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December 01-10, 2005


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Sat, 10 Dec 2005


Incline Village Breathwork Follow-up

I thank everyone for your support last weekend. I am finding it to be a very profound experience and I am feeling the impact in all areas of my life. My relationships seem to have unlimited growth potential and my focus and intention are crystal clear.

I thank [Names] for giving me a ride to the airport last Sunday. Despite our efforts, I did not make the flight out on Sunday. I got a room at the [Hotel] and decided to relax and get some work done.

After a few hours I decided to meditate as I was feeling a little strange. My meditation led into a spontaneous Breathwork session in the hotel room. At first it seemed to be an extension of the previous day's session. However, it went a lot further and I experienced some really intense feelings.


At one point the urge to stop was overwhelming as I felt like I was going to die if I continued. While terrifying, this turned out to be just another feeling to experience. I also experienced another feeling where I was a bad, angry and evil person. It was very productive and seemed to bring closure to my Breathwork experience.

An interesting note is how after Saturday's session I felt that I could have gone for another hour, and then realized my session in the hotel room went for 58 minutes exactly.

Thanks again for your support.  Thanks Ed for your vision and acceptance.

Thank you for sharing your experience.



In TTP, Your Worst Feeling


becomes just another feeling.



Clip: http://tell.fll.purdue.edu/


Sat, 10 Dec 2005




The benefits of TTP cut across every area of my life. As a husband, father, trader, human being, everything. Maybe the most effective way to highlight the changes is to describe how my life was before TTP and now.

As a husband I used anger as a defense to keep my wife from communicating and growing the relationship. I would also make her feel guilty as another strategy to shut her down. Now that we have opened the communication paths, my wife feels very comfortable talking about our relationship and things she does not like about my behavior or how I treat her. Our relationship and love for each other has grown far beyond my expectations.

As a father, I was never able to express anger in healthy and appropriate ways. I always found myself losing my temper and expressing anger in a very destructive way. I also would not allow the children to express their emotions to me, as I was unwilling to receive them and used their _expression as an opportunity to tell them what they should do or how they should feel. Now I find I am very interested in how they feel and in helping them learn from their own experiences and feelings. I notice huge improvements in my parenting and I notice even greater improvements in my children's confidence, self _expression, and problem solving skills.

As a trader, TTP helped me move from a roller-coaster-riding day trader, to a long term trend follower. As a day trader I would get to experience frustration and anger as I engaged in the make/lose cycle which I was so good at creating. Starting in 2003, I have gravitated toward long term trend following and have developed a system and set up a fund which reflects those values.

One very big shift in my life has been a growing sense of connectedness to my surroundings and other people. In the past I brought an envious, judgmental, and critical attitude towards others. That has given way to a humble and empathetic outlook. To touch a life, open eyes, or give hope seems like the greatest gift one can receive or give. As an extension of that value, our family is now exploring mentoring programs for troubled youth.

The moment of now is a concept which grows with my exposure to TTP. I used to experience much regret that I would spend most moments caught up in thought, mainly about the future, and not actually enjoying the current moment. My wife's smile, my daughter's laugh, the beauty of the sunset, the wind blowing the trees, I find myself totally absorbed by these simple things more and more. Life is more vivid and beautiful than ever before.

TTP also seems to have ended my 23 year relationship with tobacco. I find that I no longer want or need to feel the way tobacco makes me feel. In the past when I would try to quit, I would look backward and mark time since my last cigarette, or look forward and say I will never do it again. All I know now is that right now I have no desire.

All these improvements in my life are part of a trend toward growth that did not begin until my introduction to TTP.

Thank you for sharing your experience.



TTP Can Help Convert Tobacco


From a necessity

to a choice.



Clip: http://vegassmokes.com/pipeaccessories/


Sat, 10 Dec 2005


Intention = Result

Ed says: Planning, being ready and having desire do
not equal intention.

When I read this I have a moment of pause, that's me.

At out next tribe meeting, our leader casually ask me about my trading after our check in. I explain how I trade and what I intend to do to develop a real system. He effectively says that I have been saying the same thing for the past year, and asks me how it feels to be planning and not doing.


He unsuspectingly (for me) walks me right into a hot seat. I become flush all over, he is saying the same thing that you stated in the fax, he sees the real me, that has been my issue - plan plan plan, the best planner in the world. The tribe encourages and validates me through an excellent hot seat. The are relentless and patient, it's brilliant. I come out of it with a better AHA of intention and now I understand what you mean when you said "Put some tension in your intention"

Thank you for sharing your experience.



Taking Aim


is an important part

of shooting straight.



Clip: http://images.art.com/images/-/Norman-Rockwell/Dads-Boy---Careful-Aim--C10032365.jpeg

Fri, 9 Dec 2005




I want to start out by saying that I did not expect benefits from TTP. Seeing value in what my friend Ed Seykota is doing, I offer my modeling skills to bring it out more. I find my TA/Gestalt and group therapy leading experience complementary. I pollinate the [City] tribe for some months and start the [Other City] tribe. This is when I get on the hot seat and discover long standing shoulder pains pulling me up into new experiences without names. My body becomes looser and move fluid. I find I am sleeping better. I begin to explore my issues of efficacy - getting things to happen. I take more responsibility for my choices.


I become engaged to my long time girlfriend.

While this is going on, I witness psychologically naive
individuals transform in a relatively short period of time into acute observers and deep receivers. This convinces me of the benefits of non-expert interventions and iterative learning. Further, the TTP insistence on the positive intention of every feeling makes me more aware that other approaches, especially those that make similar claims, do not back it up and behaviorally often do the opposite.


This prompts me to reorganize my other courses along the lines of creating increasing self awareness and self generating learning. I drop the training metaphor. Now, I help people become aware of what is already within them.

I attribute my greater clarity of mind to continuing tribe work. Aware of many conflicting messages, I have the tribe help me to integrate forms. I experience a new resolve about my work.

I take the hot seat in one of the Reno Tribe meetings. I am cheered onto depths I consciously know and experience them so vividly I scream.


Following that tribe, my arms and joints ache for months. I am paying so much attention to this, I don't notice that I have greatly reduced my health supplements. My fiancť describes me as more moody. I realize - as a card carrying member of the "peace, love and understanding" crowd - that I have plenty of anger and always try to 'channel' it into productive 'feedback. I still experience frustration, and I find myself embracing those feelings and their intentions more quickly.

At my local tribe, a pollinator points out my deep and loopy bind between having to knowing and not wanting to know. This is a 'primary form' for me that none of the many other approaches I am trained in has found. The tribe sets to acknowledging all its aspects and I enter a profound trance state and experience an increasing sense of solidity in life that stays with me.

I do a local breath work weekend with participants who practice TTP led by a pollinator from the IV tribe. In my experience, the tightness in my shoulders and my thrashing hands from my TTP hot seat sessions make their re-appearance. Afterwards, I am quiet. I receive paper to write or draw something. Slowly, I sense a desire to draw a small, crisp circle on the while blank page. A sense of focus comes to me. I write this in small clear lower case letters.

Completing this, the word strength comes to me next. I realize that this is actual physical strength. Up to this point, my solution to my life situation is to take on everything and work frantically trying to finish all of it. I am receiving an alternative. Focus, strength - I know these are new and better guiding principles for my life. At this moment, the word love comes to me. I see my wife, my daughter and others who touch my life and realize how I have not let that love flow, especially, how I have not let them know. I resolve to do so.

I participate in the December 2005 Incline Village Breathwork weekend. My desire for focus is even greater, though not part of my everyday life. I resolve to work on that. My snapshot clarification process is tough going. Focus isn't a snapshot. I hold out for focus. Another tribe member suggests a snapshot of 'focusing one hour a day.' On the face of it, this seems an insufficient amount of time, and as it is a snapshot, I commit to it. I take this into the Breathwork session. When I come out, the world is much clearer across my whole field of vision. I am much quieter inside. I have no desire to write or draw anything - to see the world so new is enough. I know I have focus, though I have no evidence that it is operational. Over the next few days, I finish projects that I have carried with me for more than six months. Most important for me, I 'just do' them. I find I am focusing much more than an hour a day. My emails are crisp and clear about what I want and what I am willing to do and not willing to do. I feel I can write a book I have put off for years.

Most of all, my life is, again, a journey and a process of discovery and transformation. These are among the motives for first taking this path of personal development - along with, I am sure, my original pains. Through all of these experience, I become an expert at it - competent at my craft, conservative in my outlook. As a expert, my path is one of incremental innovation rather than revelation. Until I practice TTP. As a practitioner of TTP, my expert abilities are useful, and they only a part of me and a part from my path - one that now leads into a fresh wilderness of opportunities which is myself and my world.

Thank you, Ed.

Thank you for sharing your process.




TTP Can Help You Focus




Clip: http://eric.descarpentri.free.fr/


Wed, 7 Dec 2005



I had a great hot seat last night at the [City] Tribe. Entry points for unhappiness, depression, and holding myself back.

Ed says every feeling has a positive intention.

I get that, but I don't see any for chronic depression.

What are possible positive intentions for depression?

Depression is not a feeling in the TTP sense - it is a psychological concept.  As such, chasing "depression" may tend to keep you in your mind, rather than in your feelings. 


In TTP we do not judge feelings or apply labels.  We simply validate all feelings and forms.


You might consider noticing any feelings or forms you have that associate with what you call depression - and then exploring these in your Tribe.






is a clinical name

that some psychologists give

to people who look like this.


Some psychologists judge, label

and invalidate feelings (see below).


In TTP, we directly validate

whatever forms that manifest, such as:

 pressing elbows on knees,

hunching forward, and

pushing face into hands,



Clip: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2001/06/11/cien-eureka.html


Information on how Western Psychology tends to judge feelings:




Wed, 7 Dec 2005





TTP helps me change my life for the better by showing me a new way to live.  I embrace my feelings and receive the feelings of others.  My feelings are my allies and help me grow.  I have better relationships and boundaries as a result of TTP.  I think more clearly.  Life seems much more simple than before TTP.  I take responsibility for my experience now.  I see that intentions = results. 


I have a committed community to validate all of my feelings.  I have a committed community to help me achieve my desires. 


I discover the benefit of receiving for others in a community.  I have more excitement and happiness in my life because of TTP.  I see more beauty in the world, in others, and myself.  I live in the now.  I follow trends.  I see how much I long for intimacy and I take steps to become more intimate with others and myself.  I believe I can achieve all that I want.  TTP allows me to understand others much better.  I am also a much better receiver.  There is less manipulation and desire to manipulate in my relationships. 


Long standing dramas that I spend much time trying to solve seem to disappear with TTP.  TTP is amazing.  I canít emphasize enough the positive change in my experience since I discover TTP.

Thank you for sharing your process.




TTP, Like This Car


is economical and amazing.



Clip: http://www.maxdoobage.com/images/


Wed, 7 Dec 2005




Hi Ed,

My cumulative benefits, to date, from TTP are numerous.


I have confirmed my right livelihood.


I am more accepting of myself and others and less judgmental of myself and others.


I have less drama and they are short lived when they occur in my life.


I return to Now more often than ever before.


I am connected with my family and friends more and I can express my feelings to them without reservation.


I am more peaceful, accepting of my situation, and my life is more fulfilling.

Thank you for sharing your process.





TTP Can Help You Connect The Branches


of your family tree



Clip: http://www.borchert.com/john/images/


Wed, 7 Dec 2005



Hi Ed,

Is the TSP still alive, taking a holiday hiatus, a goner, or something else ?


TSP is growing and I am looking for an assistant to help it grow faster. 


I am currently contemplating a section on drawdowns, including having to respond to margin calls.

Wed, 7 Dec 2005


Book Testimonial

Dear Chief Seykota,

I've committed to going through your FAQs posts from the bottom (Jan 2003) up.

Tonight, in one of life's interesting little there-are-no-coincidences, I'm for some reason drawn to the link to the Trading Tribe book, which is odd, because I already own a copy and am in my second reading. Low and behold, I see my short book review / testimonial right under the Charles Faulkner review.

Thank you for the nice honor.

Thank you for the testimonial.  This work spreads by such testimonials; the encouragement that you lend by sharing your process helps others take the first step.

Tue, 6 Dec 2005






My initial experience with TTP was as a test subject, and even though I was relatively ignorant of the process, I took the hot seat and achieved an AHA concerning my relationship with my daughter.  Later that day, I would realize that the drama that had worried me had dissolved for both of us.  Thus I came to realize the magic of TTP. 


During my first workshop, I listened to myself describe my snapshot and assess myself-imposed impediments to achieving it.  It became crystal-clear to me that realization of the snapshot was absolutely necessary if I were to become an excellent trader.  But it wasnít until I joined a tribe and experienced TTP repeatedly that I completely resolved the dramas associated with my inability to do what I knew must be done.  I have retired this snapshot and have no question that I can execute my trades, and manage risk effectively.  This result is directly related to and probably completely due to TTP.


Continued experience with the tribe, both sending and receiving, has led to an even more remarkable generalized commitment and willingness to accept all responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and results.  A warrior-level of commitment is extraordinarily empowering; virtually any goal can be realized.  Acceptance of the inevitability of loss, and emotional resilience when those losses occur cause dissolution of the fear of losing. 


I experience this strength in many small ways.  I am not afraid to do the hard thing.  I do not feel the need to procrastinate; I just get the job done.  I volunteer for the work that others avoid.  I make myself available to help others in need.  I actively solicit othersí thoughts and feelings, and share my own.  I am realizing who I really am.

Thank you for sharing your process.






Active Concern For The Livelihood of Others


is an aspect of practicing TTP



Clip: http://www.globalvolunteers.org/


Mon, 5 Dec 2005


Denies Intention


Dear Ed,

the other day I send you an email with the subject "Hi there". It occurs to me that it probably gets spam filtered which would not be my intention.

You can determine your intention by noticing your result.

Sun, 4 Dec 2005


Father and Daughter Stuff

Dear Ed

I have the habit of assuming that people get me wrong and I start giving unnecessary explanations and due to these explanations I create dramas with people and find myself unfit to have healthy relationships. For example I will quote a recent example when I went to a restaurant with my Father:

Me: "Bring a Pizza."

Waiter: "Only one for two people?"

Me: "Actually we have low diet but will order more if required" (feeling was this that the waiter is assuming that I have no money and I cannot afford more than one pizza, and I hurriedly went on to explain to him that this is not the case, I have the money to order more but ordering only one because of diet.)

Waiter: "It's OK ma'am, if you want one you'll get one".

Father: "Hey daughter, you don't have to justify your order."

So dear Ed I always get into this type situation with my other relationships.

What is there which is unresolved, kindly throw your lights of wisdom.

You might consider taking your feelings about (1) justifying yourself and (2) having your father tell you what you have to do - to your Tribe as entry points.





Some Fathers Share and Suggest


Others just like to boss you around.



Clip: http://www.travelwithachallenge.com/Images/



Sat, 3 Dec 2005


Leading and Following

I came across a quote...(paraphrasing here)

"You know how hard it is to change yourself, imagine
how hard it is for you to change others!"

After reading your FAQ's over the years and seeing the success of the "tribe" I cannot help but wonder if their is an innate desire somewhere in man to seek what it is the tribe offers.


Your way of helping others "learn" how to help themselves appears infectious. Would it, therefore, be true that the easiest way to seek "positive change" (perhaps not the best way of putting it) in others to first seek positive change in one's self, thereby creating a willingness of others to try?

Simply, is "leading by example" a commonality of the tribe? From what I can garner, this appears to be the path of success exemplified by the tribe.

Taking it to another level, is it the desire of man to be led or to lead by example? I believe the latter. Can someone of clear mind and spirit be led? History teaches us that anyone can lead. The annals are full of lunatics and the like that have had a "following." But are there examples of those whose mind and spirit were free being led down a path of immorality? Or is that statement in and of itself, an oxymoron.


Many western growth practices such as religions, schools and therapies, feature a spiritual leader, teacher or therapist who dispenses wisdom to followers.


In TTP we have a Process Manager who conducts the process while the receivers create the  healing field of acknowledgment.


Also, in contrast to therapy, the Process Managers and the Tribe leader take their own turns on the hot seat to work on their own issues.




Leadership Model


The followers look to the leader

in hopes she might make

some beneficial revelation.





Tribal Model


The members work together

to find a way to help each other

move forward.











Sat, 3 Dec 2005


His Story is History

Dear Ed,

I read much of the FAQ material and have benefit from it. I like to tell you my story. I do not know whether it is useful but here it is anyway. I try SVO-p. I also try to be brief but that doesnít work.

I am hugely successful in speculation in the 1980s as a teenager. I decide in the mid-80s that my profession is speculator and that decision stands.

I buy many books and study technical analysis. Then and now.

I am wiped out in the early 90s.

In late 1996 I am close to being wiped out again and wonder why I canít get big winning trades because I try very hard. Then life happens. My dad throws away a trend following system, saying it doesnít make enough money. I see it on top of a lot of other papers and find the numbers interesting. I ask him if I can take it. He agrees. I examine it, it is long-term and simple. I like the test results. I overcome my dislike for mechanical methods in no time. I also learn about fixed fractional position sizing. I do a lot of testing, it tests well over a very wide range of parameters and markets which gives me confidence and I believe it is robust, I like the juicy cagr/max drawdown ratio and I trade it. I am profitable from the start in 1996. I second guess the system signals in 1997 and break even. I decide I must be disciplined. I set up my software for daily signal generation so that price charts are blank. I do not see the charts, I only get the signals and I am determined to do it this way for as long as I need it. I trade several accounts with good success. For example one account makes >6000% until 2003.

I realize that a profitable method is missing during my unsuccessful years and that no amount of psychology helps if the trading method is not profitable. I also learn that a profitable trading method is not useful if the psychology isnít right and I donít put the method into practice. I understand that my job is not to forecast trends but to transport the theoretical system performance into the reality.

I have a ball trading. I love to catch big trends. I am in many of them. I cut my losses.

My vision threatening retinal disease gets discovered in 1999.

My dad dies in 2002. My system is in a 40% drawdown which is within my tolerance and test results and in itself is no problem for me but adds to the other stress. Two aunts fight serious diseases. I am called to come to the hospital intensive care in the middle of the night for one aunt who is comatose. She dies. I donít want to get into more detail but the whole thing is traumatic and I see that modern medicine has its downsides too. My eye situation deteriorates shortly thereafter resulting in bleeding into one eye. Meanwhile, the system comes out of the drawdown and makes new equity highs and I am on board.

I have treatments (couple thousand laser shots, ouch), more eye bleeding rest of the year and early 2003. I go from 5% vision back to 100%. My eye doc tells me I am always good for a surprise.

In 2003 I want some rest and rent a house in a paradisiacal spot for a long vacation. I am out of the markets when a huge drawdown hits. I get back to trading after the vacation and cherry pick trades and I learn that common sense is a good thing in trading too. I also learn that a system that tests well for decades can go into >90% drawdowns.

I mainly do trades that appear good to me. I do not follow my system mechanically anymore and that saves me financially. I wonder whether I still trade my system at all when I don't follow it completely. I do not know how to code and backtest the way I trade. My vision deteriorates. I care more for my eye condition than for trading. I take matters into my own hands and try some things for my eyes, also alternative treatments. I find an excellent eye doctor. I manage to avoid vitrectomy. I do not know which treatment works or which combination of the things I try.

I only trade lightly in 2004 but I catch trends and enjoy it.

My eye doc tells me in 2005 that I now also have cataract, too early for surgery. I understand that my vision deterioration is due to cataract not due to macular edema. The doc calls cataract a children game compared to the retinal disease which he says is actually improved and he doesnít see me going blind. I feel relieved and take that as a go signal and fulfill a long held plan - I move abroad to a place I like.

I have peace and quiet and test many trading systems. I keep researching, testing, learning. For example: I find that long-term EMA (lag) crossovers together with shorter-term breakouts test well. Long-term lags alone also test well. Short-term signals alone do not. I find good and stable systems but I am not satisfied with the cagr/max drawdown ratios and wonder whether I find a solution or at least an improvement that I like. I long for a system that has the simple elegance and the great test results of the system I trade from 1996 onwards but which blows up in 2003. I want a system that provides good results and that I can trust. I settle for less and trade the best solution I come up with as a bread-and-butter solution but keep searching. I wonder whether cagr/max drawdown ratio is so important because returns come fairly regularly but high drawdowns infrequently. I find an alternative to cataract surgery and am informing myself about it. My wife is with me all the way. And that is where I presently stand.

All the best,

You might consider taking your desire to tell stories about your past - and to avoid the now - to your Tribe as entry points.




Dekatron Tube Computer, Circa 1948


You know someone is dwelling on the past


when his story is his-tory




Clip: http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/scit/history/witch.html

Thu, 1 Dec 2005


TTP, Trading and Body Building

Good day Mr. Seykota

Saturday, December 2nd at noon we have our first Tribe meeting in [City]. The Tribe consists of [three members]. I am [a foreigner] and reside in the U.S. with my pregnant girlfriend.

I am grateful for all the help and support you give traders and those improving their lives. I also thank all the people posting their questions on FAQ. I learn about myself from reading about them.

I read your book and visit www.tradingtribe.com  almost daily. I trade for a year now and read all the books I feel can be useful to me. Years ago as a successful bodybuilder in [Country], I quickly recognize that the rules of successful bodybuilding are very easy to learn but much harder to follow.


Through my career countless people want my secret so they too can achieve big muscles and a lean body. As I explain the food regime and training schedule required they usually don't want to commit. They look for a magic pill or a 15 minute workout. The rules of quality diet and workout are here for everybody.


I feel that the trading is very similar. Trend following rules are here for everybody for years and traders who use them to prove that they work.

I have problems to follow my trading system the first 4 months of trading. I do well for sometime and then do everything wrong. I am emotional with my trading and try to predict the future all the time. I read motivation books, peak performance for traders books but nothing seems to work. I visit www.tradingtribe.com  and realize I have emotions in knots to experience before I can trade according to my system. I do understand the process but as ED SEYKOTA writes:

"While you can read about the theory of TTP in this book and maybe come to understand it, you cannot develop expertise in TTP be merely thinking about it. The only way to develop skill with TTP is by practicing it. The best ways to practice are to participate in an ongoing Tribe and to attend a TTP Workshop."

I look forward to being the best father and trader I can be.

I commit to write e-mails about the progress of our new Trading Tribe as well as my own progress as well.

Good trading,

Thank you for sharing your process.



Success in Body Building and in Trading


are both results


of following a good system.



Clip: http://www.captivephotographics.com.au/



Thu, 1 Dec 2005


Wants a Mentor


Please forgive my tenaciousness, but as you know there are no guarantees for tomorrow. I have [amount] and I'm asking you to mentor and teach me how to trade successfully. I'm willing to agree to whatever fair compensation arrangements you propose.

First Lesson:



Trade with the trend


Let winners ride


Cut losses


Manage Risk


A pretty good rule of thumb for beginners is to put less than 10% of net worth into high-volatility enterprises.

Thu, 1 Dec 2005


No Studies

Hi Ed,

I can't access the studies part of the site " <under cunstruction>" is the error message.

Yes. The studies link is not currently active.

Thu, 1 Dec 2005


He Just Stops

Hi Ed,

I want to send you a quick report of our last tribe meeting: We have two first time participants who get right into the process. Both of them take the hot seat and get into some nice forms. It seems like both of them get some resolution out of the process. Our regular members do some nice work as well. I notice a lot less story telling and a lot more forms at this meeting.


Only one member who usually has a hard time getting into his feelings does not do good work. He makes some progress after our breath work in September. At this meeting he gets into a form and I get excited for him, thinking that he is having a great hot seat, but then all of a sudden he just stops. He talks about how he makes great progress using DIM, but he does not get into his forms during our meetings.

Overall it seems our tribe is continuing to make progress.

You might consider asking the sender if he is willing to participate in the process.  If he is willing, continue to move forward; otherwise move on to someone else.



TTP Does Not Cure Un-Willingness.


TTP Relies on Willingness


A willing sender

can take even his fear and stubbornness

to the zero point.


Clip: http://kofti.com/v4-new-images/resist-495.gif

Thu, 1 Dec 2005

Re: Trends, in TSP

"Say we compound one penny at a three percent per year interest rate from year Zero-AD to the present"

Just an interesting observation that 1 BC precedes 1 AD , so not only does the past not exist as you always say, zero-AD does not seem to exist either ;-)

One nice thing about the non-exiting past and future: you can pretty much define them any way you please.




Personal Home Computer


Scientists from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a "home computer" could look like tin the year 2004.  However the needed technology will not be economically feasible for the average home.  Also the scientists readily admit that the computer will require not yet invented technology to actually work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solve these problems.  With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use.



Clip and Text: Popular Mechanics, circa 1954

Thu, 1 Dec 2005

The Feds Arrest Deb


One morning in late September 2005, Deb was riding the public bus to work. She was minding her own business, reading a book and planning for work, when a security guard got on this public bus and demanded that every passenger show their ID. Deb, having done nothing wrong, declined. The guard called in federal cops, and she was arrested and charged with federal criminal misdemeanors after refusing to show ID on demand.

Source: http://www.papersplease.org/davis/

Yes.  Evidence of government growth is ubiquitous.




Government Growth

is a very powerful trend ...




George Bush is the biggest-spending president of the past 40 years, surpassing even Lyndon Johnson and his 'Great Society' spending spree, a new report by the Cato Institute reveals.  The increase in discretionary spending - that is, all non-entitlement programs - in Bush's first term was 48.5 percent. That's higher than LBJ's 48.3 percent, and more than twice as large as the increase during Bill Clinton's entire two terms, 21.6 percent." - NewsMax.com, 12/4/05


... that shows up

in the actions

of our leaders ...





... and also,

sooner of later,

as trading opportunities




Clip: http://www.adrich.com/



Chart: Comex February 2006 Gold as of 12/9/05

Thu, 1 Dec 2005

Subject: TTP and Fear

Reflection ...

Western spirituality promotes the idea that either you're living in faith or fear, and that fearing something is the very thing that causes your fear to actualize and become reality. In essence, that which you focus upon will come to pass.

TTP promotes the idea that: The only healthy and healing way to deal with fear is to treat it like any other emotion. Face it. Embrace it. Experience it. Express it. Learn From it. Discover it's value, and enjoy it!

It took a little effort to allow myself to shift from the first paradigm to the second. Could I really allow and encourage myself to fear? Being open and willing to risk, I gave it a shot. I began to feel my fears. It didn't take 30 seconds before I began to feel the freedom and release from their driving reigns.

Quickly a smile, and again the familiar feeling of giddiness, that I have only come to experience through the application of TTP.

I'm amazed. I'm actually excited about the opportunity to face myself, my feelings, and my fears.

Without having to needlessly waste time and energy repeatedly feeling, angry, sad, resentful, hurt and afraid - I am able to devote my time and attention to further clarification of my vision. I am experiencing an increased willingness and ability to take the next right action, and it appears as though I've received a front row, 1st class, seat to the best game in town, Life.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your process - and your comparison of TTP and Western Spirituality.




Fear of Clowns



Fear of the Clowns in Washington DC



Clip: http://www.oddtodd.com/