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December 11-20, 2005


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Tue, 20 Dec 2005


Wants to Stop Resisting Intimacy


I want to report some recent progress with TTP. 


Through TTP I am becoming aware of a pattern I have.  I am a male and I have a pattern of dating multiple females, allowing each one to think she is special and the only one. I now notice I do not like having to lie all the time (even lying by omission) and I keep getting this feeling there has to be more to life than running around so much. Also, I feel disgust about the way my actions dishonor my friends, and myself, too.  I am just sick of it.


I see many of my male friends in happy marriages and yet I can't seem to get myself in that picture. 


My Tribe is supporting me in keeping a new commitment to tell the truth, including telling my girl friends about each other - and to even go the extra miles to confess past lies.


I am also abstaining for a while. I think all my chasing around is just a way to keep feelings from coming up and now I am ready to deal with the feelings.


One of the feelings is a kind of fear and anxiety and irritation about being close to women, a kind of crawling on my skin, like ants crawling, something like anger, and tightness in my jaw and grinding my teeth, and a kind of hot energy and a creepy feeling up by back.


I plan to take this feeling to my next Tribe Meeting an an entry point. My Tribe is an amazing group of people and I feel a lot of gratitude for the help they are providing me.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Yes, you might consider taking your panic feelings to your Tribe as an entry point.  You might also consider noticing your feelings about other people lying to you.




What lies before me

and what lies behind me

are tiny matters

next to what lies

lie within me.


This Old Saying


is still as true (or false) as ever





Modern Super Heroes Have a Curious Pattern


They seem to prefer celibacy


over intimacy.



Clip: http://fray.slate.com/media/35/


Tue, 20 Dec 2005


Tribe in DC

Hi Ed,

I am listed as the startup in Richmond, VA ...

Would you list my email for DC area as well?


Does the Incline tribe meet on weekends?



Welcome !









Note: If you can get any congressmen into your Tribe, I can personally visit and help you get up and running - and bring helpers.


IVTT meets on Thursdays.

Tue, 20 Dec 2005


Risk Question

Hi Ed,

In your Risk article you say:

Note how for small values of b,

R increases with b(P-1)

and how for large values of b,

R decreases with b2P.


These are the mathematical formulations of the timid and bold trader rules.

How do you define small and large values of R? I put your formulas into an excel sheet to understand this issue better.

Are the points to the left of the maximum R value "small" and to the right "large"? Or do you use the point where b(P-1_ and b^2P cross?
I am not sure if the definition matters, I am just trying to understand the mathematical formulations of the timid and bold trader rules.

Thanks for the great article.

In the formula,


R = 1 + b(P-1) - b2P


b is the bet fraction.  The smallest value is 0.0 or no bet, and the largest value is 1.0 or 100%.


P is the payoff - typically 2:1.


R, the return, is the dependent variable and derives from b and p.


For b = .25 and p = 2.0,


R = 1 + .25(2-1) - .25^2*2

   = 1 + .25 - .125

   = 1.125


The Return is $1.125 for each $1.00 bet.

Mon, 19 Dec 2005


Typo on Workshop Page


I might have spotted a typo! Unusual for me as I can’t really see the ones I make. Here it is. I know you like to keep things accurate.

Until I can make the trip to say this in person, thanks for your work and the opportunity it gave me to help myself and others in turn. I can’t wait to ‘crack’ myself and trading and to help friends and family do the same in different areas of their lives through TTP.

In the New Concepts section on the Workshop page I found what looked to me like a sentence that doesn’t need the ‘a’:

Depression (and other psychological terms) are not a feelings.

Thank you for the catch.

Mon, 19 Dec 2005


Dealing With an Alcoholic Father

Hi Ed,

I want to give you a quick report of our last tribe meeting. As I can recall it is our largest meeting yet: nine members attend.


The two new guys from the previous meeting return and do great work again. Another guy takes the hot seat for the first time and has a little bit of a harder time to get into his forms.


[Name] manages the process for the tribe member who just stops when he gets into his forms. He does better work this time and sticks with some forms even though he does not seem to resolve them. And some point he does not move much but his eyes tear up and his face changes. He looks very scared and helpless.

Another member goes through some changes in his life and takes the hot seat. He starts out with forms he brings to other meetings before. This time he seems to take his intensity level to new highs. At the end of his hot seat he seems balanced and calm.

I take my feelings of riding a winning position to the hot seat. I go through several forms before I end up on the floor, feeling like somebody is choking me. I feel some pressure in my chest and my throat gets very tight. This feeling is very uncomfortable and I keep trying to intensify it. At some point I realize it is my dad who is doing the choking. Finally the feeling is losing intensity and I feel like moving on. I am very exhausted at this point. We take a break.


Later throughout the night as I am receiving other members I feel like hugging everybody and everything I am very accepting of whatever comes up. At some point I think of my dad choking me and I just hug him and then he starts to hug me too.

My dad e-mails me for my birthday a couple of days after the meeting, saying he is very proud of me and he wishes me all the best for the future. His subject reads: "Happy Birthday Little One". This brings up some more emotions I want to take to the tribe. I feel very insulted by him and finally admit to myself that I am very mad at him (I am not sure why I am mad, but it doesn't matter).


I grow up without my dad, my parents get divorced when I am 1 1/2 and I start talking to him a few months ago after we are not in contact for 6 or 7 years. I always told myself that my relationship with my dad never affected me, now for the first time I realize that I f.....g hate him. I feel he is a coward who beats his son and his wife, and doesn't support his other children from another marriage, and in order to deal with it he turns to alcohol. This is new to me and it feels good, I don't feel like I am hiding anything.

At the same time I don't have a problem letting my winning positions ride even if I give a portion of my profits back.

Thank you to my tribe for your support and thank you for your work Ed.

Thank you for sharing your process.





Alcoholics are Skillful


at tying their children up in k-nots.



Clip: http://www.doctorsecrets.com/your-medicine/alcohol-abuse.html


Mon, 19 Dec 2005


Trading Tribe Book Typos

Hi Ed!

Last night I finished reading your book for the second time. My eyes found what might or might not be two needed edits:

1. Page 11 A comma placed after the "including that wanting to know" would make it read better.

2. Page 31 First bullet point: The "is" should be an "are" since "constraints" is plural.

I enjoy your book.

Thank you for the catches.  I am posting your edits to the errata list on the Book page.

Sun, 18 Dec 2005


Benefits of the Freeze

Hi Ed,

Our current meeting at the Incline Village Trading Tribe leads me to a big breakthrough as a direct result of the freeze process.


I take the hotseat with a big issue regarding the dramas that result out of my tendency to be cynical (i.e. go against the trend) which costs me a lot of money as a trader. I sabotage nicely trending positions with the desire to take profits too quickly or even worse to reverse a winning position because 'I know' the market 'should' not be going this high/low and 'surely' the market is 'wrong'.

I ask the process manager permission to start with some of my usual story telling. This is a great way to avoid my actual feelings and the tribe indulge me for a minute or so, but just to get some background information on my issue.


I then get into my feelings with the help of some teasing from the tribe. They provoke me into the feeling of sitting in front of the screen with a recently reversed position as I watch the market scream higher in the direction of my original trade. I know this feeling all too well and inform the process manager that this is a feeling I dislike.


This causes the tribe to jump all over me. My body adopts the form of stretching out, tilting my head back and simultaneously trying to reach out with extended fingers. After a few attempts at holding this form I realize I actually like this feeling. The difference from previous tribe meetings is that the process manager now encourages me to freeze the form at the point of maximum feelings and hold it as long as I can. Freezing is a big change from past hot seats as a freeze allows me to sit right on the edge of the most intense feeling.

After repeating the form several times, having found that I actually like it, the process manager asks me to locate my original feelings of not liking how I feel in this trading situation. Again I come up with a form sitting in front of a screen with the wrong position not liking the feelings involved and again I am encouraged to freeze.

What does it feel like to not want to like the losing position? Like a judgment of a feeling. The feeling of being against the trend, the feeling I have just realized I like.

A big AHA flashes through my mind as I discover I really enjoy the feeling of judging my original feelings. I like feeling 'against the trend' and I like feeling 'judgmental' of that feeling.

The fact I enjoy both feelings puts me in a loop where I create a drama (eg. reverse a winning position) and then get to feel the feeling of not wanting to be in that 'bad' position. The process manager then asks if I am willing to combine the two forms. I combine both enjoyable forms easily and repeatedly do them culminating with an extended freeze.

My final task is to make a commitment to the tribe that reflects the work I do this evening. It is hard for me to verbalize the commitment and various tribe members ask me to repeat my commitment several times. The process manager asks for some sort of physical manifestation rather than just a blanket statement. I commit to honoring the feelings that arise when I am cynical. The tribe say that is non-specific and confusing and ask me to be more specific as well as include a physical manifestation. I commit to take a deep breath to acknowledge when my cynical feelings rise to the surface. I acknowledge through the act of a deep breath that my internal cynical radar is on and stand ready to honor the feelings rather than create a costly drama.

Just before my hotseat sessions ends the process manager takes me through simulations that engage my cynical side. These simulations are used to see if my work on the hotseat is effective. The tribe know me well and easily engage my cynical side. The difference now is that I take the deep breath and acknowledge the feelings and avoid the drama. I end the session with my final checkout to thank the tribe and state that after 2+ years of TTP work this is major breakthrough for me and I feel fantastic.

Thank you for sharing your process and for reporting on the new Freeze Method.




With Contrarians


you may never know


which one is the real contrarian.



Clip: http://www.angelfire.com/art/MKMisol/



Sat, 17 Dec 2005


A Vivid Feeling of Death

Dear Ed,

My wife sits me down and asks me to be prepared. Then she breaks out the news that the doctor says she only has at most a year to live. I am absolutely stunned. For a split moment I don't feel anything. It is like when one has his hand caught at a slamming door - at the instant of impact there is absolutely no feeling. Then after that split second it is absolute pain, through every vein of the body. I feel that. I totally feel that. There is no feeling for an instant, and then there is that total blow right in the chest that totally knocks me out.

Thankfully, it is just a dream. Very, very, very vivid indeed.

What is your view on feelings in dreams? Are they also feelings that I have been suppressing, and Fred engineers this "dramatic dream" for me to experience it? And now that I have experienced it, what then? I can't consciously revisited what the sub-conscious creates. I can't really "have more of that" or "crank it up." After the dream when I am half-awake I did try to revisit those feelings. I can't experience that shock again but I do find myself feeling blessed - blessed that it is only a dream.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

You might consider taking your dream to your Tribe as an entry point.




Fear of Death


can be as terrifying


as fear of life.



Clip: http://www.paintingsthatheal.com/


Sat, 17 Dec 2005


Tribe Feedback

Hi Ed !

Our [City] Tribe meeting continued after midnight. Each of the five members took the hot seat. [Name] went first with an hour and a half of grief over [the death of her dog], and ended her session with the insight that the experience was part of the universal plan at work.


Thank you for the feedback.


TTP can clear deep trauma in one session.  The medical community knows how to extend the treatment process indefinitely.





The Medical Cure For PTSD

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)


begins with

hiring professional medical people


and then continues with

accepting that it takes lots of time

to find a cure.


Clip: http://www.fearofflyingdoctor.com/ptsd.htm

Sat, 17 Dec 2005




Isn't the trading system - experiencing feelings - understanding the mind and vice-versa? If so, please analyse the transformation of understanding into a system ?

I do not understand your question.


Perhaps you might ask some friends to help you rephrase it, so a child might understand it.



Fri, 16 Dec 2005

Tribe Meeting Report


TTP evolves continuously at the IVTT. At our most recent meeting, senders were asked about the situations in their lives which were associated with significant drama or feelings.  They were then asked if they were willing to experience forms associated With those feelings. 


We have found that one important factor in success with TTP is The willingness of the sender to experience forms. 


If the sender is willing, they are asked to do it NOW.  A strong field of positive reinforcement and acknowledgement Is produced by the tribe members (receivers) which allows the sender to reach a level Of experience which may be impossible for most people in any other way.  This Positive Field is likely a major explanation of why TTP works.


After a few iterations of the form or forms, the sender is asked by the process manager to try to freeze the action of the form at its most intense point or moment, and to hold the position and to experience the form maximally.  The sender is asked to stay on the maximum point of the feeling for as long as possible, and even longer.  At this point It is especially important for the field to be at its maximum, as the sender needs this energy to be able to go beyond  normal zones of experience. 


This focus on the maximum point, and the turbo-assist of the receivers, cause the process to be more efficient, and the time required for each hot seat has decreased. 


The process manager asks the sender if she is able to enjoy the form, and if so, coaxes her to enjoy it more.  The tribe can easily notice the moment at which the Sender crosses over from discomfort to enjoyment, as the tension in the body resolves, The face softens, and there may be a smile or laughter.


The PM the asks the sender how she feels about the life situation which is associated with the feelings.  Other forms may then arise, which are processed in a similar manner.  The Sender’s willingness is continually probed. 


This may be important as the sender, who has stated she is willing, is more committed to going deeper.  Commitment to going deeper Seems to be very important to getting the most from the process.


There are usually multiple forms.  The PM asks the sender to put all of the forms together into one form, allowing the body’s intrinsic intelligence to create the seemingly impossible form.  Again the sender is asked to freeze at the maximum point, and eventually to enjoy the form. 


At the zero point, the sender can enjoy the feelings which are brought up by the drama.  Almost always, an AHA results and the sender has a way of dealing with the inciting behavior or situation which she believes is more in line with her right livelihood. 


Recently we have begun to ask the sender at this point if he/she would like to make a commitment to some behavior or action which has been made possible or easier with the AHA.  Most are glad to make some type of commitment.  There is usually discussion with the tribe members to attempt to clarify the commitment so that all understand and can sign off as supporters of this new commitment. 


The opportunity to make a commitment is a powerful new aspect of TTP.  It seems to Bring focus and clarity.  Committing to a new behavior with many supporters can really Help to make a person stronger.


In my own hot seat experience, I was having some strong feelings about being overly Critical and judgmental with my daughters.  I found three forms which I experienced and merged. With the freezing technique, I found that the energy of the feelings I did Not like to experience dissipate almost instantly.  It became hard to locate anything related to the problem.  I was pleasantly surprised; I had crossed over.  Everyone could tell at once.  My hotseat was very intense and relatively quick.


My AHA was that while I would still expect my daughters to follow through on their commitments, we would work more as a team to meet all our obligations together, and to discuss problems as a group, rather than having an authority figure dictating and criticizing from above. 


I made a commitment to behave in a kinder and gentler way and to work with my daughters rather than always telling them what to do and that they haven’t done it soon enough or well enough.


I haven’t yet seen my daughters since TTP, but because I know how it works, I suspect That they can feel the change already.  I expect that they will feel kinder and gentler Toward me as well.


Ed, thanks for sharing this amazing process.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for reporting on the TTP evolution towards:



willingness testing


form freezing, and


the commitment process


I am preparing materials on these techniques for the workshop and for presentation on these pages.

Thu, 15 Dec 2005


DIM Process

Hello Mr. Seykota,

With a friend, we are studying your site for TTP. In trading, we mostly agree with you and have almost no emotional problems about trading.

We are planning the utilize TTP for life matters. Yesterday, we tried a TTP and couldn't achieve. As we read FAQ, we understand that it is not easy to achieve in first few trials. So we are planning to continue and believe that we can achieve with some experience.

Recently, as I was driving alone, I got very bored and wanted to shout. I shouted, shouted more stupidly. Then, I almost lost control of shouting and a thought came to my mind: Somebody can hear me, difficult to explain this, something like being afraid ... And I remembered a bad situation as I was a child. I can mention, but details are not so important. I had forgotten this for years. It is surprising. I guess an A-ha or something like that happened.

English is not our mother language. Maybe we slightly misunderstand the subject. You are saying that the process is impossible on your own. Is it completely impossible or very difficult?

Quote from TTP Main Page: The Trading Tribe holds that such inner work, involving the interplay of the ego and the subconscious, is, ironically, essentially impossible on your own, yet rather natural in a group or tribe.

Thank you very much for your generosity and help.

Kindest Regards,

You might consider taking your feelings of being afraid to your Tribe as an entry point.


I find it much easier to "go deep" in the presence of a skillful Process Manager and a cheering Tribe.



An Enthusiastic Support Team


can make all the difference.



Clip: http://www.northern.edu/athletics/



Thu, 15 Dec 2005


Is Positive Intention Just Another Judgment ?

Dear Ed,

Is it not idealistic to assume, "All emotions have positive intentions"?

Would not, "All emotions have intentions" be more realistic?

Very nice catch!


Your observation suggests re-forming the traditional TTP exhortation,


Find the positive intention of your feeling.


into the more consistent


Experience your judgment.



Experience your feeling without the judgment.


At the Zero Point, where the knots spill and where intention = result and where you have enormous creative power, I prefer creating with a bias toward "right" livelihood and "positive" intention, per the examples below. 



When you find you have the power to create something new ...




... create more of this ...





... and more of this ...





... and less of this.












Wed, 14 Dec 2005


Can't Get No - Satisfaction

Dear Ed,

I am unsatisfied with my current success and standing in life.


It seems like a dichotomy -- to intend and choose something else for yourself, but be entirely content and satisfied with the present moment (and who you are, etc.).


Through the TTP, how does one advance himself from "point A" to "point B" while fully remaining in the present moment?


Thank you.

You might consider taking your feelings of dissatisfaction to your Tribe as an entry point.




If You Have To Go from point A to point B


you might as well enjoy the ride.


Clip: http://www.sandsmuseum.com/cars/elise/


Wed, 14 Dec 2005


Trading System Design

Dear Ed,

Thank you for answering my question (Pattern Recognition, 25th November) and for the picture of a hot girl in a bikini, which so clearly illustrates the point.

I've got a couple of questions about designing a robust, high performance trading system which I can use to do real trading. My general approach is as follows:

[design strategy]

My questions are:

1) Is the above approach sufficient for me to create a robust, profitable trading system, or is there anything missing?

2) When traders hit the Uncle Point, is it generally because they don't stick to their system - or because they do?

1. You can discover sufficiency by following your strategy.


2. In TTP, we use the Responsibility Model. We do not attempt to explain things in terms of causality. See Glossary, above.



Tue, 13 Dec 2005


Barcelona Tribe

Hello Ed

I would like to form an Intentional Community in Spain.



Welcome !







Tue, 13 Dec 2005


TTP Workshop

I intend to attend the Workshop and I have already made flight reservations. The only things standing between me and completing the registration process are a check (at home) and a stamp (also at home). I plan to have everything ready tonight when I get home, and put it in the mailbox early morning tomorrow (12/14) ... I really like the New Concepts and I look forward to learning more about them in the Workshop. I suppose they are the major focus of the January Workshop?



Tue, 13 Dec 2005


IVTT Hiatus

Hi Ed,

Congratulations on the Breathwork weekend! I spoke with [attendee] who gave it a glowing review.

I send this note to let you know that I decide to take a hiatus from the Incline Tribe beginning this week. I feel burned out and wish to rest for a bit from 48 hour whirlwind trips. I intend to reapply later in 2006.

I really appreciate and value the time I spend with IVTT over the past year. It is one highlight of my life. What I learn about TTP, process management, breathwork, trading and myself are invaluable. IVTT members are top notch, and it is an honor to be one.

I continue my journey with TTP by sharing what I learn with [two other] tribes. I share my adventure with you and FAQ as well.

I wish you and family - along with the IVTT - a happy and healthy holiday season.


Tue, 13 Dec 2005


Tribe Meeting Report

Good day Mr. Seykota,

On Saturday, December 2nd, [Name] from [City] and I meet at my house in [City] for our first meeting. The third party does not show. [Name] and I come to know each other a little bit and go over the exercises from the TT Book. [He] and I commit to meet again on Saturday, December 10th where two new members ... join us. As of now we have only one drum but two coffee cans and soda can work just fine too. I feel a bit tense in the beginning, but the drumming helps me relax. We review the exercises and I feel more natural with every following exchange of sending and receiving thoughts and feelings. Everyone seems to understand the logic and also enjoy the exercises.

[Name] takes the hot seat as he seems to be the hottest one. He likes to walk while he talks so we let him and support him in doing more. He talks about his trading and feelings connected with it. He quickly creates a few forms while [Name] and I support and acknowledge him. I feel [he] is a very logical and analytical person and once he seems to be drawn into his feeling, he pulls back and talks little more about the issue. After about 15-20 minutes he naturally calms down and finishes. He seems tired. At this point we finish the meeting and check out.

I feel very comfortable with the concept of sending and receiving, staying in the NOW and non-judging. I also like SVO-p and use it all the time. I feel that I am learning a long forgotten language.

My life improves on a daily basis. I listen to everyone more and it works like magic!!! After years I am able to talk to my brother and father almost daily. I can say that I mostly listen and feel that the senders like it. It seem like "The message finally gets through!!!! YES! YES!" So I listen more, and I feel good about them feeling good.

I always tell people what to do, have my head in the future planning on the next big thing and try to figure it all out. I never listen to anybody and try not to get emotional which is happening anyway especially with anger. TT changes everything.

What a difference this is for me! I rarely say "I FEEL", but now realize that everything is about feelings. I read so many books and courses, some worth thousands of dollars and yet nothing comes even close to what the TT-process offers me.

Thank you Mr. Seykota!

Good Trading,

Thank you for sharing your process.





are an ancient language


that many are learning

for the first time.




Clip: http://www.commxroads.com/


Mon, 12 Dec 2005

San Diego Tribe

I intend to start & lead the San Diego Trading Tribe.



Welcome !


San Diego





Mon, 12 Dec 2005



I read your Trading Tribe book recently and enjoyed it. I intend to read it again. I noticed I became emotional and cried when reading certain parts of the book. I intend to use my feelings about those topics as entry points into the TTP.


Thank you for sharing your process.




One Intention of Sadness


is to acknowledge

(and prevent)



Clip: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~dl308800/


Sat, 10 Dec 2005


Family Photo


Here's a photo of the kids, another year older alas ...




Thank you for sending a photo of your Essential Tribe.

Sat, 10 Dec 2005


Trading Tribe Workshop


How are you?

I have a quick question about the workshop. My girl friend will go with me to Reno, but she is not going to participate our workshop. Can she share the hotel room with me?





You May Bring Your Wives and Girlfriends

to the Workshop


and, yes, you may all stay in the same room.


Clip: http://www.julianophotography.com/Kelly-rocks%20on%20stomach%20feet%20up%20swim%20suit.jpg

Mon, 5 Dec 2005


Wants to Invest in 1972

Dear Ed.,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I now live and work in Nashville and would like to discuss investing with you further. I read the FAQ and I am ok with it (however I do not have $250,000 that I can invest) do you still except smaller investments? I read ... that your model account began in 1972 with no more than a single $5,000 dollar investment. Any concessions you can make to allow me the opportunity to invest with you over the long haul would be greatly appreciated! My plan would be to continually add to this account over time, but my initial investment would have to start out smaller.

Thank you so much for your time in reviewing my request Ed! Hopefully I'll talk with you soon!

In 1972, you can send a check for a $5,000 investment to me in an envelope with a 6-cent stamp. In 1972 you can also buy a new car for about $2,000. 


Yes, I am still accepting $5,000 investments for people who can figure out how to get the money to me in 1972.




Some Things Never Change


and some things do


In December 1972, Steve Jobs graduates from Homestead High School and enrolls in Reed College in Portland, Oregon and then drops out after one semester.


Clip: http://www.tomgpalmer.com/


December 4, 2005


Wants to Invest

Dear Ed,

We communicated many months ago. To quickly summarize, I initially expressed an interest in investing with you. I proposed investing $25,000. You responded by stating that minimal professional standards suggested $250,000 and that at this point you did not have any vehicle for me to pool my assets with others.


After, discussing your response with a couple of friends of mine and receiving their authorization to communicate with you, I wrote back and inquired as to whether or not you would accept the investment of a group of people. Without making any commitment, you asked me four questions.


Until this note, I have not responded. I have not done so because I have had difficulty organizing my friends. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. My friends are very responsible individuals. However, both have been occupied by important personal matters, including a new marriage, and a job change. Moreover, one of my friends is a beneficiary of a blind family trust and has had to discuss this issue with his trustees and the trust's financial advisors.


To further complicate the issue, if I understood my friend correctly, his trust may [have a conflict]. We need to understand all of that before we formally respond as a group. My hope was that we would internally resolve all of these matters, promptly and on our own and that I would be able to respond to you in a clean, direct and simple manner. Unfortunately, as I have previously explained, I cannot as yet do that. In addition, so much time has passed without my communicating with you that I now fear you may think that I (or we) have lost interest. Very clearly, at the very minimum, I have not lost interest. Therefore, in order to keep this option open and to move this matter forward, even in a modest way, I have responded to your questions, primarily on my own behalf. It is my hope that my friends will be able to follow suit, in the not too distant future. Your questions and my responses follow:

Q. Type of work partners do?
A. City and State government.- urban redevelopment. All three of us are in the same field. At different times, each of us has held very responsible positions. We all have advanced degrees. For example, I have an M.B.A and a C.P.A. license.

Q. Approximate net worth?
A. My net worth is approximately $1,500,000. [I am a little nervous about printing this, but I will leave it to your discretion.] I am not privy to the net worth of my friends. When they are ready they will communicate their net worth directly to you.

Q. How much is each looking to risk?
A. I would like to "risk" between $50,000 and $100,000. However, if an arrangement cannot be struck with me at my proposed amount, I am prepared to go higher, as much as $250,000.

Q. What motivates you to look at futures trading?
A. A desire for upside potential and frustration with the performance of my other investments. I am protected financially on the downside. That is I am not leveraged, have gotten my children through college, have a modest government pension, lifetime health care, life insurance, long-term care etc. etc. However, as I project my financial life into the future, I see no opportunity for making any serious money. My life is comfortable enough. However, I would like to be able to do something for my two daughters. Furthermore, I have been doing a lot of reading about investment matters and have become very dissatisfied with the buy and hold strategy, both conceptually and in the results of my investments. I also like your view of life. I've read one of your books.

I hope the above allows us to continue this conversation. I appreciate your patience.

One of my primary concerns is that you and your friends do not risk more than you can afford to lose. 


I want to make sure that you do not have to reduce your standard of living on account of losing money in a speculative account. 


I use a rule of thumb that you place less than 10% of your liquid net worth at risk and that you stop your losses at 50% of that - so you have net exposure of 5% of your liquid net worth.


If you have a net worth of 1.5 million, you might have liquid net worth (cash, stocks, bonds, etc) of, say, about 500,000 (a wild guess).  Then you might place $50,000 of that at risk and cut your loss if you lose $25,000.


If you are young and have another source of income, or if have higher liquid assets, you might be able to risk more. 


The idea is to keep the venture below your threshold of financial importance, so nominal ups and downs do not trigger your emotional uncle point and motivate you to abandon the venture during drawdowns.


If you are going for a 3-way partnership, then you might make a $150,000 account by each contributing $50,000 (assuming your risk budget covers it).  


With partners, you have an additional dimension of having to make sure each participant is able to commit to staying the course, through ups and downs, for a year or two, to give the system a chance to work.



Sometimes the Action


is mostly a bumpy ride.



Clip: http://www.thedahl.org/mountainphoto/



Mon, 12 Dec 2005



Hi Ed,

From the Nov 13 FAQ about TSAA Conference, Ed says, "OK. I am preparing a transcription of the speech."

May I ask if the transcript is available on the website? Many thanks.

The transcript is currently available only in the "wooden" form.





The Transcript


is still in the pencil



Clip: http://img.webring.com/r/t/


Mon, 12 Dec 2005


Government / Rights of Man

I think your consistent comments regarding the role of government (eg. FAQ 1st Dec) have been spot on!

For those interested [they can look up] Thomas Paine's Right's of Man

The notion of "rights" implies a "rights" grantor, like a government - so grants of "rights" accompany acknowledgment of government.  The bigger the government, the more "rights" you seem to have.


You might notice when you start out in life your parents provide everything you need and you have no rights and you do not need rights.


When you grow up, you find out you have a lot of rights, like the "right" to keep about half of what your earn.


In the Responsibility Model, people focus on opportunities rather than on rights.




Thomas Paine


Thomas Paine views all government as a necessary evil. Interestingly, he also proposes social security, universal free public education and a guaranteed minimum wage.

Clip and Information:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Paine 

Mon, 12 Dec 2005


Job Ad - Personal Assistant to Ed Seykota

Dear Ed

Regarding your job ad.


Thank you - this is a great lesson for those of us who do not have the portfolio of skills you specified.
I am not able to apply but sincerely hope somebody fits the bill - If they do they're a great person and certainly deserve the job.

The rest of us, myself included, must ask ourselves what portfolio of skills we are acquiring and to what end.




To Find a Good Programmer


ASCII and ye shall receivii.



Clip: http://www.programtransformation.org/pub/


Mon, 12 Dec 2005


My Cumulative Benefits to Date from Using TTP


Through TTP I am more non judgmental


TTP has allowed my entire family to subscribe to the responsibility model


I have confirmed right livelihood through TTP


I found the NOW through TTP and I stay there a lot more often


I skip less often to the non existent past and future

My temper is substantially reduced


My violence is virtually non existent


I understand the difference between anger and frustration


TTP has made me a patient listener


TTP has lit a fire under me to be an example to confirm your teachings


TTP has taught me humility enabling me to work on the areas that need work


I realize most of the time the positive intention of my feelings


TTP allows me to experience the zero point and stay there for periods of time


TTP causes me to have substantially less physical aches and pains


I no longer enroll myself in outside dramas


I am less frequently enrolled in family dramas


I have a better understanding of who I am


I see more clearly than I ever have before


Through TTP it is up to me


I learnt that TTP is very practical for everyday life


I learnt SVO-p which is very clear


Because of TTP I am living our Family Mission Statement instead of reading our Family Mission Statement


I love my wife more today than at any other time


I am comfortable with who I am


I understand my control panel


Your book has enriched my wife’s life which enriches mine


Because of TTP I have learnt the PPR rule which may be the greatest overall gift


My kids love the fact that they can tell me anything because I do not judge them


Most excess luggage has been purged because of TTP


Because of TTP my children will have substantially less luggage to process


TTP has taught me that it is ok for me to need my own space at times


Because of TTP I have a very special relationship with my children


Overall my life has been enriched because of TTP

I accept my parents for who they are


I no longer resent my brother


Your book has helped my wife to not put up with any games from her parents which enables our home to be less stressful


My wife is closer to her mom the last 5 months than at any time within the last 9 years, which makes visiting her parents less stressful


I learnt the 2 most powerful words in the English language through TTP – I commit


I learnt we are all connected in some way


My perfectionist behaviors are less inflicted upon family members

Thank you for sharing your process.




At the Zero Point


love comes out to play.



Clip: http://www.coastsidephotography.com/


Mon, 12 Dec 2005


Correct Stock Picking

Dear Ed,

I am an [Nationality] trend following trader and I am used to read and follow your advice published in your web site. However, I have never found an answer to this question: how can a trend follower make a correct stock pick as he bases his decisions only on prices? In fact a trend follow has to follow a trend and not forecast it. But if the trend he wants to follow is either likely or is showing strength, from what he can judge that this strength will persist? In fact, to follow strong trends is not only easier but also more profitable. So, how I can be more selective?

Kind regards,

You might consider taking your feelings about wanting to be "correct" to your tribe as an entry point.



Wanting to Feel Right


and its cousin,

unwillingness to feel wrong


can be costly in the markets

and in life.



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Sun, 11 Dec 2005


The Best


see: Intentions Equal Results


You are the best!!!

Hmmm ...


The Best


implies the existence of


1. a worst,

2. some kind of contest, and

3. a way to judge.


Clip: http://apollo.sdln.net/exlibris/aleph/u16_1/


Sun, 11 Dec 2005


Engaging Hot Seat Experience


I am writing to share my experience on the hot seat with the [City] tribe earlier this week.

I have a personal a-ha while another member is on the hot seat and I ask the tribe to help me experience the fear of not having enough money. They ask me to describe this fear and I rub my hands while I talk. The tribe encourages me to continue this action and turn up the intensity.

I get into the process and my left hand starts "sawing" my right arm off at the elbow and the wrist. This hurts and I start to feel the pain.

I don't like the pain and I look for excuses to avoid feeling the pain. The tribe members are all over me every time I back away and they encourage me to get into the form and really feel the pain.

I punch my right palm with my left first and it goes red from the blows. The tribe encourages me and the drive behind the punching changes from angry to mechanic as if I were on auto-pilot.

The pain itself changes as well and I feel detached from it. It is as if my brain acknowledges that it is feeling pain but it is not troubled by the pain.

I stopped punching my palm and my arms feel light and hollow. I think that I am done for the evening but the tribe is not convinced and they do not let me off the hot seat.

I try to rationalize and express what I am thinking and feeling. I think that the fear of not having money is linked to pain, fear, and lack of commitment.

The tribe sees that I am stuck so the leader suggests a new approach. He asks me to looks at my two hands, with the left representing commitment and the right representing non-commitment, and tell me what I see.

In the left hand (commitment) I see a crystal ball that is bright and shiny. In the right hand (non-commitment) I see wire.

The tribe encourages me to describe the wire and I say it looks like chicken wire. The irony of the word "chicken" hits immediately and there is a moment of comic relief.

I am encouraged to describe the crystal ball and I see it melt away and run through my fingers. This frustrates me and I feel like I am letting the tribe down.

I want to get off the hot seat and I start analyzing and story-telling. The tribe clearly sees that I am avoiding the process and they encourage me to continue talking and telling more stories.

This works and I find that I no longer have anything to say.

The tribe encourages me to look at my hands once more. I look at my right hand (non-commitment) and it is now empty. I look at my left hand (commitment) but I still cannot see the crystal ball.

I want to see the crystal ball but it is not there. I am frustrated and I feel like the tribe is frustrated as well.

I look at the shape of my left hand and I notice that my palm is facing upwards and my fingers are stretched towards the ceiling. It suddenly hits me - my fingers look exactly like the prongs on my fiancée's engagement ring.

I am stunned by this experience. I tell the tribe that my hand looks like the setting my fiancée's ring and they smile amongst themselves.

The leader then encourages me to slowly move my left hand towards my right hand. My left hand doesn't want to wait - it wants to race over and embrace my right hand.

The tribe encourages me to continue moving slowly and it feels fantastic because I know that the path is clear and there is no resistance. My left hand joins my right and I feel fantastic.

The tribe appears satisfied and I thank them for their support in getting me to this place - it would not have happened without them.

Later that night I realize that the crystal ball was not a globe but the diamond on the engagement ring. Again I feel stunned and humbled by the entire experience.

I sincerely want to thank you and everyone from the [City] tribe for sharing this process. I believe that it has made a positive impact on my life and my relationships with others.

I hope you and everyone from the tribe have a fantastic holiday and best wishes for the new year.

Thank you for sharing your process.  


You might consider reviewing your vows to marry when you are both at the zero point.



Promises and Commitments

bring up lots of feelings.



French: en gage =

"make + pledge"



Latin: com mittere =

"together + send or put"


Marriage can support Right Livelihood and/or be a crucible in which to dramatize k-nots.


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