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April 1 - 10, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Mon, 10 Apr 2006


Weight Loss Reply to -

Feelings Between Me and Losing Weight
April 5th

Physically I have found that I have more energy and rarely am I actually hungry. I also notice that the pain I have in my left knee from a basketball injury I sustained many years ago is less pronounced when I work out.

The primary feelings that come up in opposition to my intention are frustration and overwhelm. I feel frustrated that my progress in the program is not quicker. I also have the feeling of being overwhelmed. It takes time to exercise and I find it a bit overwhelming to work out each day and still accomplish everything else I need to do.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Lots of Paper


can indicate unwillingness

to experience overwhelm.



Clip: http://www.passionfire.com/


Mon, 10 Apr 2006


Progress Report: Snapshots

Hi Ed,

I want to share my recent progress. Two meetings ago I present my snapshot to the group. While presenting I have a feeling that reminds me of standing in front of class when I am about 10 years old.


I am giving a presentation and I put a lot of effort into the presentation. When I stand in front of the class I don't present the material well because I feel embarrassed.


I don't want others to judge me so. Other tribe members point out that I am not really presenting my snapshot, I just hold it up and say "this is my snapshot". I take the hot seat and really get into the feeling of not wanting to present my work and not wanting to clarify to others what I want. After my hotseat I feel good but not spectacular, I am not aware of a big aha.

On my way home I realize what I really want: I want to be free to use my full potential. I want to be free of self-imposed limitations. I feel good about having this realization and intend to create a new version of my snapshot. I am not complete on this, however I notice following positive changes in my life:

- I meet my ex-girlfriend out for dinner. I realize I am done with her, and tell her that I care about her a lot and that I am moving on. I end our date right after dinner even though we have further plans. (we break up a year ago, but now I feel free for the first time)

- Without planning on it, I go grocery shopping and buy a bunch of healthy food. I have an issue of going out to eat a lot and choosing unhealthy food. Without consciously trying to change, I stop eating unhealthy food and start eating nutritious food, just like how I want to for a while already. I feel more energetic. I also don't overeat anymore.

- My relationship with my current girlfriend improves: I have a great time when I am with her, I don't have a desire to meet other women.

- My trading account makes consecutive new highs since the meeting.

- I complete the development and back-testing of my trend-following trading system and start trading the system.

I am very thankful to my tribe for supporting me and you for sharing you wisdom.

I also thought of a possible way to improve the snapshot process. I am planning on experimenting with it at our next meeting:

Once we finish the re-drawing of the snapshot (after the first round of challenging), the presenter takes the hot-seat right after the tribe is done challenging his snapshot. This gives him the opportunity to experience any feelings that might come up during the snapshot process while he is still very hot. Once the presenter finishes his hotseat and makes a short-term commitment, the next tribe member presents his snapshot for the second time of the meeting.

Thank you for sharing your process. 

Mon, 10 Apr 2006


Follow-Up on April 4

Dear Sir:

You are correct in your appreciations, diagnosis and response to my previous, manipulative email.

I feel a window of opportunity is open, and I'm starting a tribe with a colleague friend of mine.

I apologize for attacking  you in that, and other previous emails. I can now see some of the ways how I create this junk in my (lonely and frustrating) life.

With warm regards and apologies.


Thank you for sharing your process.


I do not consider your send to be an attack - as much as an opportunity to encourage you to be just the way you are, even more so.




In TTP We Learn to Not Plug In


to the sender's dramas


by supporting the sender

to be just the way he is

and isn't.


Clip: http://plug-me.crush-me.net/plugdude1.gif

Mon, 10 Apr 2006


Pounding the Dollar


I see you have updated the website to show details of workshop, I am interested in coming however I see you require payment in the form of a cheque in US Dollars,


I do not have a dollar account, can I send a sterling cheque for £1,450, should fx £/$ move to your disadvantage I would be happy to send another cheque to cover any cost.



The Early Bird rate is $2,499.


For persons who cannot convert from £ to $, I am willing to accept a cheque for £2,499 in lieu.


I also have a 5-ounces-of-gold plan for barter-basis enrollees.



You Can Have Any Thing You Want


if you are willing to do

what it takes to get it.



Clip: http://www.webdesignbuilders.co.uk/pricing.htm

Mon, 10 Apr 2006


Interesting Point

Dear Ed,

The psychological issue that you address with your site is a complete deviation from all of the "in your face" holy grail trading sites and products, that the investing consumer is constantly bombarded with.


I remember seeing you once in Toronto in the 90's and someone stood up and asked you where you thought gold would be. Your answer stunned the crowd and disappointed them as you replied: "I don't know".

Boy we're they disappointed when we were heading back to the office. But having read market wizards, I began to realize that one could not predict the future outcome of an event. I therefore chuckled when you gave your response because I understood.


And no matter how many times i kept telling the guys, they wouldn't listen. 99% of all of the guys in that room still trade the same way. And they still unfortunately experience the drama of the market. I on the other hand decided to follow success and I discovered that I would rather be boring and profitable rather than have sizzling stories of defeat, just as you explained in your TT site that losers continue to loose because they want to loose.

I wonder if there's a correlation between you defining the emotional attributes of a human's feelings and how this preparation is necessary to succeed in the market and one's faith in a single divinity.


If a human can change and balance life by avoiding living it at opposite ends of the spectrum, and only lives his life by doing acts of kindness, would the outcome be any different?

The  process of experiencing  feelings seems essential to a rich and fully expressive life.




TTP Seems Consistent with Most Religions.


and seems to help

people from one religion

accept people from others.



Clip: http://www.uuwausau.org/Images/



Sun, 9 Apr 2006


XML Source

See: Stock Scan

hello Ed, thanks for your reply. XML / txt file would
be great.

My trading thus far this year has been going good. I have not taken any profits yet. Last year was a good year in the sense I learned how to trend follow with no emotions when going up / down. I have made lot of trades with small losses and few where I have significant profits to offset the losses. This year, I am trying to do some improvements to my picks.

My program {written in perl} only searches for stocks making highs and only gets into them after a retracement. I am still fine tuning the process but hopefully I will have better picks this year.

From your chart scans, I see stocks which are not at highs {which are not in my list} ... so I want to apply my techniques to them also.


Sun, 9 Apr 2006


Weight Loss Reply to April 1 Post

Effects of a Support Team



The primary benefit of having a support team and the effect that team has on me sticking to the program is they/you hold me accountable.


There have been times during the program where I have wanted to over eat or binge, but I have refrained from doing so because I knew it would have a negative impact on the progress that I report each Saturday.


Making a public declaration and having to report my weight each week helps me stay on the program, because I do not want to fail publicly at my intention of losing weight.


Many times in the past I have committed to myself to start the Fit for life program only to fail shortly after beginning. I suppose I find failing privately versus failing publicly different. Perhaps the shame of failing publicly is the driving factor. I may have issues with shame or judgment? Sounds like some good hotseat discussion issues for a tribe meeting.

Thank you and the group for the support you provide. It is greatly appreciated.


Sun, 9 Apr 2006


Philosopher Finds The Zero Point

And so, for the first time in my life perhaps, I took the lamp and, leaving the zone of everyday occupations and relationships where everything seems clear, I went down into my inmost self, to the deepest abyss whence I feel dimly that my power of action emanates. But as I moved further away from the conventional certainties by which social life is superficially illuminated, I became aware that I was losing contact with myself. At each step of the descent a new person was disclosed within me of whose name I was no longer sure, and who no longer obeyed me. And when I had to stop my exploration because the path faded from beneath my steps, I found a bottomless abyss at my feet, and out of it comes - arising I know not from where - the current which I dare to call MY life.

- Teilhard de Chardin



Teilhard De Chardin
1881 - 1955


The Roman Catholic paleontologist thinks about how religion relates to science. He holds both love of God and love of the world.

His most important book, The Phenomenon of Man, is both a scientific and religious classic interpreting the epic of the evolution of Power. It contains an introduction by notable scientist, Sir Julian Huxley, and the Roman Catholics call it as "the most significant achievement in synthetic thinking since Aquinas," this after they forbid him to publish any more of his writings during his lifetime.

He sees the world heading for an exciting convergence of systems, an "Omega point" where the coalescence of consciousness will lead us to a new state of peace and planetary unity.

Teilhard de Chardin passes away ten years before James Lovelock proposes the "Gaia Hypothesis" which suggests that the Earth is actually a living being, a colossal biological super-system.

Chardin holds that the Earth in its evolutionary unfolding, is growing a new organ of consciousness, called the noosphere. The noosphere is analogous on a planetary level to the evolution of the cerebral cortex in humans. The noosphere is a "planetary thinking network" -- an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication.


In these days of the Internet, Chardin might claim the planet is developing her cerebral cortex, and emerging into a self-conscious awakening -  approaching Chardin's the Omega Point.

This convergence however is not to be a convergence of merely minds or bodies -- but of heart, a point Chardin makes most fervently.

"It is not our heads or our bodies which we must bring together, but our hearts ... Humanity ... is building its composite brain beneath our eyes. May it ... find its heart, without which the ultimate wholeness of its power of unification can never be achieved."


Clip: http://noosphere.cc/teilhardmenu.html

Info: http://www.harvardsquarelibrary.org/


Info: http://www.gaiamind.com/Teilhard.html

Sun, 9 Apr 2006


Gun Control

How do you feel about gun control?


I define gun control as: hit the target. For an example, see this (6 Meg Movie).

Sun, 9 Apr 2006


The Urge to Shop

I've been following my eating plan and I'm down a couple of sizes. I find myself wanting to shop. Nothing I have fits anymore.

Spending binges may indicate you're trying to distract yourself. You might consider taking your feelings to your Tribe before you indulge in any more retail therapy.



Shopping, like Eating

can provide necessities


or help to manifest drama.



Clip: http://www.istockphoto.com/



Sun, 9 Apr 2006


Snapshot Process

What is the latest news on the Snapshot Process?

At the Incline Village Trading Tribe, we are working with Snapshots in several key areas.


Our Snapshots represent our overall greater global view of where we are going. 


We use a Challenge Round to share critical feedback and then an Advocate Round to champion each other's Snapshots.


For each Snapshot, we make a commitment to bring some specific evidence of moving toward completion to the next Tribe Meeting.





Sun, 9 Apr 2006


TT Email Response Commitment

Dear Ed,

I feel great now seeing our TT email inbox showing the 32 inquires responded to: 26 about joining us and 6 seeking other TTP information complete.

I now commit to work with my tribe members to create our "Trading Tribe Information Document" by April 27, 2006.

I love this work.

Thanks again for your dedication to following the trend with TTP.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sun, 09 Apr 2006



Chief Ed,

I experiment a lot, and I notice that thinking in SVO-p, using the 3rd person, is pretty darned interesting.

SVO-p/3P seems to create some special effects. It may be a useful innovation, which advances the work. Please comment on this concept.

I wonder if you are willing to provide examples of SVO-p/3P along with your experience of using it.


BTW: "is pretty darned interesting" is in passive voice.




R2D2 and 3CPO


practicing SVOP-p/3P




Sat, 8 Apr 2006


Big and Small

Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida has put up a very interesting page on their site. It begins as a view of the Milky Way Galaxy viewed from a distance of 10 million light years and then zooms in towards Earth in powers of ten. 10 million, to one million, to 100,000 light years and then it finally reaches a large Oak tree. If ever there was a witness to creation, these folks have captured it for our viewing pleasure!  Once you click on the site, the software does all the work. Sit back and imagine how perfect our universe is! You can play it forward and backward to be amazed over and over. At the end it says AUTO - click on that and review the process in reverse!



Hmmm ... I wonder if you could look inside a quark and find another universe.

Sat, 8 Apr 2006


Stock Scan

Hello Ed,

Got a small request. I have a program which scans
certain sites for stock highs/lows/etc and use the
retrieved information in my program to get my buy
list. I would like to scan your charts page for the
same. Right now the page source has the following for each of the charted stock:

<p align="center">&nbsp;</p><p align="center"><img
border = "0" src="1.gif"></p>

possible you could change the source to something

<p align="center">&nbsp;</p><p align="center"><img
border = "0" src="GNT.gif"></p>

basically change the number.gif to symbol.gif

The Charts link, above leads to gif stock-chart images and, at this time, no additional high / low information.


The current generic numerical format facilitates my uploading a new chart series each day, without having to re-generate an associating instrument-specific html file.


I can more easily provide a flat list of the stock symbols in either .txt or .xml format.


Perhaps you might like to share the way you intend to use the information to make decisions and how your trading is going.

Sat, 8 Apr 2006


Chart Too Big




My weight this morning is 246lbs. Attached is the chart in gif format. I am having trouble sizing it to 250 X 250.



Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider reporting your feelings about down-sizing your gif file - and if they are similar to those about downsizing yourself.


Sat, 8 Apr 2006


Cambridge Workshop, Breathwork and Tribe Listing

Hello Ed,

the [City] tribe is alive. We are six members and meeting every other week.  I saw the announcement of the workshop in Cambridge on FAQ and want to confirm that [Name] and I are attending the workshop.  I would also like to attend the Breathwork weekend.

All the best.

See the Workshop link, above for information on Cambridge.  To post a listing for your Tribe, see the Directory link, above. 

Fri, 7 Apr 2006


Stock Investors Can buy Oil on Monday

Hi Ed !

New oil ETF begins trading Monday. The symbol is USO.

For a contrary opinion on the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) for gold symbol: GLD, see:



Fri, 7 Apr 2006


Stock Pick - see earlier

PEIX is up + 20 % since my purchase two days ago. Yay !

You might consider taking all your feelings about this stock, before during and after purchase, right up until now, to your Tribe as entry points.




PEIX through Friday April 7, 2006


(two days after purchase)



Fri, 7 Apr 2006


IVTT Application


I'd like to apply for Membership in the Incline Village Trading Tribe. I am complete on the Workshop requirement and I commit to regular attendance beginning April 27th and continuing until at least the
end of September.

Welcome to the Incline Village Trading Tribe.

Thu, 6 Apr 2006


Catching up on Email: Responding to an Applicant

Copy of a Letter from [City] Tribe Leader


My apologies for getting behind in email. Thank you for the inquiry.

We find the tribe is a very intense experience, and part of that dynamic is willingness to participate by each member. There never has been such a thing as an observer. A way to begin observing is reading Ed's FAQ's on his web site, and perhaps his book. From that you can see if it would be a good fit for you. Once you are intellectually familiar with the theory of TTP, have read the testimonials, and feel a personal need to engage in this process of self-discovery, let me know and we could explore your participating.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Thu, 6 Apr 2006


Wants Futures Charts



You’re a futures trader, yet all the trading tribe charts you show are all stocks. You title it “Stocks in Up-Trends”, how about adding “Futures in Up-Trends”?

Good Catch.  Keep your eye on the Charts link.

Thu, 6 Apr 2006

Request for DVD’S

Dear Ed,

I notice your “radiation snapshot” which is a picture of you and others broadcasting TTP to the world. I also notice you occasionally mention and encourage taking TTP into other communities like doctors, lawyers, politicians. I fully support both of these goals -- and similar goals. I view the Tribe techniques as extremely powerful and worthy of far more common use. I make my own efforts here locally to attract more members and tell other communities about TTP.

In my opinion, video of Tribe processes is the best, cheapest and easiest to create means of teaching others how to do Tribe processes. TTP videos on DVD would be useful to:

1) Demonstrate and explain what the TTP is to prospective members and to other entire “communities” – such as the medical, therapeutic, legal, scientific, academic, political, etc.

2) Teach new Tribe members how to do the various processes correctly, powerfully and confidently. Make it much easier for startups and small tribes to recruit new members and become competent receivers and willing senders.

3) Allow you to more easily and quickly teach new Tribe processes worldwide.

I am of course very aware that TT culture values confidentiality, anonymity and “what happens in the tribe stays in the tribe”, etc. However, if the commitment is there and if any obstructing feelings are taken to the Hotseat, perhaps that present culture could be transformed into one which better supports tribe growth.

It is possible to create excellent DVD’s that protect the privacy of anyone who remains concerned about that.

There are probably many Trading Tribe members who would be very willing and even honored to be associated with the Trading Tribe and Ed Seykota by means of being featured on a “How To” video documentation of the TT Process.


You would not need to put the entire IVTT membership on camera or even have them present at a video session if some individuals chose to stay off camera. Probably the only person whose face needs to be seen clearly is Hotseat. It is of course important that the words of the process manager be heard clearly – especially how he says them.

I must respectfully disagree with the notion that the only effective means of teaching the process is in person. I and many others have learned a lot just reading the website and then the book. Video is exponentially more effective for teaching something like TTP than reading text. A DVD is also much cheaper, faster and easier to produce than a book. You only need to create a few at a time and with DVD’s you can easily keep up with improvements to the Tribe processes which are frequent lately.

Too many people today simply do not read with skill and are used to learning from video. Even when a person does read well, watching a video to learn something like the TT Process, you can see and hear aspects of voice quality, emotion, attitude, enthusiasm, timing, pace, intensity, facial expressions, body postures, Forms, etc. It is also relatively simple for you to edit “footage” of Tribe processes with additional explanations and comments by you, to increase the teaching power of the final (DVD) product.

Showing a video to prospective members of a tribe has “entertainment value” to a prospect. It is simply easier to watch a video than to read a transcript or a report. One learns more and can watch the process over and over until it is easy to do it correctly and with confidence.

Your recent notice indicates that FAQ’S has 50,000 visitors per month from 130 countries.

However, as you often say Ed, the Trading Tribe Process works when people do the process in a competent Tribe, not from reading the website.

As of Jan. 26, 2006 the Tribe Directory lists 26 tribes worldwide - actually holding meetings.

Total membership (in viable Tribes) is only 127 people worldwide.

Breaking it down there are 17 “W” tribes (lead by a Workshop graduate) with 90 members total (5.3 average).

There are 9 “Non W” tribes with 37 members total (4.1 average).

There are 21 Startups listed – 3 of these are “W’s”.

There are also 13 listings “in the gray” or about to be removed from the Directory. Before Jan 2006, many other Startups die and are removed from the Directory without ever becoming a viable tribe.

(Since Jan 26, the number of people in Tribes and Tribes themselves has probably increased somewhat.)

While the number of people who visit your website is impressive, is the number of people currently in tribes anywhere near equally impressive?

One of my intentions and goals is not just for there to be exponentially more tribes and more members but also for the Trading Tribe Processes to be used by and powerfully influence the therapeutic and healing communities and many other “communities” besides traders.


You hint in FAQ’s several times that you have this desire too. You (and all of us) are developing a powerful and wonderful thing Ed.


I ask you to seriously consider sharing it with the world and teaching it to the world in a more efficient and effective way -- by using video on DVD format.

TTP, like playing music or making love, involves the full intention of heart and soul, as well as mastery of technique.


In all these cases, and more, direct personal contact and lots of practice tend to promote proficiency.


If you feel strongly about producing a training DVD, you might consider sending me one of your own Tribe - for possible distribution on this site.


Meanwhile, you might consider taking your feelings about wanting to impress people to your Tribe as an entry point.




Cheap, Easy and Fast


is not always so

cheap, easy and fast.



Cheap: http://www.cheryllavender.com/



Thu, 6 Apr 2006


Advertising the Tribe to Get Members

Ed -

This is a flier that I have used in the past in an attempt to interest people locally in the Tribe. Maybe, you will find it of interest.

This version is tweaked for Traders - there are only two trading firms in my city.

I have another version that is tweaked for therapists, counselors, healers, etc. An area of interest for me.

A few people have expressed interest, but no new members have resulted so far.


see the flier

Thank you for sharing your process.


Your results (slow growth) are consistent with trying to "sell" the Tribe. 


You might consider taking the feeling of wanting to make people want to join up - to your Tribe as an entry point.


Tribes grow by receiving applicants, not by convincing them.


Say an applicant shows says:

Well, it seems interesting and maybe a bit intense for me.


You might consider avoiding sending per:


No, it's not too intense.  It's actually really mellow.


And get back into receiving mode, with:


Thanks for telling me that.  You feel it might be too intense"



Some Attempts to Promote Growth


can lead to a wash-out.




Clip: http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/


Thu, 6 Apr 2006


[City] Tribe Leader Takes Responsibility

Dear Ed,

I, the [CIty] Tribe Leader, realize I am fully responsible for our trading tribe's correspondence not being responded to until now. When I took over last November, I asked for a volunteer to handle it because I didn't want to deal with it. But I fail him, you, our tribe, and those writing by not checking in and seeing if he needed support until last week. I know he wants to do it. But his trading progress continues to take precedence. In my check-in call last night with him, we agree that for now it's my job.

I apologize and commit to respond to all the emails in our in-box by Wednesday, our next tribe meeting, with the above message. Thereafter, I commit to reply within two weeks to new ones.

I love the TTP.

You might consider noticing that I, too, am responsible for the correspondence - as is everyone else in the world. 


I am reaffirming my own intention to run a competent outfit by upgrading the Tribe registration requirements.

Thu, 6 Apr 2006




I correct my mistake in my TTID ... I feel shock of my stupidity.

You might consider taking your feelings of shock to your Tribe as an entry point.




A Positive Intention of Shock


is to help keep us out of trouble.



Shock in a k-not

can lead to electrifying experiences.



Clip: http://random.average-bear.com/img/shock-50_2005-08-06-19-46-27.jpg

Wed, 5 Apr 2006


Weight Loss Chart

Attached is the chart in GIF format as I committed to provide.

Thanks for your support and I hope all is well.



I wonder how you are feeling and, in particular, what feelings come up in opposition to your intention.

Wed, 5 Apr 2006



I wonder if you know of any countries that are
successfully implementing Libertarian policies?

Libertarian policies are by nature incompatible with the growth of government. 


At some point during the growth of a small Tribe or Community, it finds it can no longer accommodate "one person sending at a time."


It begins to divide into sub-groups and centralize some functions for "convenience" or for "efficiency."  The people at the center initially view themselves as supporters and coordinators of the sub-groups.


Soon, however, they succumb to the temptation to implement policies that favor increasing their own central power rather than supporting the sub-groups. 


These policies develop various twists such as "screwing from the right" and "screwing from the left."  The former tends to appeal to people with fear k-nots; the latter, to people with guilt k-nots;


Libertarianism, that favors a reduction in central authority and a return to local autonomy, is incompatible with the ever-increasing gravitational pull of the center. 


In the late states, society implodes toward total central control and then collapses. Screams and warnings from fearful Libertarians confirm the realization of totalitarianism.


This is the "slippery slope" toward totalitarianism.  I do not know of a case of this trend ever reversing.


As a Trend Follower, I bet on the trend continuing.  As a naive idealist, I'd like to help turn it around.


One problem with the Libertarian Party is that it tries to be what it can never be: namely, a Political Party. 


If such a Party really intends to succeed it might rather assume the form of countless Parties, each one a community of people that gets together regularly to help each other stay clear.






To Find Yourself On This Chart


take the tests, below.



To trace the typical evolution of societies,


start at the red dot

and keep moving down

any path you like.



Clips & Short Quiz: http://www.self-gov.org/quiz.html

Long Test: http://www.bcaplan.com/cgi/purity.cgi

Wed, 5 Apr 2006


Stock Pick

Hi Ed !

This morning I bought PEIX at 23. Now 25.25. I note it is on your long-term chart page.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider reporting how you feel about the transaction


In particular, you might notice the extent to which the feeling of wanting to be right, in a big way, right away is an important form relating to staying in position over the long-term.




K-Nots about Persistence

and Following Rules

and Honoring Commitments


tend to intertwine.




Clip: http://www.dribbleglass.com/


Wed, 05 Apr 2006


Communication Trading

Chief Ed,

I notice FAQ Ground Rules constitute a complete trading plan for getting long and short incoming FAQ-communications. I see clearly that Ground Rules constitute the trade setup conditions under which the FAQ system may or may not choose to put on a FAQ-communication trade.

I notice that some FAQ-communication trades result in a trade exit. FAQ-communication trade exits take various forms. Typically, these trade exits are usually exits of the total trade size established when the position was established. At times, however, some portion of the original FAQ-communication trade is trimmed, probably to reduce one or more forms of perceived risk to FAQ. In all cases, FAQ-communication trade exits have the effect of immediately reducing FAQ-portfolio heat.

I notice that total liquidation of FAQ trades are often abrupt, and characterized by a sudden expansion of outgoing FAQ-communication volume, and range. These final-exit FAQ trading events may be (and often are) preceded by what appears to be a high-probability narrowing of incoming and outgoing FAQ-communication range, frequency and volume on a per-position basis. Such narrowing is often a very good indicator of impending range, frequency and volume expansion.

I notice that FAQ from time to time re-establishes all-new positions in earlier FAQ-communication trades, whose entry setup or trend may have failed, or may have otherwise signaled a trade exit.

I notice the FAQ-communication trading system has a long bias, but that FAQ does actually engage in short sales of incoming FAQ-communications, from time to time. I notice these trades are very rare, and are often characterized by a sudden and immediate spike in outgoing and incoming FAQ-communciation volatility.

I notice that most FAQ-communication positions tend to trend, with an upward bias, and exhibit low volatility.

I notice that the holding period of typical FAQ-communication trade positions tend to be long-term, and often span several years.




I notice also that FAQ quite often commits more FAQ-account equity to FAQ-communication positions that develop strong and robust trending characteristics. This may or may not increase FAQ portfolio heat, depending on the volatility (and other characteristics) of the trading instrument.

You might consider providing a personal example of your theory along with how you feel about it.

Wed, 05 Apr 2006


Neil Young

Dear Ed,

Its really great to see that you're a Neil Young fan!!!

Yes, I respect and admire people who commit to their work and put in the effort to succeed - in music, and in other areas.

Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Phone TTP &

The Rest of the Story

I just got off the phone with a dear friend and Tribe Leader in another State, over 1000 miles away. He is in a state of semi-bliss over the last few months since becoming involved with TTP.


However, today is a tough day for him, and we discuss it over the phone. He knows I do not judge him; I consistently provide a Field of Encouragement through my friendship (paraphrase). During today's deep conversation about life's "normal" stresses he begins to experience Forms on his end of the phone.


His legs tap, his back tenses up, his arm swings back and forth. He informs me it has been going on for about two minutes, and that something I said that he strongly related to brought the Forms about.


I encourage him to go with it -- to get into what / where he is feeling. His forms lead into nausea and he feels a strong urge to vomit. After vomiting and heaving multiple times, he again feels "something" in his back and revisits the form.


Once he fully follows through with this Form, he is at the Zero Point, and thanks me for supporting him in his process. The entire process lasted less than five minutes.

It feels great on my end, knowing I assisted a close friend help himself through a particularly tough day.



 --- The Rest of the Story ---

[ This is the other side of the experience related in the previous FAQ submission today, by ... my Receiver.]

Dear Chief Seykota,

Had an unusual experience today, that I'd like to relate.

Was VERY stressed for the first time in a long time -- way too much to do, things coming at me from every angle, and dealing with a lot of stuff that brings up feelings I dislike. And I was really hot.

This afternoon, I was on the cell phone with a dear friend who is also experienced in TTP, and while he was sharing his own experiences in dealing with stress and anxiety, I consciously noted how nice it is that he didn't judge or criticize me, when I was venting, only a few moments before.

Out of nowhere I felt a form across my back, and tensed, and doubled over, and started shaking my right arm, and silently went at it for about two minutes while I listened, before saying,- Hey man, I'm doin' a Hot Seat - do you mind Receiving?

He cheered me on, as I vaguely described what was happening, with as little chatter as possible. He was a good Receiver, and gently process managed at the same time.

I kept it up, and really got into the forms that arose (lots of stretching and tightening and face scrunching.) When I thought I was near completion, the nausea hit (I've mentioned in previous ends that this is a recurring form), and I experienced that, to the fullest.

Then I sat down, exhausted, and we talked for a minute -- actually, he process managed -- and I felt some residual stuff in my back, and chest, and at his urging did more of that, and did my best to integrate the forms a minute or two later, as I neared completion.

As with most Hot Seats, I was left feeling slightly shaky, and clammy, but also much calmer.

Within a short time I noticed a complete change in state, as the stress largely dissipated.

The results feel just like regular post Hot Seat bliss, and an hour or two later, I catch myself walking around the house with a smile on my face, which is pretty normal for me, these days.

Not suggesting this as a substitute for regular Tribe participation; in fact, I would not have been attuned enough to my feelings for this episode to have occurred, without regular Tribe participation over the past many months.

But today's spontaneous phone session was highly effective, and I would not hesitate to do it again, or act as a Receiver, under similar circumstances.

We found out that, even if the setting is unconventional, TTP works, and is powerful. It has enhanced my life in more ways than I can count.

Thank you.

Very nice.  Thank you for sharing your process.




Come Here Watson


I want to work out a form.






Tue, 04 Apr 2006


Double Dog Dare


With deepest respect I humbly submit my thoughts for your consideration.

This communication is being inspired from within, and is the result of an insight and intention in the moment that is directing and guiding my actions. I am exhibiting the willingness and courage to follow through with "internal life guidance", regardless of my feelings. In essence, life is saying "Do This" in every moment.

Is it possible that if we focus our attention on the moment, and surrender our will to the insight and direction from within, and follow through with directed action, while finding safe and healthy ways to completely express accompanying emotions, life will provide for us in ways greater than we can provide for ourselves? I believe this may be true.

Is it possible? There is only one way to find out, and to ensure maximum personal growth, each person must experience the result for himself or herself and weigh the consequences honestly.

If success is about clarification of intentions and goal achievement, why are so many people able to repeatedly achieve goals yet still be unhealthy, and feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

I submit for consideration: Are you evolving TTP? Or, is life evolving TTP through you? I believe the seemingly insignificant difference matters.

Would you consider trying for a day the following: Surrender yourself to life (existence) completely. Ignore the past and future, and set aside all of your plans, goals, dreams and desires. With all of your breath, mind, heart, soul and strength, completely give yourself back to the essence and source that created you, life.


Do only what your insight and intuition (in the moment, from within) dictate, even if it is uncomfortable, and you would rather not.


Intellectually you will be able to understand and appreciate the value of the direction. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience should you be willing to play.

I have to warn you to hold on, this is an E ticket ride.

Why questions are invitations to engage the causal model.  You might consider reframing your concern in the system / responsibility model.


I notice you have the insignificant difference doing the mattering.  You might consider re-writing in SVO-p, per: I feel strongly about the difference between A and B - and then tell about your feelings.


At the Zero Point, surrendering to the flow, realizing intentions as results and taking the E Ticket Ride all converge.




E-Coupon, Formerly E-Ticket


Walt Disney's thing for trains

evolves into train-theme Disneyland

where an E-Ticket originally gets you

onto any ride in the park.


These days you can get

an eTicket on-line

to see a Disney Movie.



Clip: http://www.perrific.com/disney/


Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Tharp, Trading, and Marketers

Dear Sir:

I liked the way you dealed with Van Tharp in your FAQ responses.

You might also consider adding a chapter to your TT site about your own personal experiences with Trading.  Otherwise, you might consider amending your site title to faggot-Tribe.

I want to think I'm wrong about you, but your similarities to useless marketers like Tharp are striking.

I guess birds of a feather flock together.

With sad regards.


Thank you for providing an excellent example of manipulative language.


Your liked and dealed  (dealt ?) are both in past tense. Liked indicates you are hiding your feelings now.  Perhaps (guessing from your tone) you are feeling frustration or anger now. 




FAQ does not claim to deliver trading advice or get-rich schemes.  Indeed, from the FAQ Main Page:


The Trading Tribe is an association of people who commit to excellence, personal growth, and supporting and receiving support from each other.


The members of the Trading Tribe trade roles, becoming, in turn senders and receivers for each other.




I do not see how you derive the term, faggot from this site, either in its sense as a bundle of sticks or in its vulgar slang sense.  Likely it is your own projection. You might consider examining your feelings about this term.




Per similarities ... are striking:  Here, your passive phrasing is obscure.  You do not identify the properties that you claim Van and I share.


Passive voice is typically the refuge of persons who wish to project frustration without taking responsibility doing so.




You don't tell your basis for your guess, and what alternative  you might have, or what particular feathers associate the birds you cite or to which flock you assign them.




If you wish to continue using manipulative language, and hiding your feelings you might consider avoiding SVO-p,  personal growth and both Van's and my books and web sites.


Your behavior is consistent with someone who has shallow, manipulative relationships and who lives a relatively lonely and frustrating life.


If you wish to get on the path toward Right Livelihood, You might consider implementing SVO-p in your language and joining a Tribe.




People Who Have Something to Hide

 typically head for the past


SVO-p supports taking responsibility

and staying in the now.



Clip: http://folk.uio.no/tfredvik/g35/hiding.html

Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Wipe Out

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I have one problem.


My whole trading career is the same.


For example: double my stake then wipe out, tenfold then wipe out, 200% plus then wipe out, etc. Most of the time I am wiped.


This cycles are counterproductive and I do not understand, why I do not have the discipline to follow the only “law of nature” for success in trading to set stops (for a longer period of time).


Could meditation with a stop-loss Mandala be the answer? Do you have an idea?

Thank you for your time.

You might consider taking the forms you experience around your trading cycle to your Tribe as entry points.




The Wipeout


is just one of many stops

around the trading cycle.



Clip: http://home.earthlink.net/~mikerider/


Tue, 04 Apr 2006


Breathwork Weekend


With your approval, I am interested in attending the upcoming Breathwork workshop. I understand that space may be limited.

See the Sign-Up requirements, above.

Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Van Tharp on the Money


Your response to Tharp's email on Mar 29 (in the FAQ) was fantastic. His book is good to read but didn't help my results much - too theoretical. I'm sure he is a good guy but your answer was on the money.

OK.  FAQ does not recommend for or against Van Tharp, or anyone else for that matter.  In this case, I am responding to a direct request from Van to provide information for his book.



Tue, 4 Apr 2006



I finish reading "The Trading Tribe." I learn much, and I commit to participate/form tribe and learn more.

One question concerning "Intentions = Results," and "Responsibility."


I can understand that all of us on this planet are interrelated, and my actions affect all others. What I don't understand, as an example, is how a woman and her child near the Tsunami struck areas are in any way responsible for their fate, nor had any intention of the consequential results.

Your thoughts, please.

Finally, would starting a tribe within my own family (wife and 4 young children, provided they show intentions), be less likely to work as well as working with people we have not yet met? I ask this not due to unwillingness to meet others, but speed up the process until others eventually join our tribe.

Thank you.

P.S. I did not make myself clear. Even though I have not yet participated in a Tribe meeting (but intend to), I would like to form a tribe, and ask that you post my listing.

You seem to be interpreting the word "Responsibility" according to the Causal Model.  In that model, we ask if the woman in responsible in the sense of being the cause, being guilty or being someone (even herself) can blame.


In the system model we notice that in order to perish in the wave, the woman has to be in the immediate vicinity at the time of its occurrence.


Furthermore, we all have to do-operate in order for to be in that situation. 


For example, you and I choose to spend $Billions on the Mid East War rather than on as effective early Tsunami warning system.


Large-Community policies, such as how to spend federal money are not likely to change until citizens become willing to take responsibility for the situation and to experience their embarrassment, fear, sadness and disgust about the way the system works.



Some People Realize They are Responsible

for People Perishing in the Ocean


Others seem to float

somewhere above the realization



Clip: http://www.compulsiveeating.com/


Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Very Low Cap Stocks Off the List



I am looking at the charts page on your web site. I like the way the new filter for the daily charts eliminates a lot of the more thinly trading issues. I feel willing to trade more of these new selections than I do the old selections.

Yes. The filter now includes a simple low-cash-flow filter.  Cash Flow = Price * Volume.

Mon, 3 Apr 2006




In your new TID you claim that one of the recent member successes is “Trading is more systematic, less compulsive”.

As a systematic mechanical trader, how can you trade compulsively? Wouldn’t that mean your not following your system?

You also state that “Trading is more profitable”. Again if you’re following your system, how can you be more profitable?

I’m a discretionary trader, and I deal with feelings around compulsion, especially when I’m in a drawdown, and I find my trading is more profitable when other areas of my life are in harmony.


Trading a systematic mechanical system seems to me not to have any of those traits, you’re either following your system or your not, and it’s either in a drawdown or it’s not.

TTP tends to move people away from compulsive behavior and toward effective, systematic behavior.




The Compulsive Cycle


Includes a succession of forms that

precipitate each other in a repetitive loop.


To break the cycle,

you can untie the k-nots

that support the forms.


The traditional approach

of using will power

to overcome the cycle

simply does not work.


The will power phase

is just another form

that occurs along the cycle.



Clip: http://www.compulsiveeating.com/


Tue, 4 Apr 2006


Cambridge Workshop


what are the requirements for attending and are you delivering the July 21 Cambridge workshop?
thank you


See the link, above.

3 Apr 2006


$3 Million Ferrari  ==> Scrap

The California driver only had some bruising ( from the seat belt ) and 2 small cuts.









He might consider making sure his dad is in a good mood before asking for the keys to the Rolls.

Mon, 3 Apr 2006


In a Rut

Mr. Seykota,

Please provide me with some guidance if you can.

I have been trading full time for a number of years. During that time, I slowly watched both my trading capital and my confidence diminish.


My present trading strategy, which I have gradually improved and refined over a considerable length of time, is quite reliable and profitable, as determined by both back testing and forward testing.


However, I seem to have finally come upon it at a time when I have lost my nerve to trade.


There is nothing else I would rather do, and I have given several years of my life to this pursuit. I think how nice it would be if only I now had the confidence I had when I first started trading, or if I had only come upon my present trading strategy before both my account and confidence took such a beating.


I realize that such “if only” thoughts are just wasted energy, and I try not to dwell on them. Even so, I am like the burned cat that fears a stove even when it is not quite so hot anymore, or like a beaten dog that cringes at a friendly hand that wishes only to pet it.


Could you please suggest a way that I can get out of my rut and on with my life? I have lost my momentum, and I can’t seem to get it back. Perhaps a few well-chosen words could get me started in the right direction. I can’t think of them for the life of me and was hoping that you might.

Thank you for your consideration.

TTP does not attempt to "fix" you or change you.  It supports you in untying k-nots by assisting you in experiencing, ultimately enjoying the feelings you are avoiding.


You might consider taking your feelings of being in a rut to your Tribe as an entry point.



Sometimes the Way Out of a Rut


is to get into a bigger rut.


Clip: http://www.wmconnolley.org.uk/diary/



Sun, 2 Apr 2006

New Directory Format

Hi Ed,

I have some problems with the new Tribe Directory format, don't know if anyone else has tried using this yet.

1) Example of an MS_Word Tribe Information Document for Incline Village: Incline Village, Nevada is underlined as though it were a link, but clicking on it is ignored.

2) The new listings (California: Orange County), (Nevada: Incline Village), (Illinois: Chicago) do not include any info on how to contact these tribes. The listing IS underlined on my screen. If this info is in a "linked document", I cannot tell how to locate that document since clicking on the link has no results.

Perhaps it's just me - I am a programmer and don't own or have a use for MS-Word, although I do have WordPad and that has always worked well enough previously to communicate effectively.

Perhaps your "Trusty Word Processor" (FAQ Mon, 17 May 2004) could run a quick check and see if I am doing something wrong.

The TID (Tribe Information Document) is now in plain text format. See the Directory link, above.

Sat, 1 Apr 2006

I'll give it to you straight

Mr. Seykota,

I read about you in the book Market Wizards and I think that what you've done in the trading arena is absolutely incredible, simply brilliant.

I'll just give it to you straight. My understanding is that you took one of your first 6 clients and turned the $5,000 that they invested into $10,000,000 over a course of 16 years.

Do you still do that? I mean, do you still take people's investments and grow them? Because if you do, I'll tell you what, after May 1st, 2006 I'll have $15,000 in my savings account ready to invest immediately.

If not, do you have anyone that you highly recommend that does what you used to do and is as good as you are?

Yes, I can still do that if you can help me.


In particular, if you can get some money to me in 1972, I can get you a pretty good compound rate since then to the present.


If you want to place funds with me now, I can tell you now (as I recall telling people in 1972) to prepare yourself for substantial drawdowns and to anticipate profits at your own peril.




If You Want Explosive Performance


You may also have to endure

heat, confusion

and other forms of fallout



Clip: http://webs.advance.com.ar/


Sat, 1 Apr 2006


Weight Loss

My weight as of this morning is 247lbs. I intend to have a chart for my next post.

Thank you for sharing your process.  You might consider sharing a few words about the effect of a support team on your sticking to your program.


March 20, 2006: 259

Mar 25, 2006: 251

April 1, 2006: 247

Loss to Date: 12 pounds


Sat, 1 Apr 2006


Snapshot Commitment 

I commit to biking the Tahoe Flume Trail.

I commit to bring to next Tribe meeting a log of daily exercise with at least 30 minutes focused on muscle groups needed for bike ride. Log will include one actual bike ride per week with approximate mileage noted.

Thanks for all the help and support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Note: The Snapshot Process now includes making and keeping interim commitments.




The Tahoe Flume Trail


is fairly technical

and requires skill and stamina


particularly on a unicycle.



Clip: http://www.unicycling.com/muni/


Sat, 1 Apr 2006

I Want to Start a Tribe

[City, Tribe Leader, Email]

I am looking for participants.

Check the Directory link, above, for instructions.

Date: Sat, 1 Apr

Letter to Support Team

As of the first day of April 2006 I report $600K of assets either in my fund's escrow account or in transit to the escrow account. I break escrow and commence fund operations at $750K.

Over the past few weeks I experience a combination of joy at raising roughly twice as much money from my personal network as I previously anticipate, and frustration with the brokerage firm that commits to raise money for my fund and so far does not follow through. I experience these feelings on the hotseat and in everyday life and realize I am, of course, getting what I want.

My agreement with the brokerage firm prompts me to make the commitment to start my fund. I am previously unwilling to make this commitment due to doubts about being able to raise enough money on my own. By talking myself into believing that the firm supports me, I start my fund. A bit of drama there. Now for the magic.

By committing myself to starting a fund and going for it, I find that I am raising the money on my own, albeit more slowly than I had planned. The result is I am raising funds from people that I know and respect and that fully support this endeavor, rather than from brokerage clients that I don't have a relationship with and that might be more likely to bail at the first drawdown. I also don't have to share fees, since these investors are not introduced by a third party. All in all, it feels good and I am happy with the outcome so far.

I plan to continue to pursue my money raising efforts with vigor and raise the remaining $150K to break escrow soon. I am now in the habit of asking just about every qualified person that I speak with to invest in my fund. Don't be surprised if you call or email me and I ask for an investment or a referral to someone that might be interested in making an investment :) My strategies kick butt, my infrastructure is in place, and I want money under management!

My physical fitness program is still on track. I weigh 190 pounds, and I am sticking to my fitness system. I have added bicycling as a fun and healthy outdoor activity.

I plan to continue reporting my progress to my Breathwork support team until I reach $5 million under management. The start has been slow, but momentum is building. I can feel it.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for sharing your process.