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May 1-14, 2004


(Quotes from Ed in Red)






Fri, 14 May 2004




I wish to start a Munich Tribe











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Fri, 14 May 2004

Just a Big thank you ...

Hi Ed,

... Thank you so much, for sharing your insights so openly at the workshop last weekend and also for putting the TTP process in the public domain for the benefit of the world. To say that I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking, would be putting it quite mildly ... (Thanks to Easan and Charles as well.)

I learned many things, but if I had to choose the one vitally important part for me it would probably be; that if a feeling interferes with me doing the right thing, I now know what can be done about it / how to neutralize or dissolve it.

Great process - and thanks again for giving this to us.

Kind regards,

P.S. The Peppermill probably owes you a refund on the nights included in the workshop, as they charged me for all of
the nights (5) that I stayed there etc.

OK.  For more feedback on the Workshop, see the Workshop Link, above.

Thu, 13 May 2004



Dear Ed,

I can not come to tonight's Tribe meeting. My wife's mother and sister are arriving tomorrow morning ... and I have to pick them up at the airport.

Have a great meeting and have a great show this weekend.


Full participation, including consistent attendance, is essential.  See Tribe Directory.


I recall that at the last meeting you committed to showing up and occupying the hot seat on the 13-th. 


Many of the IV Tribe Members regularly travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to attend meetings.


One spends over a thousand dollars in air fare to attend each meeting.


You might try re-writing your excuse as a positive assertion of desire; that is, "I can not come ... " - becomes -  "I prefer driving a taxi tomorrow to attending a meeting tonight ... "


I wish you all the best. 





are just another part

of your intention


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Wed, 12 May 2004


Trend Following is a Bestseller

Hey Ed

very cool, check out:



thanks again for your participation!


Wed, 12 May 2004



Hello Ed,

where should I start - I don't know. One of so many I don't knows, but they don't trouble me any more. That's something the workshop changed. A lot of other things changed - as I discover step by step. My plane arrived on Tuesday morning at [City] airport. I called my office and they told me that there are some ugly IT troubleshooting tasks waiting for me. All the feelings came up that come up in those situations.


Feelings like anger, fear and wanting to run away. But instead of pushing them away I experienced them and they passed. It was never easier to work on all the tasks and to deal with the people.


There's more to tell about the changes that took place but I park the task to write you about it in the non-existing future ... It was a great weekend and a great workshop with great people. Thank you for all the things you share.

All the best.

OK - For more follow-up on the May Workshop, see the Workshop Link, above.

Wed, 12 May 2004


Unable to log on - www.seykota.com

Dear Ed,

I didn't fully realize the significance of FAQ - I am traveling but can't seem to be able to reach the site.

- Help !

The remedy for dreaded FAQ withdrawals feelings is - the even more dreaded suggestion that you take your feelings to Tribe.

Wed, 12 May 2004



Hi ... Ed,

Please find enclosed an updated system testing and description document.

Looking for someone fabulously rich to buy my system, to free me from this life of poverty ...  so if yah know someone ... then don't hesitate to point them in my direction.

When your mission becomes about serving others by managing their money, rather than about avoiding experiencing poverty by hitting on  rich people, you might become attractive to serious investors.


You might consider taking your feelings of poverty to a Tribe Meeting. 





of the soul

leads to other forms




Tue, 11 May 2004


The Non-Existing Future


A recent post asked the following question: Do you plan on writing a trading-related book in the foreseeable future? Your response was: I do not know how to write a book in the non-existing future. I am working on a book, now.

Your answer was similar to many you've given regarding the non-existing future.

Your answer states that you don't know how to write a book in the non-existing future but doesn't answer the writers questions of whether you 'plan' on writing a book in the future.

Does the future being non-existing imply that you can't plan to do something in the future?

For example, can you not plan on meeting someone for lunch tomorrow? Is that any different than planning on writing a book next month?

The question is ambiguous - as to whether I am planning in the future or writing in the future.


It is also meaningless, as there is no way to do either, in this moment of now.


I am currently writing a book about TTP and relating matters.  I typically spend an hour or two daily. At this point I do not have a sense for the completion date or for the contents.


My commitment to writing the book seems to be effective in bringing up many of my own k-nots.

Mon, 10 May 2004


Sharing what I've learned

from the Workshop

Dear Ed,

Before the question, I want to say thank you once more time for the Workshop. I realize there is not enough times (no matter how many times I thank you), or even an appropriate word that can truly describe how grateful I feel, and so I now leave it with a simple "Thank you." I start to admire simplicity.

I think it is going to help tremendously to my tribe members here who did not attend the Workshop to share with them my experience.


Before the workshop I had a glimpse of what an Aha is, but now after the dramatic experience, I can truly tell how it is.


My intention is to support and assist them as much as I can. However, please let me know to what extent you are OK with me sharing to the tribe here.


According to your Private Property Rule (which I fully agree and respect), I consider it is Your Workshop and so as its accompanying content.


Moreover, to go through some of the exercises may lead me to act as a "practitioner", which I don't feel I have the qualification yet. So while I am more than willing to share EVERYTHING I learn from the Workshop with my fellow tribe members (there's really no secrets), may I please ask for your guidance and what you may deem inappropriate? Thanks.

See Ground Rules About Using the Trading Tribe Name, the TT Logo and Materials Relating to this Site on the Ground Rules Page.



Mon, 10 May 2004


A TTP Experience

Hi Ed

I recently read a FAQ post from April 25. The author wrote about his relationship and drama with his father in which he was continuously seeking approval and praise. I too had a very similar relationship with my father. In fact, neither of my parents were very supportive of my activities as a child.

After I read the post, I went into the kitchen and began cooking breakfast for my wife and I. I thought about my relationship with my parents and I remembered an experience. I was around 12 years old, and I had done really well in a skateboarding contest, finishing in third place. I was happy with my result and I could not wait to show my parents my trophy. When I got home neither of my parents were impressed nor supportive. In fact, my father was peeved that I had gotten home so late.

As I recalled this memory a deep feeling of sadness began to bubble up from my navel area. My first instinct was to bury the feeling. I then thought about my Trading Tribe experiences and refocused on the feeling of sadness. While all of this was going on, I was simultaneously trying to cook an omelet. I wanted to stop everything I was doing and go to my wife and ask her to receive for me. Instead, I tried to bury the feeling and get on with the cooking. Just as I was flipping the omelet the sad feeling reemerged, and I made a big mess of the omelet. As I was cleaning up I thought to myself, “ I wonder how many trades I have messed up like this omelet?”

After breakfast my wife could tell something was wrong with me, and I slowly told her how I was feeling. She is somewhat familiar with TTP and as I told her about my memory and how sad I felt, she said, “so be sad, it’s OK to be sad.” The feelings just came forth and I cried like a little kid. I focused on the sadness and cried and cried.

The feelings soon passed and I felt much better.

The TTP experience continues to enrich my life in every aspect. My wife and I continue to grow closer together. Our communication has improved immensely. My trading is no longer a struggle to impress my parents or anyone else. I no longer have desires to pick turning points in the markets. I go with the flow and “chop the wood and carry the bucket.” Thank you Ed, and thanks to the Trading Tribe.



Implementing TTP in an existing structure, like a workplace or marriage takes skill and courage as it typically leads to deep change in the very structure that holds it.


Congratulations for following the path into these areas.



On The Path


and able to see

just a little bit

of the forest ahead


Clip: http://www.budmans.com/Trip2001/



Mon, 10 May 2004


Hi Ed,

thanks for the replay on concerns Mon, 19 Apr 2004.

I really want to experience the feelings - I just don't know how to do it yet.

I've graduated a month ago. I was thinking of moving to Dublin or London, and I chose London - the fact that there is a tribe was important to me (even more now!!!) I am moving there in 2 weeks,


I want to join a tribe there and start the process - I am looking forward to this. I think ( or hope - although I don't like the feeling of hoping) it will start a new chapter in my life. But even here I feel fear - fear and anxiety is everywhere for me - I want to do something about this feeling, I feel it gets me stuck and keeps me from many pleasant and rewarding things. Enough talking - time for action!



The feeling you don't like (hoping) is the feeling your Tribe can help you process into freedom and AHA's.


The something you might do about your feeling is, to experience it fully.  Being stuck is, ironically, for you, the pleasant and rewarding thing.




Stuck in the Muck


and enjoying it

and also enjoying

pretending not to enjoy it





Sun, 9 May 2004


Parents Who Want to Clean Up

the Messes they are Making


Are there any books you would recommend to those parents who would like to minimize the disconnect they are causing in their children between Fred and CM? Thanks.

The parents you describe seem to be:


conscious enough to care about becoming better parents


unconscious enough to be teaching their unconsciousness to their children.


That sounds like most parents I know.  I recommend they bring their intention to be good parents to a Tribe Meeting and greet the heat.

Sat, 8 May 2004


Charlotte Trading Tribe

Dear Ed,

I want to get a trading tribe going in Charlotte, NC.


I've been in touch with [Name], who tried to start a tribe last Fall, and he is interested in being involved in the group, though so far we have no other prospects. I have some background in NLP, and more extensive experience with hypnosis.





Charlotte, NC




Clip: http://ultra.cto.us.edu.pl/pub/



Fri, 7 May 2004


Richard Donchian

Hello Ed:

May I print a copy of the “Richard Donchian Page” ? This would be for my own use. BTW, his Rule #11 (study a company’s capitalization) is a very relevant point to consider as you guide your Stock Trader to define his system. I.E.: would one rather trade a stock that has < 5 million shares outstanding (such as TASR last year) or DELL (about 3.3 Billion shares outstanding)?


FAQ supports Free Non-Commercial Use of the materials on these pages.  See Ground Rules.


Fri, 07 May 2004


Dear Mr. Seykota,

I really appreciate giving me the chance to attend seminar on such late notice.


Unfortunately, despite trying multiple travel sites and agents I couldn’t get a flight to get in Reno in time.

I will follow your site and will be there for the next workshop.

Intentions = Results.  Likely you wish to experience being just a tiny bit too late to get in to this one and way ahead of time for the next one.


You might take your feelings about this to a Tribe Meeting.



Late and Early

depend on notions of past and future.


In the Now,

you are either present or absent.


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Fri, 7 May 2004


Trading Tribe

Hello Ed!

I've read your Trading Tribe answers from time to time and it always makes me happy and grateful for your work. I really consider you to be one of the most giving men I've ever heard about, but still, a lot of it seems to come from dedication and control over feelings.

The pollinators page is very clarifying regarding thoughts and what to do with them. Once in a while you point out that the TTP is something you can't experience yourself since it is your most avoided thoughts you are looking for to experience. I have a some questions regarding that matter.

Since I am familiar with my problems and also quite open with what I need to do I have no problem going right on the issue.


Maybe I lack a little bit of ability to really experiencing the pain since it seems to come up quite irregularly. What I mean is that the "I don't want to do it" is harder to bear some times than other times. Therefore I can easily talk about it with friends some of the times, when I feel strong, but yet other times I don't have the slightest wish to fight against it.

One of my questions is - does it help with TTP when it is easy to talk about the problem and feel the "only" slightly depressing feeling about it?


It seems to be done best in a weak moment when you would do anything for it. I think the TTP can be done by yourself but it takes a whole lot of willpower.

I've tried to do as you have instructed, that is to experience the feeling and still going on with the model (life model). A very interesting result came up.

This is a situation when I experienced a great "I don't want to do it". First I began to write down my feelings of pain and longing to do what my better self told me not to. I was really experiencing the pain and I think it helped to keep me on track to write it down, otherwise the thoughts would have kept running away with plans about the thing you are trying to avoid.


This was really an awkward situation but I had to get through it. Anyway, after a while anger started to come up. This anger seems related to things I am mad about and I want to hit something or someone to get the anger out. After a few minutes this feeling also disappears and slowly a more comfortable feeling of calmness enters my mind. First my feeling of calmness surprises me and I begin to feel hope that I will win this fight. I hadn't even considered that I might win this battle just a few minutes ago but now I feel it's at least a fifty percent chance of winning. The right path seems much easier so my confidence slowly comes back. Now the difficulties are left behind and I just have to keep on a little longer for all feelings of freedom to keep pushing me to a higher level.


Now I am happy and singing because it feels that I can conquer the world.

I have just passed the hardest battle for me and I just have to win it to be able to develop. There is simply no other way. The problem is that you will most likely have to do this strength test again sooner or later if you have a lack of discipline. The good thing about it is that I know it's possible and it makes the whole difference. The problem is that I know it's always up to me and every time I go wrong, I'm the one to blame.

Thanks for listening. Maybe some day I will have the courage to start my own trading tribe. Till then, have a nice weekend. I'm looking forward for your reply.

Talking about it is not the same as experiencing it.


I understand you think you can do TTP by yourself.  I call that the DIM (Do It Myself) process.


You might take your feelings about wanting to do things all by yourself - to a Tribe Meeting.



Gourmet Meal


for Do-It-Myself-ers


Clip: http://www.thebigtree.org/





Fri, 7 May 2004



Hi Ed,

You came to my mind so have a great and fulfilling time at your workshop.

Thank You.

Fri, 07 May 2004



Dear Mr. Seykota,

Last night I was introduced to your great site and learned about workshop that’s taking place. I realize that’s about as late notice as it gets but I wonder if there is any chance for me to attend ? If it’s possible please send me wiring instructions to transfer funds.

Day-of-date arrivals may attend by payment in cash.

Thu, 6 May 2004

Best Wishes

ed and all,  the [Name] tribe ... wishes you all the best as you work at the workshop. i'm not sure if others recognize this but we understand any progress you all make will benefit all tribe members everywhere. thanks to all for all you are doing [feeling] will let you know more about our progress after we meet some more.


Thu, 6 May 2004


Attending the May 7-9 Workshop

Dear Ed:

My schedule was very tight till this morning due to a possible house purchase. We decided to pass on the house. I realize this is late to apply for your seminar but I would like to attend.


I can bring a cashiers check or use a credit card for payment. My brief background:66 yrs old, ex CEO and founder of 80 person consulting engineering firm in Silicon Valley (environmental and earthquake). Two engineering degrees. Sold co to publicly traded co May 2000 at top of bubble (pure luck). My firm was no. 1 ranked in USA in largest 2000 firms and we had good bidding activity for purchase of firm.


Incredible morale: no employees have left in 3+ yrs. Investment history: 40 yrs stock mkt; 25 yrs commercial real estate; 2 yrs hedge funds. Two months futures: opened account late Feb; up 100% in March, Up 136% in April. Brokers laughed for 2 weeks ( lucky streak), were puzzled for 3-4 weeks (what's this guy really doing?) and are now calling me for advice! So much for brokers. I am reading voraciously: Murphy,Magee(3rd time), Tewles and Jones, Lofton, Schwager and Kaufman have been purchased and
nibbled. Personal side: 26 yr meditator, painter, photographer and long distance
cyclist. I find trading fun and use my intuition a lot and yet know I could use some serious tutelage.

I'm too late for mailing to you but my info is shown below. Could you please let me know by email or phone whether I can attend? Many thanks in any event.

See the enrolment procedure on the Workshop Page.

Thu, 6 May 2004

I have attended several trading tribe meetings in New York city and just couldn't get into the process. . . I guess I mainly have issues with getting into my subconscious.


However, I am extremely interested in your work and would love to come to the next workshop you have. I was writing my pre-workshop assignment .. just for fun because I'm not that cool. . .


I am 24 years old and work as a trader at a proprietary desk ... in NYC. . . I follow William Oneil's trading style and have done pretty well since I started trading 2 years ago- I dream of putting up numbers like you one day. . . Right now I only trade equities and am pretty much an intermediate term trader. . although I do use the 1 ATR stop rule and follow most of the turtle system mentality.


I hope to get involved with currencies very shortly. . as they offer it at my firm now. . . So anyway when writing my pre workshop assignment. . .I think the manage risk, measure success and what I wish to accomplish at the workshop part I have covered but the. . select markets and entry and exit of trades is something I am hung up on.

On entering and exiting trades . .my paragraph would go something like this

Exit trades on 5-7% loss. . .2-3 distribution days within a one or two week period. . .close below 50 day moving average for 2 weeks on major winners. . .the market not in a confirmed up trend. .. several days of distribution on the benchmarks within a few weeks. . . big break with high volume thru 50 day moving average. . .

Enter trades at pivot point or point of least resistance. . .from cup and handle bases. . flat bases. . double bottom bases. . high tight flags. . . only buy O'Neil like big growth stocks. . .crème of the crop leaders

How do you select markets. .


I select the leading stocks in the leading groups. . .best growth. . .best technical patterns. .only enter longs after an O'Neil follow thru day and send probes out. . only enter shorts after I believe the bull market has run its course and there is a climax top or many distribution days after a long run up

I know you probably wont even look at this email because you are busy preparing for your conference but I am just not satisfied with my two mock answers

If you can give me any advice with equities. . .(I am pretty sure you don't trade equities) please let me know. . .and an acceptable answer would be. . ."Get out now"

FAQ does not recommend specific trading system parameters.   See Ground Rules.



Thu, 6 May 2004



Hi Ed !

I notice in honor of your Workshop the Reno Peppermill completes a $12 million addition today !



Thu, 6 May 2004


The Long and Short of It

Ed, no where does my question seek "a comprehensive view of technical analysis". My question dealt with "handling shorts" and thank you for answering it.

You may want to take your issue about "presenting comprehensive views of
technical analysis" into a tribe meeting.

I respond to the essence of questions about the markets without making specific trading recommendations. 


I am taking some of my own issues about managing this site and the workshop - to the Workshop.

Thu, 6 May 2004

Experiencing Feelings

Preventing me from Sticking to the System

Ed says: You might also add: when strong feelings come up that prevent you from
sticking to your system, experience them.

Do you mean experiencing them in the TTP meeting, or experiencing those feelings at the moment it occurs?


For example, I have a system that gives me a buy signal, but I have fear about the market because "it looks toppy", and I do not put in the buy order.


Are you suggesting that, at that moment I am fearful and contemplating not to put in the buy order, experience my fear, try my best to stay fearful, or even amplify the fearful feeling?


I somewhat get that its positive intention is to protect me from potential danger, but I cannot get further Aha out of it. Any further suggestion, or am I misinterpreting what you mean in the first place? Thanks.

You might consider taking your feelings of wanting to do things the "right" way - into the process.




The Right Way To Do This


The left way

utilizes the index finger

on the other hand.


Clip: http://www.indien-netzwerk.de/


Thu, 6 May 2004

Longer-Term Students?


I've read recently that over the years you've taken on students for periods of as much as a couple of months or more. I'm just wondering if you still take on students and what it takes to get on the 'waiting list'.

Thank you in advance,

I wonder what you feel is the difference between (1) wondering if I take on students and (2) requesting matriculation.



Thu, 06 May 2004


+5000% -75%

See: Thu, 29 Apr 2004

Hi again Ed,

Thanks for posting my question to you on FAQ, and for your response to it.

Ever since becoming a regular reader of your FAQ, I have been reminding myself to experience strong feelings that come up which prevent me from sticking to my system.


I think "experiencing" those feelings has already helped my trading. The drama in my trading is significantly less than it used to be, but certainly far from over.

I have just been through the System 1 study on the Charts page, and it has given me some ideas that I need to  incorporate into the development of my system. Specifically, the unambiguousness you continuously demand of the trader in defining his rules is something I believe I need to work on.

Also, it feels good to hear from you that you know of no systems that are 0% discretionary.

Which brings me to your closing comment: "Be Sure You Want To Follow the Master before you sign up as a shishya". I don't know if that comment beckoned a response, but if it did, mine is: "Yes, I am sure I want to follow the Master."

Finally, Ed, I'm curious about your use of the word "shishya". Are you fluent in any Indian languages?

God bless you. And thank you for your generosity.



P.S. I leave tomorrow for a 3-week vacation with my wife and kids. So while I eagerly await your response (if you do respond) to this posting, I may only read it after I return at the end of the month.

Receiving encourages the Sender to experience his feelings, in his way, on his terms, in his language.


The languages of India include English, in which I claim partial proficiency.





Wed, 5 May 2004


Sender / Receivers

Dear Mr. Seykota,

We had a wonderful tribe meeting last night, and I have gained some new insights on TTP.


Your pollinator article is a great help, in that I start to look for whenever the sender (including myself when I am on the hot seat) does not want to experience a certain feeling.


At that point, I do my best to encourage the sender to fully experience the feeling. Now that I can see that stuck feeling (or whatever the sender not wants to feeling) as a judge blocking the underlying feeling, I no longer feel discouraged but rather rejoicing because I know I am one step closer to the goal, and I've nailed down the judge.


(Aha, sorta like losing? If I commit to and willing to experience losing, I am one step closer to the end goal of success?)

It's nothing new - you have been saying it all along, and I understood it in concept but now it starts flowing in me.


It is amazing how it works out! However, I can see that it definitely takes the commitment of the sender to be willing to experience it, as well as how the continual support of the receivers can help tremendously.


I see why you say TTP is only for those who are willing to experience their own feelings. I think I understand where you are coming from now. Thanks!!

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

Yes.  When a sender exhibits resistance to experiencing a feeling, encourage him to experience the resistance.

Wed, 05 May 2004



Copy of Inter-Tribe Email

Dear [Tribe Members]

Thank you for your help in further unraveling k-not-s! The air carries the scent of spring flowers and blossoming fruit trees. I breathe
deeply, I am.

All the best,


Tue, 4 May 2004



Hey Ed,

I have a clear picture of my snapshot. I call the snapshot 'harmony with environment'. I want help with the process of constructing goals that will bring me in 'harmony'.


Any advice you have on goal setting is appreciated.


You might take the feeling of wanting help into the process.



Pardon me, young man.


Could you help an old lady

across the street?


Clip: http://www.funnyclicks.com/


Tue, 4 May 2004


Why Did You Post

My Grandfather's Picture

on Your Web Page?

You have a picture of my grandfather ...  on your web page ... It's attached to my web page ... when did you get my permission to post it on yours?

FAQ does not answer "why" questions. See Ground Rules.


If you wish to remove an item from FAQ, kindly specify it by date and title, so I can locate it.



Grandfather Clock


Always in the Now


Clip: http://www.blacklion.com/storefront/


Tue, 4 May 2004


Marin Tribe ?


Hello I'm very interested in joining the tribe. I'd like to create a new one in Marin country, California.

I have spent my entire adult professional life trading, although I thought I was going to be a philosopher/astronaut through much of my childhood. In fact I did major in Philosophy and South Asian studies at [University], but that is also when I really caught the trading bug, getting short the Yen when it was 208 to the dollar. That one trade gave me money to travel and explore the world for awhile before [Firm] lured me into Chicago and the interesting world of derivatives and I have never looked back.

I have been a member of the CME, PCOE, and LIFFE and have a strong background in equity and index derivative arbitrage. I have recently just returned from living in London, to make [City] my home (and hopefully Incline Village - my second home - or vice-versa for obvious reasons).

I have struggled throughout my career with the notion of “right livelihood” as it has always been hard for me to justify what I do as “adding value” to my fellow humans.


I admit I have come to rationalize that I do most of my help through donations that I couldn’t otherwise afford and am comfortable (not completely) with that, although I get much more satisfaction from the few volunteer hours ([Name] center for the blind) that I do each week.

I have started my own firm and I have offices in Gibraltar, Dublin and soon here. I discovered your TTP while researching on the web and found your writings speaking to my heart as well as my market sense.


I have always believed that the markets are a reflection of mankind, and in trying to make sense of this world and the markets in particular, we need to create a community to support what I call “perspective adjustment assistance” because the hardest work is work we can not do alone.


I believe marriage and friendship are vessels in order to help us transform from a “small-mind” perspective to a “big-mind” view that ultimately manifests as a spiritual transformation that brings contentedness if not outright happiness. Being a student of life, loving a never-ending education and personal growth is critical to who I am and will always be and I see the TTP as a potential great way to facilitate my above process.

I will email you my complete formal resume in another email. I am available for a conference call anytime between 8am-8pm M-F. I look forward to hearing from you.

I wonder how "being interested in joining a tribe" differs from joining one.


For instructions on joining and/or starting a Tribe see the Directory Page.


FAQ does not support telephone contact or personal email contact with contributors.  If you have communication for FAQ, simply post to this site.


If you wish private consulting, see the link on the Ground Rules Page.






Clip: www.webcom.com/collectr/



Tue, 4 May 2004


Private Consulting

Dear Mr. Seykota:

I am interested in a private consulting session with you. Is it realistic that I could learn enough from that session to get started in trading?

Would you define trading criteria - in your last e-mail you referred to it as a "blackbox"?

You asked me if I would "blackbox" what I do today and present it to someone who asked for it - I pondered that question for a week - my answer is yes. What I know I would share openly with someone who desired the information.

What would be our next step to coordinating this training?

I do not know what you mean by "realistic" or "started in trading."


If you are interested in private consulting, see the link at the bottom of the Ground Rules Page.


Ed makes no predictions about results of consulting - other than you get to spend some time with Ed and you get to pay a fee.


The difference between Private Consulting and FAQ is that on FAQ you don't get to pay a fee.


Tue, 4 May 2004



Mr. Seykota:

Do you plan on writing a trading-related book in the foreseeable future?


I do not know how to write a book in the non-existing future.  I am working on a book, now.

Mon, 03 May 2004




I find what helps me understand the TTP is the examples that you give, from feeling the feelings to the final "aha."

After I read the theory the examples put it all together. The one in the original Trading Tribe Process document, the one in the Pollinators, your example of waiting for the books from Amazon.com, all great examples!

If you have any more examples as they come up I would love to hear them!

Thank you for providing another example.

Sun, 2 May 2004


What's the Point


Can you point me in the right direction?


Make a loose fist, extend your index finger to the fully outright position, and place the protruding digit on the center of your chest.



A Few More Pointers


Clip: http://www.justbijou.com/


Sun, 2 May 2004


The Long and Short of It

Ed, I have been reviewing the "Charts" section of the website and greatly enjoy both the chart lab and system definition links.


I have noticed that the examples provided in the chart lab are all long positions.


Would the charts for strongly trending short positions look like the opposite of strongly trending long positions?


I have also noticed that the trader you are working with in the system definition example does not trade on the short side.


Is this an oversight on their part, a personal preference or something to be developed later in the process.

Ed, I'd also like to take a moment to thank you and every one who writes to FAQ for providing this forum for education. I have learned a great deal from both the questions and answers that are provided on this website. Best of luck with the work shop later this week.

The System 1 Definition Exercise does not intend to present a comprehensive view of technical analysis.


It intends to show some practical steps a trader is taking, to get from where he is, towards more clarity.



Handling Shorts


Can Lead to Indigestion


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Sun, 02 May 2004


TTP process vs Meditation

Hi Ed,

I have been reading about the TTP process on your site. I have also studied a little about Tibetan Buddhist Mahamudra meditation and I am definitely no expert.

These are just my lousy opinions to warn some potential problems. I think in terms of techniques, TTP looks like a tentative attempt to take the mediation process off the sitting cushion.


The "superior insight" meditation of Mahamudra asks the meditator to look directly at the mind and also its thoughts and emotions without frabrication and hopes.


The appearance of thoughts being never aparts from the mind will dissolve back into the mind in its own accords like a snake unknotting itself. The ulimate nature of mind blazes forth in its own awareness. This is the traditional technique being practiced for thousands of years for seeing things the way they really are - enhacing both wisdom and compassion.

Here is what I think the potential pitfalls with TTP comes in.


First problem is the first part of the meditation process, "calm abiding" is skipped hence insights into the natural wisdom will not be stable.

Second problem is the participants are always hoping for the "aha" experience and that is fatal for a meditator - all hopes and fears will only make the meditator stuck!!


I think there is much much more room for progress beyond the "aha" experience. Again I don't know anything but these are the pitfalls I see when I compares TTP against an old traditions.

Thanks for your past advices on my trading and I am still trying to get better. I know you are a great great teacher but please stay away from guru-ism like plagues because I don't want to have one less teacher. Thanks again.


I notice you use "vs" (versus) to characterize the relationship between TTP and meditation.


TTP seems compatible with and supportive of other personal growth disciplines.


You might consider taking your feelings about crusades into the process.



Some tribe members who devoutly practice meditation report TTP enhances and extends their disciplines. 

By dissolving drama, you may be able to attain a more direct experience of awareness itself.


The TTP hot seat can be a cushion, or sometimes even the floor.


The function of the Receivers to  keep the sender on task. 


Absent the Receivers, the Sender tends to avoid experiencing his feelings, and to wander off into more comfortable patterns of thought - that don't resolve to AHA's.



TTP Helps Keep The Sender


From Floating Away



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Sat, 1 May 2004



My name is [Name]. We have talked a few times in the past. I am interested in becoming a recruiter for trading companies (Hedge Funds, Brokers, Banks, etc.). If there is anyone you know of who can use my services, please forward my resume on to them.

My resume is attached for your review.

Thanks for your help,

I wonder what you feel is the difference between being:


(1) interested in becoming a recruiter and

(2) a recruiter.


You might try re-writing your send in SVO-p.


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