Egg Shells 

Hear the Tune:

Egg Shells

(c) 2016 by Ed Seykota


Egg shells – she lays egg shells

my baby lays 'em 'round my feet and waits for me to walk.

Egg shells – she lays egg shells

if' I break one she wants fifty cents and the right to have a talk.

1. On Tuesday night we kiss goodby. I walk her to her car

I tell her “You drive safely, now,” though it isn't very far.

She flashes me her gotcha grin. “Now you must make amends.

You hurt me with your rude demand so pay me fifty cents.”


2. On Thursday night she wants to know - if I think she's really hot

and says she wants the truth right now - and puts me on the spot

I tell her that her egg shell trick - it sometimes makes me tense

She says “that's just a guilt trip, so now pay me fifty cents.”


3. So you may wonder if I'm sane to put up with a chick

that lays her eggshells 'round my feet and waits to hear the click

But I don't mind – I kinda like to hear her hiss and quack

and futhermore, I get a thrill from hearing eggshells crack.

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