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Last Update: April 23, 2018

United States of America

Arizona: Phoenix; Tucson
California: East Lake Village -Yorba Linda; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Francisco - Bay Area
California: San Francisco; San Francisco - Bay Area; San Francisco Bay Area_2
Connecticut: Wallingford
Florida: Orlando
Illinois: South Chicago
Massachusetts: Boston (update Jan 30, 2016)
Missouri: Hannibal
Minnesota: Twin Cities
New Jersey: Newton
New York: New York; NewYork #2
Oregon: Portland Port Orchard
Texas: Austin; Houston; North Richland Hills



Australia: Adelaide; Sydney; Perth
Brazil: Porto Alegre; São Paulo
Germany: Berlin
India: Mumbai Mumbai_2 New Delhi
Sweden: Stockholm
United Kingdom: Forest Gate; HertfordLondon_02; Newbury
Turkey: Istanbul

Intentional Communities

FAQ encourages personal growth groups and Intentional Communities
and provides a bulletin board and directory to assist like-minded people to connect, at their own risk.


Attendance at Intentional Community meetings does not confer any particular certification or licensure from Ed Seykota.


The names, Trading Tribe, and TTP and the (TT) logo are all Trademarks of Ed Seykota,
and refer to the meetings Ed personally conducts and/or authorizes.

TTP, The Trading Tribe Process is a collection of educational technology to facilitate personal growth.


See Ground Rules on FAQ Home Page about using these materials.


How to Start a Tribe


Send your TTID to this site for publication.


Respond to all persons who contact you.  Either invite them to visit your Tribe or give them some guidance about how to set up their own Tribe.


Send reports of exceptionally instructive Tribe experiences to FAQ and encourage your Tribe members to do so as well.


Update Your TTID as you grow and at the end of each quarter.

Learn more about how to run and/or attend a Trading Tribe

Attend a Tribe Meeting (free - see the Directory, above)
Read The Trading Tribe Book
Attend a TTP Workshop.

Tribes meet throughout the world. 
In general, they follow the format of this site although each Tribe has its own way
and does not have any direct connection with this site or with Ed Seykota.

The purpose of this page is to help Tribes advertise - and for prospective Tribe Members to locate Tribes in their areas.


How To Advertise Your Tribe

Download the TTID Template: TTID Template
Replace the Austin, TX Trading Tribe information with your own information
and save your TTID as State_City.Doc (for US) or Country_City.Doc (for non-US)

Send your complete TTID to:

The Austin Trading Tribe

Austin, TX
Chief: Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota personally conducts the Austin Trading Tribe
as a training ground for Tribe Leaders
and others with high commitment to developing the work.

Requirements for on-going participation include:

workshop experience,
attend meetings regularly,
participate fully,
stay current with FAQ,
report experiences to FAQ,

To apply for admission submit a recommendation from a Tribe Leader
who knows Ed personally.