends to reduce drama, locate and heal deep wounds, focus the sender on the real issues and set him free.


In the standard Hot Seat Process, the Tribe provides a healing field of acknowledgment. In the Rocks Process, the Tribe also provides an opportunity for analytical and role-playing interactions




Seeing is Believing


and sometimes


believing is Seeing


Clip: http://bite.typepad.com/photos/


Thu, 28 Sep 2006



see previous


I wanted to reply to the FAQ of mine that you posted dated 9/20.

I wanted to say that I admire the way you responded to my rant. Your analysis, something to the affect of my "fear of change" and "responding with anger", now that I thought about it, is very accurate!


I will take my "fear of change" to the hotseat when I attend your tribe meeting non-locally tonight (9/28). I burned my bridges in two local tribes that I attended, so attending your meetings non-locally is all I have now.

I offer you my apology for attempting to suck you into my drama. And I thank-you for your emotionally mature response.

With renewed admiration and respect,

Best wishes,

Thank you for your previous note, and for your follow-up note.


Yes, TTP helps develop the practices (1) of sending straight from the gut, without inhibition and (2) or receiving whatever others send, responding constructively rather than reacting defensively.


Our interchange provides an example of both these practices.




Cell Phones


send and receive all kinds of messages


without inhibition

or defensive reaction.


Clip: http://www.anniescostumes.com/cellphones.htm

Wed, 27 Sep 2006


It Is What It Is

Dear Ed,

It’s about 9:30pm and I’m doing my “homework” for tomorrow’s trading day. I just want to say thank you for calling me today. I am inspired that a man of your stature would take the time to call from a simple email.


I am reading and re-reading “Rocks” while I wait for your book. I am looking at a picture of you, found on the Turtle Trader website. It is nice to put a face with a voice – I hope you feel the same, because I am attaching a picture of me together with my wife.


John Henry is also featured on the Turtle website. I have a quote on my desk by John that reminds me of the “p” in your SVO-p. –


“… really believe that, what is, is all that is important – at least with regarding making decisions. If you can put aside what should be, what could be, what ought to be, what would have, could have, should have occurred, and just pay attention to what is actually happening, the act of paying attention transforms what is. The greatest action, the wisest, the best action that you can take in almost any situation is to stay with what is, instead of jumping to conclusions or trying to come up with conclusions.”


- John Henry

Thanks again,




Trend Followers


stay in the now

and go with the flow.



Clip: http://www.jeanmason.com/


Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Snapshot Process

Hi Ed.

I hope you are well. I know you did not respond to my last email and that's OK. It actually worked very well for me. You are too smart for that.


I got a great job learning lot of staff from this  Institutional guy. I'm actually working everyday and fired up everyday like when I 20 years old. Lot of great things are happening. Still got a work on Body, Relationship, and Fun but that's OK.


It's funny my parents - all the sudden my parents called me up and told me happy birthday and sent me a birthday card. (True Story) and little gift.


So I'm jotting down all the birthdays for my clients and make sure I send them a card and phone call.

Long story short, little drama in [City] tribe, was going excellent, however one member dropped out and some drama occurred to postpone the meeting to God knows when. Anyway so I took a shot at introducing the snapshot process to [Other City] tribe tonight.


It's crazy because it was pretty tough. I told them it was out of my pure love. Everybody agreed to coming up with the snap shot with a little twist with chief saying "oh I'm going to work on my own style of snapshots instead of the right livelihood, body, fun and relationships. We had intense discussing about it, lots of feelings.

Best thing was everybody welcomed me back. I finally got when you said " OUR TRIBE" on FAQ few weeks back. Hopefully it will develop to improving the science of TTP.


I'm sorry the rocks and hats are too advanced so far for me I like to learn it at the next workshop (Part of my right livelihood snapshot) Till then I'm going to focus on the snapshots.

Hope everything is going well with you on the new site platform, I wonder what was your intention on the little incident with the site (Intention = Result) Result being Site Shut Down.

Thank you for everything and Best wishes for you, the tribesman and everybody in the world!!!.

Thank you for sharing your process and your experiments with the Snapshot Process.




When you Get Clear about Family


Family clearly appears



Clip: http://www.adashofpanache.com/images/



Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Good One!

see: New Name

Hahaha! That’s a good one.

Yes, the London Philharmonic Orchestra title is taken, but even they are totally qualified (maybe even more qualified) to join the IV tribe.

The title I suggest is “The Life Tribe.”

The TTP I practice is an overall life improvement process. It’s the process you originally introduced and it’s changed my life for the better.

The name "Life Tribe" is currently in use.  Google produces about twenty-three million references to the phrase.

Thu, 28 Sep 2006


Technical Analysis Society of Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I am a board member of the Technical Analysis Society of Hong Kong www.tashk.com.hk . I understand that you will be flying out to Asia in late October and will be speaking at a seminar in Singapore.


I was wondering if you will be in Hong Kong during that trip.


We would like to invite you to speak at our monthly evening events where you might be able to share with us some applicable methods that might help our members achieve more balance and satisfaction in their lives as they remain focused on trading for living.

The Society was founded in 1987 as a non-profit professional body dedicated to the development of technical analysis and the education of both professional and non-professional investors.

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in Hong Kong.

Warmest regards,

Thank you for your invitation.  We are looking into the possibility.

Wed, 27 Sep 2006


New Name for TTP

see Singapore Conference

I agree with your statement.

I look at the requirements for the Incline Village Tribe, and nowhere does it say a member has to be trading, has ever traded, or even cares or understands what trading is.


The only place the word ‘trading’ exists is in the name “Trading Tribe” and/or “Trading Tribe Process”.


Since trading has no grounds for admission to the IV tribe, I suggest you change the name of the entire process to reflect what it really is, as this title misleads.


Some people might join the IV “Trading Tribe”, when indeed; trading has nothing to do with membership.

Yes, The Trading Tribe starts in 1992 in Los Altos, California as a trader support group. 


The Trading Tribe is now a worldwide organization that deals with issues common to people from all walks of life.


Many of the members play music so I am considering changing our name to the London Philharmonic Orchestra - although I hear that particular name might already be in use.


I wonder what name you might suggest.




London Philharmonic Orchestra


Clip: http://www.ldn-ipc.dircon.co.uk/


Wed, 27 Sep 2006

Wants a Man


Dear Ed,

Your FAQ is an inspiring source for new ideas. I get the impression that the pictures are talking directly to Fred and help the mind to decide where to look for a better future. Your picture of migratory birds of Sep 25 has such a positive effect on me and Folk Dancing of Sep 17.

I have some difficulty in building a serious relationship to a man and was already wondering whether this is connected to the fact that I cannot imagine one.


Some weeks ago I spend a Sunday creating "Snapshots" and ran again in the same situation. Concerning a "Snapshot" dealing with a fulfilling relationship to a man I saw nothing.

My impression is that what you don't know you cannot put in a "Snapshot". Right now I am wondering whether all good relationships have a little secret that cannot be photographed?


Is snapshots more something that helps you to clean up your apartment and get something material like a house? Or is it better to snapshot just the next step "I meet a nice guy"? AHA.

Wow, dear Ed.

… now I also understand the Glossary on Snapshots.

Best greetings and a wonderful week

If you don't know what kind of man to put in your snapshot, you might consider asking some of your friends for ideas.


Also, you might consider finding out more by going out on some dates to meet different kinds of men.


You might also consider taking your feelings about wanting a man to the Hot Seat.




Finding a Man with Your Interests


is easier


once you know your interests.


Clip: http://www.monm.edu/sportsinfo/


Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Fred, Drama and Rocks

Dear Ed,

last evening, last night and this morning I got some new ideas after reading your document about the trading tribe process and FAQ.

It is really a good idea to explain Fred and Drama on your homepage. This helped me off quite a lot after re-experiencing some bad situations last week.


Before reading this I had no clue what was going on, only the impression that it has to do with experiences in childhood.


In one case I at least started a discussion after getting angry and receiving the feeling right in the situation so that I could do something. I hope this is solved. The other situation is not so clear and writing this I get the impression this would be a subject for a TTP process.

Funny enough I was the person who send you a comment about the book "Trend Following" and got no answer at all. I was really annoyed and needed some days to realize that it is everybody's freedom to answer or not to answer.


Reading your comments about "Rocks" and now "Fred" I get the impression that in this mail I took the role of the "Teaser" to create attention and engage you in my drama.


Now, since I have read that Fred is trading I understand the lessons about baseball in the book. Fred trades and Fred plays baseball :-))) Actually, I loved that somebody published a book about Trend Following and I am wondering what disturbed me about the book since I have the impression that Trend Following brings the probability on your side and reduces stress.

I also think that the following is a general problem of people. You are willing to improve your character but you just don't recognize what you are doing!


Therefore it is a fantastic idea to put the "Rocks process" in the Internet. I hope that you add to the document to enlighten the matter a bit more. What other rocks can be found? What about the rock "assassin"?


What are the complementing rocks that fit those rocks? I recognized that my boss is also a "teaser". And I am teasing people who want to have contact with me. Do find teasers each other? Or is the other person a victim? Or do both - victim and teaser - both depending on whom they meet?

It is a good idea to attach the subject to "Rocks". This is a symbol for an inner solution not bringing the matter to persons you recognize as the "origin" of the matter and creating new wounds and conflicts.

I very much appreciate the forum you created in the internet.

Yes, we are seeing some patterns in how various rocks seem to fit together.

Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Rocks and Gold


How about also considering the good stuff we learned from the past to have a clearer perspective on the developing work?

I feel a void when trying to think of the good things, so maybe this is important.


Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Rocks, Right Livelihood, and TTP stagnation

In regards to Rocks, Right Livelihood, and TTP stagnation, I notice the following.

Right Livelihood incorporates most all of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: (Read by starting at 1 on the bottom and build up to 5, only if the underlying layers are solid.)

5) Need for Self Actualization – Challenging Projects, Opportunities for Innovation and Creativity. Learning at a High Level.

4) Need for Self Esteem – Important Projects, Recognition of Strength-Intelligence, Prestige and Status.

3) Social and Belonging Needs – Acceptance, Group Membership, Association with Successful Team, Love and Affection.

2) Need for Safety and Security – Physical Safety, Economic Safety, Freedom from Threats, Comfort, and Peace.

1) Physical Survival Needs - Water, Food, Sleep, Shelter, Warmth, Health, Exercise, and Sex.

At the top (5) is a state of being that is very resourceful, tolerant, loving, and adaptive. No wonder TTP works well when the sender has Right Livelihood. Altruism and generosity happens at the higher levels. Everything works better at the higher levels.

When a person is operating from the lowest levels (1) of the needs, they seem to become un-resourceful, intolerant, narcissistic, and inflexible. Violence and conflict happen at the lower levels. Note that loss of need on the lower levels brings the higher levels crashing down until the lower levels are built up again. The needs can change hourly. Example: Often relationship issues flare up when those involved are tired and hungry or threatened, having things on the higher levels are no comfort in this time, and everything is fine after moving to a safe area and getting some food and sleep.

Feelings and Beliefs that hold people to the lower levels perhaps create the desperation that continue the dramas. Perhaps the lower levels are where TTP stagnates too. The high risk nature of trading might hold many at the lowest levels as well.

In addition to TTP, a process that assists in breaking through the feelings and beliefs that holds one to the lower levels is needed when TTP stagnates.

I applaud your efforts to take TTP to the next level with the Rocks process by addressing Beliefs as well as Feelings that stand in the way of Right Livelihood.

Both TTP and the Rocks Process seem to operate across the range of Maslow's Hierarchy.

Wed, 27 Sep 2006



I more often than not view the people around me as hostile.

I view most people have ill-intention against me.

So, I create images and thoughts in my mind on how they can hurt me.

I can't stand people not accepting my ideas.

To relate an incident, while I'm at a T-junction with car passing and I cannot cross over, the car at my back honks at me can create a short-circuit type of rise in anger.

My problem with my spouse is anger. The snap type of anger. I have broken Note-book computers, mouse, micro HiFi, telephone and chairs with my anger.

What is my rock? How can I give up this rock that hurt people, especially the closest people around me. i.e. my spouse and children.

I have read the TT Book. But I made little break through so far. I know I need help before my snap-type violence costs me more than broken things (i.e. broken heads or legs).

By the way, I'd like to know more about your Singapore talk.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings of anger to the hot seat.


If your anger does not resolve after a few meetings, you might consider applying the Rock Process.  See the link, above.


Link to Talk






has a positive intention.


Clip: http://www.walkingwounded.net/html/


Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Another Workshop in the Works


Really good to talk with you. TTP seems to have STP added to it. Fast, fast, relief. Whoa, my mixed metaphors are slipping as we go into the turn.

As a man of music, allow me to remind you that melodies come around on the guitar ... and banjo ... as well as in literature and life - where they are more commonly known as themes.


Yes, I have made several references to the efforts of others to understand how we human get ourselves into the predicaments we do. Our self-examining, or at least centered, nature is a major theme among us.


And looking at what others have done is in my style of research. I have admiration for yours, practiced by only a rare few others I know - which is to figure it out for yourself. I have witnessed you independently create or recreate: threshold patterns, parts integration, hypnotic receipting, tasking, ordeal therapy, symbolic change and more. And I could see and be a part of this.


I like to imagine that our two very different perspectives create what Gregory Bateson called a binocular vision. Hey, the world is suddenly 3-D!!

In our call, you mentioned looking at January 2007 dates for our next in person, multiple perspective, move the field forward extravaganza. When I looked at my calendar, I see I have put aside January 5, 6 & 7 for a workshop. The following weekend would work for me, and not the next I will have to head out the next day for the UK for work on the 16th. Let me know what works for you.

Charles Faulkner

Thank you for your comments and for providing names and references to others who are doing similar things.


Perhaps I can use these references to develop the illusion that I know what I'm doing.



Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Web Site Down #2

see previous

From: Copyright Holder
Subject: Re: Notice of copyright infringement


GoDaddy.com Copyright Claims Dept. wrote:
Thank you for contacting Go Daddy. We have suspended the site in question pending a resolution. Please allow up to 30 minutes for these changes to take effect ... If the site owner indicates they are ready to remove the infringing content, we will re-activate the hosting account in order to allow that to happen.

The user in question apparently tried to follow the above procedure, but failed to obtain any response from GoDaddy -- i.e., they indicated willingness
to remove the offending image and notified GoDaddy of that fact, but the site was never re-enabled, so they were never able to actually do so.

They have moved that portion of their website to another hosting provider and removed my image from that version; I have no doubt that if the GoDaddy-hosted site is re-enabled, they will remove it from there as well.

As that would resolve my original complaint, I believe that you should re-enable the site and allow them to remove the offending image.

Thank you,

[Copyright Holder]

Thank you for helping to clean up the mess.

Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Rocks and Check-In


I read your new write-up on Rocks and feel relieved and disoriented at the same time. There's a lot in there. I'm sure the disoriented feeling means I'm in the process of putting a new puzzle together. Maybe confusion is the breeding ground for learning. Maybe for me it is.

Our tribe lost its meeting space two months ago, but our chief has managed to find alternate meeting space. Space seems to trade at high prices in NYC. We meet again tonight for the first time in a while. I look forward to it.

I continue to follow my system. I understand the process. It feels good.

My relationship with my wife is great. She makes me very happy. She is unique to me because she doesn't seem to have many of the judges I used to have. She just goes with it most of the time. I go with it now, too, but I used to get very nervous about many things in the past. I had many judges about the effectiveness of groups and I made bad decisions regarding my association with people who do not care to grow and learn. When I make the decision to associate with folks who want me to grow, things turn around.

My job at [Firm] ends a week ago. My team had a 3% drawdown and our employer asks us to leave. I knew for sometime we'd be parting ways because the right investor / employer is not someone who balks at a 3% drawdown given our trading plan.


It feels good to be out of that environment. With regards to a new job, I have something pretty good lined up already. That feels good. It also feels good to have a week off before starting up again. Call me Leisure Man. It's nice to walk around during the day and see things differently.

I like how you teach us to be our own thinkers. I get the sense that you want us to be every bit as strong as you. I also get the sense you don't want us to hold you up as an idol so much as you'd like us / me to really go for it and be our own men / women. For some reason I really think about Milton Erickson now. You remind me of him very much now.

I'm getting upset now as I type this, probably because I realize how much you have helped me over the years, most of the time not even knowing it. Someday in the nonexistent future I will meet you and say thank you in person. Thank you again.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Web Site Down

From: Copyright Holder

Your recent problems with GoDaddy's Process


I hope this gets to you; I was unable to find a contact email address on your site, although I only looked at a handful of pages.

I'm the fellow who sent a notice of copyright infringement to GoDaddy about your use of my crucible image. I read of your problems in dealing with GoDaddy on your page here:



It was never my intent to cause your site to go offline; I merely asked for my image to be removed, as you can see from the notice I sent GoDaddy. I'm sorry you had such a terrible time trying to resolve the issue with them. I hope your new web-host gives you better service.

If I had been able to find an email address for you, I would have cc'd you on my original notification email, and perhaps that would have led to a more suitable resolution. However, I couldn't find one, and WHOIS only gave the GoDaddy address for abuse notifications, so I duly sent it to them.

Now, if I may ask you for a favour, would you mind removing my contact information from the above web page?

Dear Sir,

As you know, Go Daddy is non-responsive to our request to follow their own procedures for getting our site back online. You may also know that we receive about a million page hits per year from our friends worldwide, especially from the financial community.

As an interim solution we now have the FAQ part of our site online at another ISP. Many functions however, such as Financial Charting services are specific to the GoDaddy database engine and are difficult to transport.

You could assist us in getting back online by sending emails to GoDaddy's President and Copyright departments saying you withdraw your complaint and would like to see us back online immediately.

Please note that it is our intention to remove your Crucible image from the GoDaddy site, although we are now in a catch-22 stalemate position. We cannot remove the image while the site is down and due to the image, our account is in suspense.

We feel that a letter from you might somehow break the log jam and help us restore service to our readers.

Yours truly,


Karin Morris,

Assistant to Ed Seykota


PS: Please send us copies of your emails to GoDaddy so we can follow your progress.


For more on the story, See: Site Down




Legal Tangles

tend to unwind


people relate

on a direct, heart-to-heart level.


PS: To contact FAQ or Ed,

simply use the "Contact Us" link, above.


Clip: http://weeklyuniverse.com/2004/poop.jpg

Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Rocks and Anger

Hi Ed,

Thank you for the phone conversation last week where we discuss the evolving “Rocks” process.

During this phone conversation (as well as a previous FAQ letter) I mention that with TTP I tend to display a similar form (i.e. a signature form) whenever I’m on the hotseat, regardless of the issue that I bring to the hotseat. (The issue is always different but the form displayed is more or less the same.) I also mention that certain things tend to get me worked up, irritated and angry.

In an attempt to gain an understanding as to why I become angry (or irritated) at certain situations you suggest a 'walk down memory lane' or 'running a simulation' as you describe in your 'Rocks' essay. We attempt to do this via the phone knowing full well the limitations of this mode of communication. I suppose you could call it a ‘lite’ version of the process.

I begin with my memory of my childhood days. I remember a particular incident where as a young boy (12/13 years old) I am involved in the vandalism (via graffiti) of the local school. Without going into the finer details, I will simply say that my ‘art’ work is very quickly discovered by the locals and the matter is referred to the police. The police ring my home and of course my father now finds out. Now, I am in very deep . . er . . doo-doo.

I remember this incident reasonably well, as my father goes into an absolute rage.

My father is an honest law abiding citizen, a very straight man indeed. He is a very hard working man. He is the local shopkeeper and as such has contact with the community on a daily basis. He cannot understand why this should be happening to HIM. What has HE done to deserve this?

He is unable to cope with the fact that everyone now knows his son has been involved in the willful damage of school property and now his son’s name is on record with the police. It’s as though he’s the one at fault. He doesn’t know what to do.

Normally he’s very mild mannered but these events have TOTALLY overwhelmed him, he is unable to respond in any other way except to become white with anger and to then lash out.

He grabs me with one hand and proceeds to hit me with the other. He is ranting, raving and swearing. He says he’s going to kill me. He keeps hitting me. I remember that I cry and scream as loud as I can so that perhaps someone might hear me and help me.


Of course no-one hears and no-one helps. I twist, I turn, I fall to the ground, I try to escape but am unable to (I am only a 12 year old boy). He is much too strong and he has a firm grip on me and he continues to beat me. He continues to swear & yell.

Using the “Rocks” terminology, My father is now FORCING me to feel pain and fear against my will.

Eventually my Mother arrives on the scene and she is able to split us apart.

I cannot clearly remember what my exact emotional feelings were right at that moment just prior to my mother arriving, but thinking of the situation now I clearly was scared and totally powerless to do anything about it.


Now I don’t know this for sure but I strongly suspect that in this state of sheer helplessness I feel an overwhelming anger. An anger such that I may have said (in my own mind), “F--- YOU!!!, STOP hitting me you f---ing bastard. I’m going to F---ING KILL YOU for this!”

(I can’t be sure that I actually thought these exact words, but intuitively I feel as though I did think something along those lines and it sits well with me that I may have thought this . . . . remember, it was a long time ago)

So, was it at this point that I was handed my fathers ‘Rock’?

Was it at this point I chose to receive it & have been holding onto it ever since?

Maybe yes, to both the above.

Again from the 'Rocks' essay, “Conveying feelings by force to someone who is unwilling to receive them is evil and results in the passage of the ‘rock’”

I find that in my own life there are many instances where if I become overwhelmed by the situation around me, my response is to get angry and to lash out. I don’t yet have the skills to deal with an overwhelming situation in any other way other than to get angry. . . . . . just like my father.

Of course, from a rational(?) point of view, when faced by this type of situation, one alternative way of dealing with the problem is, perhaps, to relax, sit down and try to discuss the situation and to let others know how I’m feeling and what I dislike about the situation. However I do not have those skills yet. It’s as though I have this animal urge to just rage and attack.

My modus operandi for these particular situations is therefore;

Feel overwhelmed = Get angry = Lash out (either physically or verbally, depending on the intensity of the drama of course)

I am aware of a lot of things that I do and how I ‘operate’ under different circumstances however this realization that I become angry when faced with overwhelm is new to me. I now understand that this is one of my character traits. It’s as though a light has gone on. So, yes, I’m now aware. So in a sense this is like a mini-aha. Now that I’m aware of it, I can explore it further in a tribe setting.

After all, in order for an Alcoholic to ‘cure’ himself he first has to acknowledge & know within himself that he is in fact an Alcoholic.

On a related note, perhaps this is why it is difficult for me to express the feeling of overwhelm.

‘Fred’ pumps the feeling of overwhelm yet somehow the feeling of anger is taken to the ‘outside world’.

Overwhelm is being overwritten/subverted by anger in this case.

As I state above, I’m now aware that in my life I seem to encounter repeating situations that force me to feel overwhelm, whether it be taking on too much work or starting too many projects or an argument with my wife or having my children misbehaving at school. My response is to get angry or irritated.

Discussing this over the phone lines is of course no substitute for a face to face tribe meeting where perhaps I can more fully experience the feelings coming up by having a fellow (preferably much larger) tribe member role play my father and me role playing myself at age 12.


In the role playing exercise I could have my ‘father’ ‘beating’ me and yelling at me. I would experience my feelings at this time and at the point of him handing over the ‘rock’ I would simply say; “No, that’s your Rock Dad, I don’t want it” and I could simply allow it to fall to the ground when it is handed to me.


In this way I may be able to emotionally reprogram my response to the feelings that arose at that moment. Instead of getting angry at my father, I may be able to come to a fuller realization that he acts in the way he does because he knows of no other way to deal with the situation that totally overwhelms him.

He is not an evil man, he simply has no other way, no other method, to deal with these types of situations.

As I say, I’m now very much aware of one of my patterns.

In the days since our phone conversation I note that I’m very sensitive and alert to my behavior regarding anger & being overwhelmed.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I tackle the problem differently but it does mean that I’m aware of what I do in response to those particular dramas. There seems to now be a slight delay between the feeling of overwhelm and the resulting anger/irritation that gets triggered.

And that delay creates a window of opportunity to tackle the situation in a different and perhaps more creative way. In short, I’m not on auto-pilot anymore.

To close, I think this is very interesting work and in my view warrants further investigation, thought & observation. So keep up the good work Ed & thanks again.

Oh, and BTW it’s always a good day when you discover a ‘secret’ about yourself.

Thank you for sharing your process and for your description of the Rocks Process in action.





Forcing Someone to Feel Feelings

he is unwilling to feel


is one way to pass the rock.


Reliving the critical incident

can be part of the process

of refusing to take the rock.



Clip: http://affect.unige.ch/img/





Tue, 26 Sep 2006


Rocks and Feelings


The examples in the essay are all about me - all my relationships with family, friends, girls end up at my anger rock passed by my father and enhanced by the rest of the family.


This is my biggest rock ... constant low self-esteem hidden under a layer of fake emotions and signatures. Some people were honest enough to tell me that they fear my tendency to reject, my resentment and grumpiness (my fakes), others simply took advantage of me and manipulated me.


I guess any big rock makes the owner an prone to manipulation, he just can't help it. This is primarily the reason I can't attach to anyone - I know that through my honesty I would have to show my feelings that just can't surface - but I don't want to be fake so I end up alone hiding and I'm proficient at it. This really can make one suffer big time.

This is seriously sick. What the f--- does evolution have in it's core program to work in such devious ways? To weed us out? I'm appalled by the unfairness of this situation.

Ok, I'm whining but I'm also delirious to get rid of the crap in me. Wow, speaking of hope, being happy might be possible after all ...

Thank you for sharing your process.


Evolution may favor a species that can teach the next generation how to react from the gut to various stressful situations.


A "See a tiger and run away" Rock might favor the preservation of the species.


A "feel rejection and get angry" Rock might preclude having a fully intimate relationship.






Don't always stop

to discuss things logically.


Clip: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/


Mon, 25 Sep 2006


Migrating TT Web Site

Hi Ed,

It's good to see the website back up online. It is only when we lose something that we notice we have been taking it for granted. Thank you so much for maintaining the website and share your wisdom.


You show me a new way of seeing the world and I wholeheartedly thank you.

I guess you must still be working on migrating the server.


I see that the FAQ, Tribe Directory, Resources, and Site Search and many other pages are still broken links. I look forward to the return of FAQ like the anticipation of a blockbuster movie :-)

For more on the story, See: Site Down






is the natural and healthy process

of moving to a more hospitable climate.


Clip: http://www.scienceacross.org/



Mon, 25 Sep 2006




In honor of the Kramnik - Topalov world championship reunification match. (Chess is as fractious as boxing these days.)

Here's an easy one for FAQ readers. White to play and mate in 3.





Mon, 25 Sep 2006


Misleading Press Release

This is from the home page of


where you are to speak.

I am curious to know if you can do it at will or it was just like winning jackpot in lottery.

Thank you for the catch. 


I do not endorse the statement that currently appears in the press release.  See Zone


Mon, 25 Sep 2006


What I have learnt about the brain and how this knowledge helps me have Snapshots

Hello Ed,

I would like to share with you and your FAQ readers my process of learning “what I know now” about the brain, and how this has a profound impact on my ability to have Snapshots.


I now realize this technology really does work, I am now more careful about how I am thinking, and what I am asking others to think about.

During and after the Cambridge workshop, I find creating snapshots incredibly difficult. I concentrate on thinking what I want, however my mind tends to go blank. I try to imagine a scenario that might have me in it and I am doing what I want - “again my mind is blank”. At best I get vague pictures with no substance and never the same picture. I certainly do not achieve the ability to summon a crisp clear snapshot with me in it at will. I now believe that for me this has a lot to do with trying to process this information without any understanding and proof of how the subconscious mind works.

My friend invites me to listen to his MP3 file about how the brain functions, it starts off with some information about how new super computers developed over the last 8 years has enabled science to uncover 95% of what we now know about the brain, so this is all relatively new stuff.

The most interesting discovery for me is that the subconscious does not understand what is real or unreal, right or wrong, what is true or false.


The conscious however does understand these most of the time, but at a cost. Because understanding if an object is real or not, true or false, right or wrong requires “filtering”. This filtering slows the response time so much that the conscious mind is a lot slower at processing visually than the subconscious mind.

I learn an exercise that reminds me to be careful what I ask people to think. Anyone reading this might like to try this out; they might ask someone the following:

“DO NOT THINK OF PURPLE ELEPHANTS” and then ask them what they thought of, my tests so far have been 100% of people I asked have thought of purple elephants immediately.

A great example of this type of “do not” statement might be to tell a young child “do not” spill the milk, the statement triggers the subconscious to processes this information visually by showing “spilling the milk.” Often for the subconscious mind this image can be a cue for is “what is wanted “and sure enough the milk is spilt. Remember the subconscious does not acknowledge the “do not” part of the statement.

I learn that super computer technology has been able to uncover interesting results such as, if I look at say ‘a tree’ it makes no difference if the same tree is on a postcard in front of me or I am thinking about the tree, or if I am standing next to the real tree looking at it, the same route is taken in the brain when processing the tree visually. This understanding has helped people with “phantom pains”.

I listen to a study on people with phantom pains (for example an amputated arm) and they now experience pains in the hand that’s not there! These patients undergo an experiment which involves mirrors and special cameras. These produce a symmetrical copy of their actual arm which creates the illusion that the missing arm is still there.


The patient is then asked to do some exercises (like jumping jacks) to show the subconscious that the arm is still there and it is doing exercises. Despite the conscious mind knowing its all an illusion the subconscious does not understand what is real and what is not. 100% of the patients lost their phantom pains within 30 days. I find this fascinating and I wonder how a feeling can be felt in a limb that does not exist anymore. Now when I have a feeling I wonder if the feeling actually exists in the body, or if it is experienced at some subconscious level (I recall reading about people having operations and dental work under hypnosis reporting no pain for example).

The brain likes to use visualization to try to recall past events, I am asked “can you remember what you did this morning” In this exercise I realize the only way I can get the answer is if I recall visually what I did, I see myself throwing the duvet over and then brushing teeth, the point is I recall it visually.

I find my ability to produce snapshots improves with practice, by visualizing short term snapshots that are easy to define as achieved or not and are clearly defined, like getting my home clean and tidy or getting some work tasks complete tend to be easy to produce and clarify whether achieved or not. I notice the more I use this approach the more I exercise my creative side to help me build clearer snapshots of longer term goals.

I decide to test this technology in my fitness, since I am familiar with a particular exercise which involves me running up and down a steep hill, before I do my exercise I visualize my heart beating harder and faster, sweat beads on my head, upper thigh pains, and then the end result is me catching my breath bent over holding my knees, exhausted, I give it my all and I feel good.


Previously my best time is 8 mins and 3 seconds, my average is around 8 mins 25 seconds. Well now using this visual work my record stands at 7mins 43 seconds. It works for me.

I find that my snapshots are far better when I visualize two stages rather than the end results. For me just seeing an end result does not give me any insight into my journey. For example in my hill run I see myself encountering and enjoying the physical symptoms of running up and down steep hill (stage 1) then I see myself at completion and enjoying the feeling (stage 2). Stage one change’s a lot for my long term snapshots, as new hurdles arise each one I address becomes my stage one snapshot, every time I visualize a stage one snapshot I immediately follow up with a stage 2 snapshot to give competing this hurdle a longer term meaning, clarity and intention.

For me this shows just how important it is to be aware of what I think and what I am asking others to think about, since suggestive remarks to other and repetitive thoughts of my own can affect the results of life’s outcomes for me and those around me.

Before understanding this I think about studying some exams, now I visualize myself focusing and absorbing the information and passing these exams.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 25 Sep 2006


Get your rocks off

get your rocks off honey


Thanks for your continued work into evolving and improving TTP.

I like the idea of rocks and they seem to resonate more with me than K-nots. I find it easy to imagine the time they were handed to me against my will and the idea of carrying them around and being weighed down by them. I relate to the idea of a family tree of rocks and can picture my father and grandfather all with pockets full of similar rocks. I feel rocks have a natural magnetic force that might draw the carrier of a ‘victim’ rock towards a carrier of a ‘bully’ rock.

Rocks seem more real and less abstract than the idea of K-nots and I feel thinking in these terms will help me identify the areas for me to work on and make it easier for me to focus on them, they are more tangible.

I’m using the song ‘Rocks’ for motivating me to try the new development. (I particularly like the Rod Stewart version).

I’m afraid it might show you were a little behind in your realization that thieves keep thevin’, most probably because of Rocks passed on to them from their thieving parents. As the song suggests, getting their rocks off is the solution. This seems to confirm your ideas and I think you might agree that there Ain’t no use in praying (TTP is all you need)

My trading is getting better, on holiday I read:

The New Market Wizards

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds

Speculation as a fine art and thoughts on life

Pit Bull (Insight to Marty Schwartz a day trader)

I recommend them all to anyone who hasn’t read them, no matter what your investment timescale and ideas, history or level of experience. There is something in them for everyone.

What I get from these books are three main points: History will repeat itself as human traits don’t change. It is possible to trade the markets and come out ahead because history will repeat itself. The best way to trade the markets is to find your own way that suits your own strengths and personality and stick to it.

This last point rings a bell in me. For six years I have a good system that when I follow works. When I stop following it I lose big time over a period of a few months wiping out a quarters good trading and more. Then I go to look at a new system, read a book and try to emulate Ed Seykota or Warren Buffet or Marty Schwartz or some other trader, embark on a new system and make money until I stop following it then lose again.

Now I know I’ve been on the right track for years, my system works for me and if I stick to the rules I have written down I will come out ahead. It’s not my system that is the problem, it’s great and it suits me and has a proven track record. Sticking to it is the problem and hopefully TTP will help me to dissolve the k-nots that stop me doing this.

Thanks for your site, I find it hard to commit to a tribe at the moment and this annoys me when I pass up the chance to come to Cambridge and have Charles Faulkner a stones throw from me (In the context of the world) and don’t do anything to help me join the tribe down there. These problems are slowing going away through reading FAQ's.

I realize I am scared to be rich, to stand out and to realize the dreams I’ve always held.

I’m working on it.



Lyrics and Music by

Gillespie, Young, Innes

Dealers keep dealin'
Thieves keep thievin'
Whores keep whorin'
Junkies keep scorin'
Trade is on the meat rack
Strip joints full of hunchbacks
Bitches keep bitchin'
Clap keeps itchin'

Ain't no use in prayin'
That's the way it's stayin', baby
Johnny ain't so crazy
He's always got a line for the ladies
(yeah, yeah, yeah)

Get your rocks off
Get your rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtown
Get your rocks off
Get you rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtown

Creeps keep crawlin'
Drunks keep fallin'
Teasers keep teasein'
Holy joes are preachin'
Cops keep bustin'
Hustlers keep hustlin'
Death keeps knockin'
Souls are up for auction

Ain't no use in prayin'
That's the way it's stayin', baby
Johnny ain't so crazy
He's always got a line for the ladies
(yeah, yeah, yeah)

Get your rocks off
Get your rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtown
Get your rocks off
Get you rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtown

Thank you for sharing your process.

Thu, 21 Sep 2006


Site Down

Hi Ed !

several regulars notice the www.tradingtribe.com  site returns an oops message from DoDaddy this morning.





Website down for 2 days. Is this permanent or is there a change of address?

See: Site Down